Friday, September 17, 2010

Calling vs. Gifting

This week when I was driving to work I heard an interview with a former lead singer of a popular Christian was really good, you can check it out here...

He was talking about leaving it all, and what was truly important.   Which sometimes I think, yea it would probably be easy to walk away "from it all" when you have money in the bank.  Some of us are not so lucky.  But he took a very different take on it all, a take that really spoke to my heart, and I wanted to share it with you all.  What he said has stuck with me all week, and truly impacted the way I look at things. 

He said-which I am totally summarizing here, not quoting..."I really had to understand what I was called to do and what I was gifted to do.  God called me to put him first, my wife next, and then my kids.  I am gifted in singing and speaking to people, but that was not my calling."!

I think as moms, well, as women in general, we struggle with "what am I supposed to be raising my kids, and cooking dinner enough?"  Yes, yes it is.  We are called to love God with our whole heart, then love our husband, and then love our kids.  We are gifted at making hats, creating bows, painting, forming relationships with people, being the PTA president, insert your own gift...but that's not your calling.  I think too easily we get discouraged and defeated by thinking we are not doing enough, when truly, you are not doing what God called you to do. 

Hopefully that came across as encouragement for some of you.  I know for me now it helps keep things in perspective.  I know Eric is called to love God, love me, and love Molly and Lucy.  He is gifted in speaking/preaching, making relationships, pretty much ministry in general.  I am called to love God, love and care for Eric, and then love and care for Molly and Lucy, and Elwood :) 

So the next time you ask yourself, what am I supposed to be doing...just remember what God called you to do, and rest assured, yes, it is enough!


Sarah Robbins said...

Hey Kate,

Thanks for the encouragement. That truth also helped me in college when I was trying to decide what to do with my life. I realized that my job didn't matter since my calling was Christ. The job was just a vehicle for finding ways to fulfill my calling.

I rest in that truth a lot now as a stay-at-home wife, and soon-to-be-mother. Our culture doesn't celebrate our calling, but our Father does. It's nice to dwell on our value "above rubies" as we unload the dishwasher (again), do a load of laundry (again), etc.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Oh PS- who was the singer?

Kristin said...

That is a great encouragement to me Kate and a great way to look at it too! So often, we get it backwards and we put aside our families in order to pursue things that we may be talented in, but really don't matter. I have been struggling with my business because I know that every time I focus on it, everything else seems to suffer. Like my Pastor said this weekend, if Satan can't make you do evil things, he will just make you busy! I will have to go listen to that interview! Love ya and hope you have a great weekend!!

Barclay Kathryn said...

Wonderful, so needed to hear this today. : )

Unknown said...

So true Kate! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I got chills. Thank you for sharing that. BEautiful.

Jenilee said...

resting in what God has called me to do is always such a comfort and encouragement. i think we require more of ourselves sometimes than what we really should be doing. I am loving my days at home with my girls and thankful for the ministry we are a part of!

Steph T. said...

Kate! I love this!! I have so struggled with this since my kids are in school full time. It has taken me awhile to realize that it's ok to just be home. I'm doing the #1 job that God called me to do.
Thanks girl!

Joyeful said...

Love this Kate!!!!