Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've Got Nothing...

It is not that I have not wanted to blog this week, or it is not that I have not had the time to...I literally have nothing to say.  I know...pigs are flying over my house as I speak, ahem, write.  We are busy doing stuff around the house, starting new routines, like dance class next week, Molly doing speech 2 times a week, and just soaking up time as a family of 3.  Next week our small groups at church kick-off and we are hosting a new group, and I am beyond thrilled!  I LOVE having people over and entertaining.  I love cooking, baking, and making sure people have what they need.  The cleaning part, well, that is still a struggle, but I manage.  Hence the trying to finish up some unfinished projects around the house.  I know your house is never complete and there is always something to do, well, we are doing a whole lot of something each and every day!  Hopefully hanging pictures on the walls comes sooner rather than later.

My mom is coming to visit for a whole week!  She gets in on Sunday afternoon and leaves the following Sunday.  Her main reason for coming is we are volunteering and attending the Women of Faith conference next weekend.  And also, she misses me, I mean Molly!  I know better!  Which we all love when Grandma comes! 

Lets see, what else...I have been glued to Facebook ALL day to see if my cousin, Holly has had her of now-no Lainey!   Speaking of babies, I go tomorrow for my 31 week check-up, I will post a baby update when I get home.  I really have had zero motivation this week to do anything, and taking a picture of myself ranks right up there with a "I will do it tomorrow..." then it never happens.  I think I am going through mini growth spurts, more like Lucy is growing and my stomach is expanding as a result of her growth.  I stick out way more than I used to, but I am totally fine with it all!

I guess for not having a lot to say, I have said a lot!  I know Holly and Anthony, and the grandparents would covet your prayers right now.  I can not imagine the anxiety of giving birth after going through everything they went through with Carleigh.  Holly is so strong, but I also know she is scared.  We all would be.  But God is greater and bigger than all our fears and He is wonderful.  Have a great day friends! 


Steph T. said...

Hey...that was a whole lotta nothing to say there girl!! LOL!! Glad your mom is coming for a visit. Have fun!! I can't wait for you to have Lucy. It's gonna be my first "having a baby blog follower:...We need a party!
Love ya!

jules said...

No more waiting...Lainey has arrived. I read her blog too and have been checking on her since last night and all day today.

Sometimes it seems like we have nothing going on but when we start writing we find out we've actually been pretty busy.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I can't believe you are at 31 wks exciting! I just saw sweet Lainey on facebook!!! YAY...rejoicing with them right now!

Also...just wanted to add, I can totally relate to having not much to say in blogland lately. I've had some weeks like that recently, and believe me....pigs are flying over here as I type as well!

Love to you!

Kristin said...

I just saw Lainey's pic on FB sweet! I can't believe you're 31 weeks! I better get busy making Miss Lucy a shirt! I am still trying to find time to make Lainey one. :( I hope you have fun at the WOF conference! I want to go to one of those sometime! Hope your small group is wonderful too! Did you find all the dance stuff you needed? Hope Molly loves it!

Veronica said...

LOL about having nothing to say! Sounds like life has been busy to me! That will be so awesome to get to visit with your mom!

Glad Miss Lucy is doing well and I was so excited to hear that Lainey was born! God is good!

Amanda said...

Another Lainey:) One of my favorite names!! Enjoy your time of not having much to say or pressing obligations right now! That is sweet time for you to hang with your fam before baby arrives! I sometimes wish for those simpler days of all of mine in gets complicated! Enjoy your gift of simple right now!!
Love Amanda

Joyeful said...

You're almost there!!! Time has flown by!! (I know you're probably rolling your eyes at that comment! It flies for everyone except the one who is pregnant!)