Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up...

Wow, oh wow...where did the last 5 days go?  We will start with Thursday...I had lunch with a fabulous Pastor's Wife (PW)...she is awesome!  We were at the restaurant for almost 3 hours...and Molly did great.  I felt bad for taking her, but had no choice, and she did wonderful.  Praise the Lord!  Usually she can't last that long!  It was so good to talk with this particular PW.  Even though Eric has preached at her husband's church a couple times they have always been gone, so we never got to talk.  But this time was wonderful!  We barely talked church, which is a welcomed blessing, and we really talked about being moms, our kids, our husbands, and life.  I could go on and on, but I won't :) 

Then poor Molly fell asleep in the car on the way home, and when we got home I carried her in and laid her down.  Then I had to wake her up like 20 minutes later to go to my 33 week check-up.  But she did fine at the dr's considering my apt's last like 3 minutes!  And all the ladies there just love her, and give her suckers!  The one chick scheduled all my appointments for me so I didn't have to worry about it each time.  Then when we went to schedule my last one we were discussing what my doctor would want me to do, and she looked at the computer again and then proceeded to tell me "oh, he is on vacation when you are due."  What?!  Then I just started laughing.  She probably thought I was nuts or something, but my doctor had just got finished reassuring me this labor/delivery would be much, much better than the first time around.  And I told him I was going to hold him to that, and then to find out he is on vacation, nice!  I really don't care who delivers Lucy, that does not bother me one bit, but I found it funny that he went on and on about how different this time will be.  Guess I will take notes for him since he won't be there!

Then we toured the hospital that night.  I think all 3 of us were a little overwhelmed and Molly was way over tired!!  She did not make it through the 25 minute tour, her and Eric ended up in the bathroom a couple times having some conversations, and then finally they went out to the car.  So I took the tour basically.  I am so not ready for this delivery thing.  Trust me, the pain is not what I am scared of, I am totally fine with the drugs :)  It's the whole process and what not.  I am still traumatized from Molly, and shudder to think about it this time around.  Prayers for peace would be fabulous.  I know child birth is supposed to be beautiful and euphoric, it was not for me, so I have a hard time with people's highs from childbirth.  Sorry to offend anyone...I am just uneasy with the whole idea right now. 

Needless to say the hospital is nice, and I am sure we will have a pleasant experience there, apart from the whole labor/delivery thing :)

Then my in-laws came for the weekend!  They arrived on Friday morning and left this morning after we went out for breakfast.  We had so much fun with them, and I always hate to see them go!  Eric and his dad golfed on Friday, and Saturday we went to a cute little lake town, Lake Geneva, for the Oktoberfest-family friendly!  Molly rode a pony and jumped in a bounce house.  We toured the lake on a boat tour, and walked around.  By the end of the day I was number 1 extremely hot!  Did anyone else have unseasonably warm temps this weekend?  Oh my word, it was so hot here!  And number two...I felt like I had already given birth, I was swore everywhere!  But we had fun, and then came home and made pizzas for dinner. 

Yesterday one of my friends threw me a Sprinkle Shower with some close friends, and Eric's mom was able to go.  We had a great time, and we also ate way too much food!  I will share pics tomorrow! 

Then we had a nice evening at home with Eric and his dad building me a mantle for our fireplace. 

Today it was back to the daily :)  However, I must be nesting at work since I have all the lessons written, planned, prepped, and all supplies ready for every Sunday in November.  Wishful thinking probably, but I want to be prepared in case Miss Lucy makes her debut sooner rather than later.  Too bad we aren't this prepared at home!  Our goal this week is to get things around, and get our crib out of someones basement, ha!  It's funny how the second time around you (well, at least I am) aren't high strung about having the nursery all together and perfect.  With Molly I literally had everything to go at like 6 months, and my bag was packed for the hospital, waiting at the door.  Now I think, I will just tell Eric what to bring when he goes home, ha!  Oh well...back to work...I am trying to crank out all of December's lessons!


Unknown said...

I was the same way with the hospital bag! I totally procrastinated this last time!!

I really hope that labor and delivery goes better for you this time and it's not traumatic. Praying for that!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow what a busy time you have been having. I felt the same way about childbirth. I was nervous all three times. I think more because no two deliveries are alike and the fear of the unknown. I will pray for peace

Steph T. said...

Let me tell first was tramatic & scary...the 2 & 3rd...easy peasy!! So don't worry!! I couldn't believe how different they were!! I am praying for you in these last few moments of having Lucy all tucked safe inside! Love you!

HappyascanB said...

Wow! You've been super busy!

And it definitely sounds as though you're nesting! Nothing like it!

Bethany Zumba said...

What's a Sprinkle Shower? Is that for 2nd borns??

Veronica said...

I hear ya on being not so excited about the delivery. I was the same way every time! I will def keep you in prayer and hope things go way smoother for you this time around. Deliveries one and two were WAY different for me so I hope yours will be that way too!

P.S. Haven't forgotten about your giveaway win. Hoping to get that out to you soon!