Thursday, September 30, 2010

31 Weeks

**Taken on Tuesday- 31 weeks 2 days**

How far along- I will be 32 weeks on Sunday...only 8 more to go, hopefully less!

Highlights- I go to the doctor every 2 weeks now...he talked that maybe I will go every week not before long...due to Miss Lucy's size, Lord, help me!  Other than that I am full of baby, from my lungs to my, ahem, you know.  Bending over is non existent at this point.  I still try and then that instant gag reflex kicks in and I am quickly reminded that I am 8 months pregnant.  I have those bursts of energy, and then I also have bursts of "I better sit down and put my feet up right now."  But truly, I love Lucy and I love being able to carry her.

Best Moment- The past 2 weeks Miss Lucy has had the hiccups so many times!  I thought maybe she wouldn't get them, or not as often as Molly did, Molly had them all day long it seemed from like 26 weeks on.  Now Lucy has them a lot, too! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dance Class and It's Poppie Lane!!

This was Molly right before dance class...don't mind the pink boots.  We are in that transition phase where it's not really cold enough for boots, but our other options are flip-flops or tennis shoes.  So we opted for the pink boots.  My camera battery died literally after this died so much that I had to charge it to get my camera to turn off later that night.

Last week the teacher told us we could stay for the first class, but after that parents are asked to stay in the hall.  Which is totally fine.  Molly does better without us there anyway.  So my mom and I were so excited to watch the first night, and then this one mom totally ruined it for us, and all the parents were ushered to the hall for the next 45 minutes.  Thanks overbearing lady!  So we tried to sneak some peeks through the window on one of the doors.  Then Molly saw us and started waving, then the teacher started walking over to the door, and my mom and I acted very mature, and totally ran down the hallway to hide from the lady, ha!

Molly said she had fun and wants to go back next week.  She has awhile to enjoy it...this program lasts until April!

Today I got my haircut...I couldn't take it anymore, so I figured I would go with the plain Jane classic chin length bob.  Oh my word...these hormones are doing something totally wacky to my hair!  If I got this haircut last year it would have looked fine, then today, I have no clue!  It's like it won't lay down, parts flip on their own, and it looks like you could catch it on fire with a match.  With Molly, my locks were so soft, pretty, and I loved my hair.  Now, oh my word is all I have to say!  So now I have to try and tame it and play with it.  One thing that will help is today in the mail I received my Poppie Lane headband I won from Lauren's giveaway!  She also included a cute barrette and headband that will look perfect on Lucy!  Thanks Lauren!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Monday!

Happy Monday to you all!  

Molly at 3 months
This pudge is starting dance class tonight!  I might be a little bit more excited than she is about it.  Hopefully she loves it, I am pretty sure she will.  She keeps telling us "I LOVE dance!"  Not that she has any clue what we are getting her into!  I can't wait to share her tutu pictures with you all!!

My mom got in yesterday and is staying for a week...I might also be a little bit more excited about this than anyone else!  It was like the moment she got off the plane all my stress has melted away!  Plus, Molly loves playing with Grandma! 

Tomorrow our new small group starts and it meets at our house.  I am so looking forward to getting to know some new people.  Not that I didn't love our other group, but I also like a fresh start sometimes.  Plus, with it being at our house I don't feel like I constantly have to be on Molly to not touch something, or to sit still.  She can take all her new friends in her playroom and have fun. 

Have a great rest of the day and I can't wait to share some pics of Molly tomorrow!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Weeks

**Taken at 30 weeks 4 days**

So I know I said I would do this after my appointment today, but for one, I truly enjoyed my Fall outfit last night that I wore to meet the teacher night for Molly's dance class, and 2-we are having friends over for dinner tonight and it occurred to me this morning I have not cleaned yet, and I still need to go to the store to pick up a few last minute ingredients for dinner.  So, why you are getting the post now :)

How far along- I will be 31 weeks on Sunday

Maternity Clothes- Yes, however, the sweater in the picture is a Goodwill find for $2.99 and not maternity, but I thought it was okay to wear while pregnant, please tell me if it was not, because I do not want to be that know the one!

Emotions- Feeling pretty good, I truly just feel overwhelmed with gratitude towards God.  Sometimes so much that I cry, but it's a good cry.  Other than that, it's the little things that Molly says or does, and looking at baby clothes sometimes makes me cry.
**I am sure Eric is thoroughly embarrassed right now...he does not like
any sort of belly shots, the reason why I use my self timer, because he 
won't take them, but here is all my Lucy glory!**

I go to my appointment in about 2 hours...nothing too out of the ordinary today, hopefully.  I have been taking Molly with me since Eric now works on Thursdays, and she does pretty well, with a little bribery!

And one last one for the day...

Have a fabulous day!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've Got Nothing...

It is not that I have not wanted to blog this week, or it is not that I have not had the time to...I literally have nothing to say.  I know...pigs are flying over my house as I speak, ahem, write.  We are busy doing stuff around the house, starting new routines, like dance class next week, Molly doing speech 2 times a week, and just soaking up time as a family of 3.  Next week our small groups at church kick-off and we are hosting a new group, and I am beyond thrilled!  I LOVE having people over and entertaining.  I love cooking, baking, and making sure people have what they need.  The cleaning part, well, that is still a struggle, but I manage.  Hence the trying to finish up some unfinished projects around the house.  I know your house is never complete and there is always something to do, well, we are doing a whole lot of something each and every day!  Hopefully hanging pictures on the walls comes sooner rather than later.

My mom is coming to visit for a whole week!  She gets in on Sunday afternoon and leaves the following Sunday.  Her main reason for coming is we are volunteering and attending the Women of Faith conference next weekend.  And also, she misses me, I mean Molly!  I know better!  Which we all love when Grandma comes! 

Lets see, what else...I have been glued to Facebook ALL day to see if my cousin, Holly has had her of now-no Lainey!   Speaking of babies, I go tomorrow for my 31 week check-up, I will post a baby update when I get home.  I really have had zero motivation this week to do anything, and taking a picture of myself ranks right up there with a "I will do it tomorrow..." then it never happens.  I think I am going through mini growth spurts, more like Lucy is growing and my stomach is expanding as a result of her growth.  I stick out way more than I used to, but I am totally fine with it all!

I guess for not having a lot to say, I have said a lot!  I know Holly and Anthony, and the grandparents would covet your prayers right now.  I can not imagine the anxiety of giving birth after going through everything they went through with Carleigh.  Holly is so strong, but I also know she is scared.  We all would be.  But God is greater and bigger than all our fears and He is wonderful.  Have a great day friends! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Calling vs. Gifting

This week when I was driving to work I heard an interview with a former lead singer of a popular Christian was really good, you can check it out here...

He was talking about leaving it all, and what was truly important.   Which sometimes I think, yea it would probably be easy to walk away "from it all" when you have money in the bank.  Some of us are not so lucky.  But he took a very different take on it all, a take that really spoke to my heart, and I wanted to share it with you all.  What he said has stuck with me all week, and truly impacted the way I look at things. 

He said-which I am totally summarizing here, not quoting..."I really had to understand what I was called to do and what I was gifted to do.  God called me to put him first, my wife next, and then my kids.  I am gifted in singing and speaking to people, but that was not my calling."!

I think as moms, well, as women in general, we struggle with "what am I supposed to be raising my kids, and cooking dinner enough?"  Yes, yes it is.  We are called to love God with our whole heart, then love our husband, and then love our kids.  We are gifted at making hats, creating bows, painting, forming relationships with people, being the PTA president, insert your own gift...but that's not your calling.  I think too easily we get discouraged and defeated by thinking we are not doing enough, when truly, you are not doing what God called you to do. 

Hopefully that came across as encouragement for some of you.  I know for me now it helps keep things in perspective.  I know Eric is called to love God, love me, and love Molly and Lucy.  He is gifted in speaking/preaching, making relationships, pretty much ministry in general.  I am called to love God, love and care for Eric, and then love and care for Molly and Lucy, and Elwood :) 

So the next time you ask yourself, what am I supposed to be doing...just remember what God called you to do, and rest assured, yes, it is enough!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

29 Weeks and a Couple of Days

**I cheated and took this one day before 29 weeks, 
but now am posting at 29 weeks 3 days**

How far along- 29 weeks 3 days

A Little Update- As you can see Miss Lucy is making her way all over my tummy!  I know she doesn't look like she is measuring in 4 weeks ahead, but she is.  It's all about position friends.  Ever since my 12 week ultra sound or whenever the first one was, she has been sitting/laying farther back.  Therefore, every kick, punch, movement seems over exaggerated, but it's because she is really coming at me!  Right now I picture her laying in a hammock all stretched out.  I get kicked/punched at the top all the way down to the bottom.  Molly was always curled up and moved around in a ball, but Lucy likes to be more stretched out.  Hate to tell her that there is not much more room in there to stretch out!!  

Emotions- I have been way emotional, more than normal.  I think a lot of it has to do with things going on around us in ministry, life, being a mom, working, etc.  The hormones probably just elevate it all a little bit more.  I wouldn't say I am a walking basket case, I just have my moments, and then move on.  

Nesting- I am very, very anxious to set Lucy's nursery up.  I have all our 0-3 months clothes washed and ready to hang in her closet, or put in the drawers.  But that won't come for awhile.  So I am nesting in other rooms, which might be driving Eric a little crazy, but at least we are getting projects done around here!

Other than that, I have hit the uncomfortable wall, I feel huge, I can't see my feet, thighs, knees, or anything else for that matter, nor do I want to right now.  I have not been working out lately due to being tired, no time, and sheer laziness.  I am really trying to soak up every kick, punch, anything, because I know as well as some of you, this may be my last time growing a child.  I go to the doctor next Thursday for my 31 week check-up, and can't wait to see what he has to say about things.  Until then, I will be here, barefoot and pregnant eating cookies over my sink, since I can't bend down and pick the crumbs up!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Registering Debacle

I hope you all had a great weekend, ours was a typical "church" weekend.  All of you in ministry can relate to that :)  But it was good, and the weather was perfect.  We keep having this amazing Fall weather, and I keep thinking, okay, any day we are going to hit 90 again, but nothing so far.  Fingers crossed!

Last night Eric, Molly and I went to Target to register for Lucy, aka Baby Goose.  Just in case I refer to her that way, I mean Lucy.  It's her nickname fondly given to her by her big sister, Molly.  Don't ask where it came from or why, but the last few months Lucy is now known as Baby Goose.  Anyways...

We were not going to register, we hardly need a thing for this child!  I swear, who knew one child (Molly) could have so many clothes to pass down!!  Plus, my husband is so cheap frugal, he would be embarrassed to ask for anything.  But we got a magazine in the mail from Target that had a little registry card on it that enticed us with a free $20 gift card for starting a registry.  Umm, yes, free money, please!  So we went yesterday after Eric got home from the office, background story-Molly did not take a nap, which means I didn't get a nap, and we had been on the go since oh...6am.  But Molly was so excited to pick a blanket out for Baby Goose, she talks about it all day, every day.  Again, I have no clue where she got the blanket idea, but we went with it.  If she wants to be nice to her sister, I am all for that, and I will remind her of this story when the two of them are fighting someday!

We get to Target and the melt down ensues...Molly usually does pretty well, and we can easily distract her, but for some odd reason she totally forgot about wanting to get a blanket for Lucy, and when we reminded her of it, she kept telling us no, so it has already begun!

So me trying to make this a fun, family time of registering for some basic stuff like new towels, etc, turned into Eric having to take a couple breaks himself from Molly, and then the two of them venturing over to the toy aisles, looking aimlessly at toys.  Which then allowed me to register for so many things that are "not practical" in Eric's eyes, but hey, he was a couple aisles over and I didn't want to make a big scene by yelling "which headbands, shoes, cute tights do you think we should get?"  He would be totally embarrassed by that.  So I took the liberty of getting Lucy some cute things on this boring, practical registry. 

Maybe this trip wasn't such a debacle after all... 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall DIY

So I am not crafty, I like to think I am, but I am really not.  I have this amazing ability to come up with some ideas, buy the supplies, and then it usually ends there.  Ask Eric, every time I come up with an idea, he rolls his eyes, and asks how much it is going to cost.  He has really learned not to say a whole lot and let me "fail" on my own.  I get this from my mom.  Trust me, she will fully admit to it, it is genetic or something. 

So the other day when I was at Goodwill, I found this cute tin bucket looking thing.  We are very technical around here.  I walked by it like 10 times and did not finally put it in my cart until I passed it one more time on my way to the check out.  I thought I could make something crafty with it.  It was only $1.99, so even if I failed miserably, we were not out too much.  So here is what I did...

$1.99 at Goodwill

$1.00 at the Dollar Store

$5.00 total (5 bunches/$1/piece)

Not bad for $7.99 total

Elwood likes it!

The good and bad about this project is with my type A personality, I have re-arranged, and arranged it like 10 times since taking the picture.  I keep bending, fluffing, and bending the flowers again and again.  If I had more time I would have gotten different floral arrangement Styrofoam, but with a cranky kid, the Dollar Store was my one and only stop today.  

So there is my DIY Fall decor piece :)    

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wed. Walk- A Girl and Her Backpack

Last Friday was Molly's first speech session at the "big kids school."  At breakfast we told her that she got to go to school that morning.  She was so hilarious, she stood up and proudly announced, "I take my backpack to school!"  I wish we taped her, she was so funny and so into going to school.  Our new house is a block away from an elementary school, and with school starting last week, we have been watching all the kids walk by in the morning and all the buses go by.  She gets so excited for them.  I am sure the kids on the bus are not as excited as Molly is for their school day.

Molly is going to speech two times a week, once for an individual session, and once for a group session.  Friday is her group day, and she is in a group with 2 other kids, both are in the 4K program that our school district offers.  The teacher told us that Molly did wonderful, and was more advanced than the other two.

Eric and I walked her into the school last Friday, we were probably more nervous than she was!  Once we got to the speech therapist's room she let go of our hands and walked right in.  No bye, no hugs, nothing...I am going to be a wreck on the first day of Kindergarten!!

After Molly was finished with her cute little group she happily posed outside the school for her picture, backpack and all.

28 Weeks...only 12 more weeks to go!

How far along- 28 weeks, 2 days...however, I am measuring 3-4 weeks ahead

Weight Gain- I only gained 1 pound from last month to this month, so it's all baby! 

Emotions- I am getting more and more emotional, especially over little things.  The thought of our family of 3 going to 4 overwhelms me in so many ways.  I fear Molly will feel replaced, but then I know deep down she will be emotions are all over the grid!  I am also nesting, majorly!  But our guest room is still going to be a guest room not Lucy's room until mid-October.  We are having guests coming in the next couple weeks and want them to sleep in a bed, not on an air once we are guest free, we will set Lucy's room up.  But right now little things are driving me nuts, and I feel like I always have to be doing something!

And I would love to point out that you can buy the shirt I am wearing at Wal-Mart, thank you Miley Cyrus, I actually got mine last year on the clearance rack for $3, but right now you can get it for $12.00!  Boo-yaa Miley!

Baby Goose, as Molly calls her

Last week I was browsing at Jo-Ann's and found this cute fabric in the half off bin!
I think I am going to make another boppy cover with it.  I just love the print and I only paid $2.62 for a whole yard! 

Have a great Tuesday!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can't Get Enough...

 Happy Weekend to you all!

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather us Cheese State folk are having.  Did that sound a little redneck, or what?  Yesterday and today are in the 60's, tomorrow low 70's, and then next week back to the 80'!!  I wish it would stay in the 60's forever, that would be ideal :)

Yesterday Eric and our friend, Nick, tore out 3 or 4 tress, and a bunch of bushes from the side of our house.  It needed it, but now my backyard looks like that movie Fern Gulley.  We have to regrade our yard before the wonderful snow hits, so we are trying (by we, I mean Eric) to get as much prep work done before we totally tear up our side yard, and while we are at it, we are tearing up the front landscaping too.  It is horrendous!  I am sure our neighbors will be so happy when everything is finished, or when the snow comes and they don't have to look at our yard anymore!

I wanted to leave you all with this song, it's from Natalie Grant, and this video has her and Jordin Sparks singing it at the Dove Awards.  It's called "Human."  I love it!  Jordin Sparks actually wrote it, and it's on Natalie's new album.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank you, boxes, football, and doctor appointments

First off...THANK YOU all for your kind words, encouragement, and plain out mommy sympathy with the little situation going on.  I went today for my 28 week check and they do not have any test results back, they originally told us one day, but I guess they meant to say 3-4, whoops.  But I think it's safe to say that Miss Lucy has a little more time left inside my belly.  Things have gotten better, and I am learning to live with the feeling of a leaky faucet.  Today my doctor said something to the effect of "being pregnant isn't always glamorous, is it."  Really, you are a guy, what do you know about being glamorous, pregnant, or being a lady!  I know he meant well, but sometimes, really :)

I passed the glucose test, hallelujah!  Here is my piece of advice for fellow testers...I did this with Molly, too.  Drink that syrup stuff as fast as you can using a straw!  You don't taste it as much and it seems to go down quicker.  The rest of the appointment went great...I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule.  So who knows what that all Lucy going to be big, average, or what?  So we shall wait to see!

The other doctor's appointment we had was Molly's 3 year check-up.  Even though her birthday was in August, this was their first opening they had.  Which surprised me, but it was fine.  It was just funny sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come, and Molly just sitting there in her Dora underwear.  I kept thinking who is this kid, I am sure not old enough to have a kid in underwear, oh my word.  It was just unreal.  But the appointment went well, Molly is in the 95% for weight and the 90th for height.  I totally thought she would be higher for height, but we'll take what she got.  She has always been in the 90-100% for height and weight, so we will stay with our trend.  Molly did great and the doctor called her "perfect."  I am glad someone else agrees with me, ha!  Then we got the dreaded shot in the arm at the end, and man oh man were there tears.  I think the shots are worse the older they get.  As babies they are so unsuspecting, but as pre-schoolers, they aren't dumb, they know what's coming!  But she is better now, and we have even convinced her to take the band-aid off.

Now onto some new pics...
Elwood and Molly coloring, he loves boxes!

He will squeeze to fit into anything!

And for the start of the college football season, Molly and the rest of us say,

GO BUCKS!  We cheer for The Ohio State University!
This is how we would feel if we lost to Marshall tonight...

This is how we will feel when we beat Marshall tonight!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wed. Walk- 27 Weeks and an Embarrassing Story

 **27 weeks 3 days**
*After a long day at work...hence no pregnancy glow left in my body :) *

So to sum it all up and get to my utterly embarrassing story...

-I am 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant
-Lord knows how much weight I have gained, and yes, I have stretch marks
-This child is super active and keeps me up at night with her somersaults, flips, kicks, and punches
-I go tomorrow for my 28 week apt and glucose test

 Now onto the this is truly embarrassing for me, and I am praying some of you all can relate, and I have to put it out there and laugh, or try really hard to laugh about it, because if not, I will totally sit and feel miserable, so start laughing now...

Yesterday I made a comment to another lady on staff that I felt like I was leaking, like my "water bag" slowly sprung a leak...but then I chalked it up to drinking a ton of water, more than usual and sitting in a hot, leather office chair all day, you catch my drift.  It felt like it was getting worse, not better, and all I wanted to do was come home and put my feet up.  So after picking Molly up, and dropping some stuff off at someones house, I was finally able to come home.  But my "problem" still persisted.  I called my best friend because I knew she had leaked with her kids, and I also felt like I did when my water broke with Molly.  Needless to say she convinced me to call the doctor and ask them.  I called and they sent me straight to labor and delivery.  These people do not mess around.  We were very blessed that my doctor was not on call, but at the hospital for something else and he came in and saw us.  

So after my poor husband's face turned every shade of red when I would have to explain something, or describe something, poor guy!  We still have nothing really figured out, other than I am leaking.  They do not believe it is my water, to which Eric said, "so, you are like just peeing your pants?!"  Yes, Eric, yes, I am just sitting here peeing my pants.  What a dork!  What a man!  I also have been having a lot of contractions over the last week or so, so that does not help with the leaking factor!  

My fluid levels are great, Lucy is big, and super active.  Like really active that the nurse kept telling me how active she was.  Really, like I didn't notice.  So they are running more tests today, I go tomorrow for my check-up anyways, so we will see.  My guess is maybe it's a UTI, hence the contractions, and maybe the leaking.  This all is so embarrassing and semi-gross to me!  So to put any thoughts to rest, no I am not wearing a depends, and my doctor assured me that it probably feels a lot worse to me than it truly is.  Probably what feels like leaking me to is like 2 tiny rain drops.  

So today or tomorrow we should know the culprit for this impromptu trip to labor and delivery.  Luckily my nurse was so nice, actually her and Eric talked the entire time, and we were in and out rather quickly.  So can anyone else out there relate?  Anyone have a huge baby that literally sat on their bladder, or feel like they were leaking?  Please, anyone :)