Wednesday, November 24, 2010

39 1/2 Week Update

Hello!  I am so sorry to neglect you all, and my poor blog!  I have been trying to get everything under the sun finished for church!  I wouldn't say that I am a control freak, I more of an enabler.  I will do it for you, so you don't have to worry about it.  And when you are leaving for maternity leave, it's a pretty scary habit to break!  I have tried to think of everything that someone in the office may need to know, all the way down to the set-up/tear-down team on Sunday mornings.  I have lists that have bullet point lists under them, and so on.  I know it will all work out, and if it doesn't, well, not much I can do about it right!  So I am trying to not over-do-it before I leave with emails, lists, etc.  But like I said, enabling is a scary habit to break, but I need to break this! 


I am 39 1/2 weeks, and no sign of Lucy!  I went to the doctor yesterday and I am still the same old 1cm dilated.  Which is funny since I constantly have contractions and he said he could feel her head.  Sorry, not to gross anyone out :)  All I kept thinking was "break my water then!!"  But he didn't...clearly!  So I go back on Tuesday if she has not made her debut yet, and he said Wednesday, Dec. 1, they will induce me.  If on Tuesday I am farther along, they may keep me and induce me then.  We shall see!  With an impending "due date", like I know she will for sure be here by then, I am now freaking out at home!  I have stuff that I want to get done before she comes...nothing pertaining to her, just like "office stuff" that us ministers need to keep track of, some filing, some organizing, etc.  But today I laid on the couch while Molly napped and didn't do any of it!  So I am coming to realize and totally be okay with it not getting done!  Plus, I do have a husband that can help out!  See-his mom reads this, and she will totally drop the hint to him :) 

We took Molly to the doctor on Monday, and she has croup!  I have never seen her so sick before, poor thing!  She is getting better, but her voice is still really raspy and she is coughing a ton.  But she is fever free and sleeping for the most part at night.  I felt so bad for her on Sunday night, she would cry because it hurt too bad for her to cough, but then she would not breathe.  Then she would have to cough, then she would cry, see how the night went...on and on.  But she is on the mend now, and is as feisty as ever. 

On Saturday I took Molly to see "Veggie Tales-Live."  It was okay.  I am glad we went, made the memory, Molly tells people she had fun, but it was a little boring.  Half way through the first act she asked if we could leave.  And most of the kids around us were bored, too.  It wasn't really what I expected, I guess not as high tech, maybe?  But it was fine, and she did enjoy herself.  So I am really glad we went.

I would love to share pictures with you all...but I realized that I left my camera and camera cord in Eric's car, and he is at work right now.  So I will share pictures tomorrow or Friday. 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.  Our friends the Johnson's are coming over tomorrow.  They are due with their first child, a boy named Masen, one week after I am due with Lucy.  So both of our families are waiting for the babies to be born to visit...since they all live out of state.  So we are celebrating turkey day together.  Then we are putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow night!  Molly is super excited about it!  So I can't wait to share some pictures of that with you all.  How many of you have your tree up, or are putting it up this weekend?  Also, who all is going shopping on Friday?  We aren't!  There really isn't anything we need or want that bad to go brave the crazies!  But good luck to all of you that are going! 


Unknown said...

I'm like you and would prolly have lots of lists! lol

I can't believe you aren't dilated more than you are. Lucy sure is snug as a bug in a rug in there! Kinda nice to know you won't be pregnant past a certain point now. It would be great if she came before your appt Tuesday!

Poor Molly! I remember when Audrey had that. She was miserable! I'm glad she's doing better. Mommies hate to see their babies sick!

Sorry the veggie tales weren't more entertaining! I'd like to take Kyndra to see Dora live sometime. We took Hannah when she was younger and it was a pretty good show.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I'm not sure if we will be putting up our tree this wkened or not. Maybe next wkend if not this one.

Alison said...

Girl, surely it won't be long now!! :) Hope that ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!

Kristin said...

Poor Molly....I just hate it when they have croup. Lily has made a trip or two to the ER for that :( Glad she's feeling better though!!

I'm so excited that Lucy is going to be here soon! I will praying for a quick delivery!

Unknown said...

It will be very, very soon. Enjoy these sweet last moments of pregnancy. Despite the anxiousness to have the new arrival there is something so tender realizing that it is only days till life shifts.

What a blessing!


Kari said...

I hope Molly is feeling better soon! Whenever any mama to be gets to this point, I start stalking blogs and FB accounts - just so you know :o)
I'm excited for you guys!
ps...I'm so with you on if they can feel the head, then break the water!

Becca said...

I really hope that Molly is doing much better now! I keep checking to see if you have updated your twitter announcing the arrival of Miss Lucy! {Where are you at girlie?!!!} Hope your appointment goes well and that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Excited because I heard you are in labor we can all meet Lucy soon. YAY!!!!

I love baby stories. (:>)

I hope all goes well and that your delivery will be a quick one.

I am praying!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits