Wednesday, November 24, 2010

39 1/2 Week Update

Hello!  I am so sorry to neglect you all, and my poor blog!  I have been trying to get everything under the sun finished for church!  I wouldn't say that I am a control freak, I more of an enabler.  I will do it for you, so you don't have to worry about it.  And when you are leaving for maternity leave, it's a pretty scary habit to break!  I have tried to think of everything that someone in the office may need to know, all the way down to the set-up/tear-down team on Sunday mornings.  I have lists that have bullet point lists under them, and so on.  I know it will all work out, and if it doesn't, well, not much I can do about it right!  So I am trying to not over-do-it before I leave with emails, lists, etc.  But like I said, enabling is a scary habit to break, but I need to break this! 


I am 39 1/2 weeks, and no sign of Lucy!  I went to the doctor yesterday and I am still the same old 1cm dilated.  Which is funny since I constantly have contractions and he said he could feel her head.  Sorry, not to gross anyone out :)  All I kept thinking was "break my water then!!"  But he didn't...clearly!  So I go back on Tuesday if she has not made her debut yet, and he said Wednesday, Dec. 1, they will induce me.  If on Tuesday I am farther along, they may keep me and induce me then.  We shall see!  With an impending "due date", like I know she will for sure be here by then, I am now freaking out at home!  I have stuff that I want to get done before she comes...nothing pertaining to her, just like "office stuff" that us ministers need to keep track of, some filing, some organizing, etc.  But today I laid on the couch while Molly napped and didn't do any of it!  So I am coming to realize and totally be okay with it not getting done!  Plus, I do have a husband that can help out!  See-his mom reads this, and she will totally drop the hint to him :) 

We took Molly to the doctor on Monday, and she has croup!  I have never seen her so sick before, poor thing!  She is getting better, but her voice is still really raspy and she is coughing a ton.  But she is fever free and sleeping for the most part at night.  I felt so bad for her on Sunday night, she would cry because it hurt too bad for her to cough, but then she would not breathe.  Then she would have to cough, then she would cry, see how the night went...on and on.  But she is on the mend now, and is as feisty as ever. 

On Saturday I took Molly to see "Veggie Tales-Live."  It was okay.  I am glad we went, made the memory, Molly tells people she had fun, but it was a little boring.  Half way through the first act she asked if we could leave.  And most of the kids around us were bored, too.  It wasn't really what I expected, I guess not as high tech, maybe?  But it was fine, and she did enjoy herself.  So I am really glad we went.

I would love to share pictures with you all...but I realized that I left my camera and camera cord in Eric's car, and he is at work right now.  So I will share pictures tomorrow or Friday. 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  Our friends the Johnson's are coming over tomorrow.  They are due with their first child, a boy named Masen, one week after I am due with Lucy.  So both of our families are waiting for the babies to be born to visit...since they all live out of state.  So we are celebrating turkey day together.  Then we are putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow night!  Molly is super excited about it!  So I can't wait to share some pictures of that with you all.  How many of you have your tree up, or are putting it up this weekend?  Also, who all is going shopping on Friday?  We aren't!  There really isn't anything we need or want that bad to go brave the crazies!  But good luck to all of you that are going! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking on the bright side...

At least that is what I am trying to do...look at the bright side.  Miss Lucy is still as snug as a bug.  I am pretty sure the chances of her making her debut without any assistance is as close to impossible as me ever winning the lottery.  Which I would have to play first to win.  I am still 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  The doctor stripped my membranes, again today.  I thought Eric was going to lose it.  It's not like he saw anything, but he gets all weird at the doctor's office and what not.  I find it comical, he however, not so much. 

I really was hoping for a little bit more progression, since on Sunday I had contractions for close to 6 hours and lots of back labor, then it all stopped.  What an awful thing for labor to do to you, ha.  So when she didn't come Sunday, I was at least excited to see what all those contractions did to me.  Clearly nothing! 

I am really trying to stay hopeful...I know plenty of you all were the same way, either not dilated or 1 or 2cm and then had your beautiful babies that day or night.  I would love that!  Then I am also trying to stay realistic with my last (well only labor/delivery) and how my body reacted to all of that.  Even with my water breaking I made zero progress on my own and was still induced.  I swear, I just make it too nice in there for these girls! 

I should be thankful for more time, since I still have a to-do list that needs finished before Lucy gets here, and I am taking Molly to "Veggie Tales-Live" on Saturday at a local church here.  I also should do some other things that would benefit getting done now as opposed to later.  But the doctor told me today to take as many naps as possible so I don't get cranky.  Seriously, his words, not mine :)  So I am taking my doctor's orders and taking a nap!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching Up-Picture Style!

I meant to have posted before now...but alas, I haven't!  But here we are now, and with pictures!!
Molly before school on Friday!  I love winter clothes on little kids!

On Saturday, Eric and I went to a fashion show called "Purple Passion and Fashion" to benefit Pancreatic Cancer.  It was the first one they have ever had and it was a huge success, and there was lots of delicious food there, too!  Eric and I had a good time, and it was nice to spend time with him!
Susan Kim-our local morning NBC News Anchor here, she was the emcee.
This was at the end of the show, our friend Julie is the one with the microphone, 
and that is her beautiful daughter, Bailey beside her. 
Not great quality, my camera takes just awful pics inside places, 
but it's the only good one we got all day!
...and last but not least...taken at 38 weeks 1 day

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 39 week check up.  I am hoping that I made some progress or we at least talk about a date to be induced.  Not that I really want to be induced, but I am thinking that is probably what will have to happen in order to get Miss Lucy out!  Just like her big sister...

I will keep you all posted when or if anything happens!! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nope, no baby yet!!

Despite all the contractions I have been having the past couple days, especially today when I began to time Lucy May yet!  I went yesterday for my 38 week check-up, and I have not changed at all since last week, well I did gain a pound :)  But I am still about 1cm dilated.  I sort of felt let down, I was for sure I was at least 2 or something.  I even went for a long walk on Wednesday with Molly, and still no progress.  Oh well! 

Tomorrow Eric and I are going on our last for-real, planned out date day before Lucy is born.  We are going to a fashion show, like a true legit one!  Neither one of us have ever been to a true fashion show before, so it will be an experience to say the least!  Our friend, Julie, her mom died of Pancreatic Cancer a couple years ago and ever since then she has been on a mission to raise awareness and money for Pancreatic Cancer.  So all the proceeds of this fashion show are going towards that.  It's downtown in the cool artsy part.  Trust me, who knew Milwaukee had anything trendy or artsy.  Most parts around here are still dressing like it's the 80's and rocking heavy metal.  But tomorrow we will be entering a whole new world, a fashion world.  Plus, I am very pumped about the swag bags that we will be getting, and eating some really great food.  All the clothes, food, music, everything is straight out of Milwaukee, all local.  So I am excited about that, too!  I will take pictures, well, if I am allowed, and then share our experience of our first fashion's called "Purple Passion and Fashion."

Thanks to all who emailed, texted, tweeted, Facebooked me yesterday on my brother's birthday.  It was a lot more emotional for me than years past.  I think I really had my hopes up that Lucy would be born and they would share a birthday.  Even though I know God has the best day picked out for her already, I was still really hoping it was yesterday.  And sometimes it's just hard knowing that I have experienced things like graduating college, getting married, first job, kids, and Andy never had any of that.  So thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, trust me, I felt them and needed them. 

Other than that we are just living life until it is flipped upside down when Lucy gets here!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If you need a good this!

At church we are doing a series called "Suburban Legends."  It has been awesome so far and I will share more about it later, but for now I leave you with this video that Eric (my husband) and our lead Pastor Mark put together.  We have always said we will do anything short of sinning to help people to find and follow God...the mullets seen in this video however, might be a sin.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Because it's a tradition...

Saturday was Elwood the cat's birthday...he turned the big 7.  When we adopted him in July, Eric kept telling me that I was setting myself up for heartbreak because he was older, and a lot bigger, but I really think this cat will go on living and living.  He loves people, like really loves people and any attention thrown at him, however, he still will not sit on anyone's lap.  Elwood is fantastic with Molly, really we could not ask for a better cat, and he has slowed down on his food intake.  Which is good :)  I really thought he was going to make us go broke with the cat food bill!

Here at our house we and by we, I really mean me, but it sounds less odd if I say we, like at least there in one other person in on it with me, but truly, Eric claims no fame to this our house on your first birthday you get to wear a birthday crown.  We did this when Billy (our other cat) turned one, and at Molly's first birthday, and Lucy will for sure be wearing this crown next year, too.  Even though Elwood did not turn 1, it was his first birthday with his forever family.

 Molly and her wonderful table manners at her first birthday, ha!
 Elwood-he might too embarrassed to look at me

The picture of Billy with his crown on is on Eric's computer, but lets just say we, and by we I mean me again...ahem, we sent out birthday cards with Billy's picture on them for his first birthday.  The guy at Wal-Mart looked at us like we were crazy or something when we picked them up, ha! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little progress and if I could be selfish for a bit...

I went today for my 37 week check-up and I am 1cm dilated!  And 50% effaced, and the doctor said thinning quickly, whatever that means.  I am trying not to get my hopes up with the 1cm, I was 2cm for over 3 weeks with Molly before my water ever broke.  But I look at it this way...1cm down-9 more to go!  Since coming home from the doctor I have been having contractions...probably nothing that will do anything, but hey, anything helps the progress!

Now if I could be selfish for a little bit...I am sure this wonderful baby named Lucy will not do any of this but I have been trying to convince her of this...if I could pick her birthday, heck, I will give her 2 options for her birthday...both of these are way before my due date, buy hey-a girl can dream!

1st option-This Sunday, November 7th...on this day many, many moons ago, in a land known as 1999, Lucy's daddy and I made our dating relationship "official."  We went on our first date in August of 1999, and then continued to go on dates until November, but never made anything official.  Once we did on the 7th, we have never looked back since.  We never broke up in all our years of dating, and I love Eric more every single day.  Even looking at his picture makes me get butterflies in my stomach and feel like I am 15 all over again.  Okay, I know, I could go on but I won' the Nov. 7 would be a good day

2nd option-November 11th...this is my brother's birthday.  Andy would be 35 next Thursday.  Which seems odd to me!  I know that we would be best friends if he was still here today, and I would probably call him every day, probably 10 times a day, and he would always be patient and kind towards me, the way big brothers are with little sisters.  I would love nothing more than for Lucy to share the same birthday as my brother, Andy.  It would seem so fitting and just plain wonderful!

I keep trying to give Lucy these little pep talks, but I am sure just like her big sister, Molly, she will do whatever she wants to when it comes to being born.  And more than that, she will come when God has planned for her to come, but the 7th or the 11th sound like really good days to me.  Hey, like I said, I am at least giving her options!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

 36 1/2 weeks and a new haircut...

I got these wonderful gifts in the mail this week from Veronica!  They were wrapped up so pretty, but like a kid on Christmas, I totally tore that off! 
 Lucy's new hat!
 Hair Blossoms for Molly and Lucy, and maybe me!
 This is a gift from my cousin, Holly!  Thanks!
...a little sneak peak into Lucy's room!

I go tomorrow for my 37 week check-up, hopefully we will see if I have made any progress...I have made progress in eating a ton of candy from Halloween!  I know why it's called the Devils holiday, because I have zero self-control and keep eating all my kids candy!! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick-or-Treat 2010

This year I was so excited to hand out candy to all the little kids in our neighborhood.  At first I was a little peeved that Trick-or-Treat lasted 3 hours!  Really, what kid needs to collect candy that long?!  I got over it and we bought over 1000 pieces of candy to hopefully keep the savages at bay while walking our neighborhood.  I was so nervous that we were going to run out, and I had my back up plans playing in my head. 

Yea, we had maybe 30 kids...what?!  I was so disappointed!  I really thought living in our neighborhood, and especially living on the same street as the elementary school all those grubby kids I watch riding the bus to and from school and who walk in my yard, not on the sidewalk each day would totally be ringing my doorbell.  Maybe we looked too eager, since we did sit outside in 30 degree weather with our huge candy bowl.  So needless to say we have a TON of candy leftover, I mean a ton! 

Eric took Molly out for a little bit and let her walk around.  She loved it!  I think she just loved the concept of running from house to house, but nonetheless, she loved it! 

We also carried on our 3 year tradition with our friends and their kids.  We went over to their neighborhood later on and Trick-or-Treated.  Their neighbors really know how to do it up right.  We had a blast and I am so thankful for living in a house this year and for the chance to get to know more people right around us, and for our friends and their constant friendship!

Sorry the ones inside are so blurry...our camera sometimes gets a little tempermental and takes blurry pictures, but oh well!!