Thursday, September 23, 2010

30 Weeks

**Taken at 30 weeks 4 days**

So I know I said I would do this after my appointment today, but for one, I truly enjoyed my Fall outfit last night that I wore to meet the teacher night for Molly's dance class, and 2-we are having friends over for dinner tonight and it occurred to me this morning I have not cleaned yet, and I still need to go to the store to pick up a few last minute ingredients for dinner.  So, why you are getting the post now :)

How far along- I will be 31 weeks on Sunday

Maternity Clothes- Yes, however, the sweater in the picture is a Goodwill find for $2.99 and not maternity, but I thought it was okay to wear while pregnant, please tell me if it was not, because I do not want to be that know the one!

Emotions- Feeling pretty good, I truly just feel overwhelmed with gratitude towards God.  Sometimes so much that I cry, but it's a good cry.  Other than that, it's the little things that Molly says or does, and looking at baby clothes sometimes makes me cry.
**I am sure Eric is thoroughly embarrassed right now...he does not like
any sort of belly shots, the reason why I use my self timer, because he 
won't take them, but here is all my Lucy glory!**

I go to my appointment in about 2 hours...nothing too out of the ordinary today, hopefully.  I have been taking Molly with me since Eric now works on Thursdays, and she does pretty well, with a little bribery!

And one last one for the day...

Have a fabulous day!!


Sarah Robbins said...

You are totally not "that" woman! I have seen lots of other preggo ladies wearing non-maternity sweaters with cute t-shirts. It's way fashionable right now! And you look so cute and ready for fall.

It's still supposed to be 96 today. {sigh}

I am the same on tummy shots. I don't mind with clothes, but I am way not into the bare belly ones. Are you having maternity shots done? My friend is doing some for me and we have been trying to come up with poses that don't show too much. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

You look so cute and great. I think belly shots are just beautiful. Molly is adorable as always with her curly hair. Love it. Great deal on that sweater too.

Kristin said...

Awwww.....sweet Molly and Elwood :)

I think there is nothing more beautiful than a belly shot of an expecting mommy! When I was pregnant with Madison, everything was still the big tent styles and I was so glad when I got pregnant with Kaylee that everything had changed to the fitted styles. So much more attractive! You are a beautiful Mommy, Kate!!!

Alison said...

Kate, you look precious!! Seriously! I love the sweater! And love that it is cool enough there to wear sweaters! I have on a sundress right is in the 90's! :)

HappyascanB said...

You look soooo precious!

Like lots of folks who commented, I think the cardigan is perfect. I wore cardigans a lot towards the end of my preggers b/c we couldn't wear sleeveless things to work, but I WAS SO HOT! So, I'd throw on the cardigan while at work and take it off as soon as I left the building!

Yeah, it was a breezy 92 here today. Jealous you're wearing a cardigan!

Veronica said...

I totally love these new pics, esp the 2nd belly pic! I love that sweater too. What an awesome find!

LOL about taking your own prego pics. I was the same way so that's why all my pics were of me taking my own pic in the bathroom, LOL! I'm glad I did them though because it feels like a lifetime ago that I was pregnant and it was only five months ago!

Hope you had a fun dinner date tonight and yay for being 30 weeks! Time is sure flying now!!!

Unknown said...

Looking great!! :) It's hard for me to believe you are pretty much 31 wks!! WOW!! I think the sweater looks fine. I'd wear it pregnant!

Bethany Zumba said...

her hair never ceases to amaze me.

Becca said...

You are all just too cute!! I LOVE that cardigan and your hair looks really great!

PS you won my giveaway!! Email me at with your address and I will send it out Monday morning!

Sarah Robbins said...

I just read your comment on Kelly's blog and you are so crazy! You look adorable! I hope I look as cute as you when I am that far along. Silly girl. . .

Kari said...

Okay, first of all I love Belly shots. I did them with both pregnancies and half the time I had my skin showing :o)

You look adorable and the sweater is great. I think pregnant mamas can pull off anything these days and look awesome - just like you!

LOVE Molly's hair :o)

{:miss v:} said...

You look amazing! Your pregnancy seems to be flying least for me!

Cute pic of the siblings! haha!