Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank you, boxes, football, and doctor appointments

First off...THANK YOU all for your kind words, encouragement, and plain out mommy sympathy with the little situation going on.  I went today for my 28 week check and they do not have any test results back, they originally told us one day, but I guess they meant to say 3-4, whoops.  But I think it's safe to say that Miss Lucy has a little more time left inside my belly.  Things have gotten better, and I am learning to live with the feeling of a leaky faucet.  Today my doctor said something to the effect of "being pregnant isn't always glamorous, is it."  Really, you are a guy, what do you know about being glamorous, pregnant, or being a lady!  I know he meant well, but sometimes, really :)

I passed the glucose test, hallelujah!  Here is my piece of advice for fellow testers...I did this with Molly, too.  Drink that syrup stuff as fast as you can using a straw!  You don't taste it as much and it seems to go down quicker.  The rest of the appointment went great...I am still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule.  So who knows what that all Lucy going to be big, average, or what?  So we shall wait to see!

The other doctor's appointment we had was Molly's 3 year check-up.  Even though her birthday was in August, this was their first opening they had.  Which surprised me, but it was fine.  It was just funny sitting in the exam room waiting for the doctor to come, and Molly just sitting there in her Dora underwear.  I kept thinking who is this kid, I am sure not old enough to have a kid in underwear, oh my word.  It was just unreal.  But the appointment went well, Molly is in the 95% for weight and the 90th for height.  I totally thought she would be higher for height, but we'll take what she got.  She has always been in the 90-100% for height and weight, so we will stay with our trend.  Molly did great and the doctor called her "perfect."  I am glad someone else agrees with me, ha!  Then we got the dreaded shot in the arm at the end, and man oh man were there tears.  I think the shots are worse the older they get.  As babies they are so unsuspecting, but as pre-schoolers, they aren't dumb, they know what's coming!  But she is better now, and we have even convinced her to take the band-aid off.

Now onto some new pics...
Elwood and Molly coloring, he loves boxes!

He will squeeze to fit into anything!

And for the start of the college football season, Molly and the rest of us say,

GO BUCKS!  We cheer for The Ohio State University!
This is how we would feel if we lost to Marshall tonight...

This is how we will feel when we beat Marshall tonight!


Kristin said...

Haha!!! That Elwood cracks me up, all squeezed into the box. :D My girls have always been in the high 90's for height and weight too. And Lily was above the chart on her head circumference, so much so that the dr. thought she might have issues. LOL! Thank goodness she just simply has a big head. Ha!

Glad you passed your test and that everything is okay. Poor Molly having to get shots :( It took me forever to get Lily to let me take her bandaids off.

April said...

So glad her appt went well. Shots are just terrible!! As the mom, we feel the pain just as much. Jax will have his 2 year coming up next month and I am dreading them. No one likes to see their child in pain :( THe older they are, it's definitely harder!

He & Me + 3 said...

She is too cute. Not fond of Ohio because we are Michigan fans...but I am fond of you all:) We can still be friends right? :)
Glad you passed your test. Glad Molly's appointment went well too.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Glad your test went well! Oh my goodness Molly is SO cute! Love the pictures! :)

Unknown said...

Glad for the good appt and that you passed your glucose test! The stuff I had to drink this time wasn't as bad as the last time with my other dr. I threw that stuff up!

I think it is harder as the get older for shots b/c it's also harder to hold them down when they dont' want it!!

And that's so funny that Elwood likes boxes.

Jenilee said...

yeah for ohio right?? she looks GREAT in her red!!! and no, prenancy isn't always glamorous lol

Becca said...

Glad both of the appointments went well. I hate having take Autumn for shots, I feel like I have to prep her for what is about to come or she might kick the doctor or something! LOVE the pics! Too funny that Elwood likes to sit in boxes, Aubrey is the same way! HA! The pictures of Molly cheesing and sad are so silly too!

Kari said...

Yay for passing the glucose test. I hated that with Bella and with Scout at the midwifery, they use Welches grape juice because it has the amount of sugar needed to do the test. Let me tell you how nice that was!
Elwood is so cute. My dog would get into anything he fit into. Those are always lovely shots!
Molly is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.