Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick-or-Treat 2010

This year I was so excited to hand out candy to all the little kids in our neighborhood.  At first I was a little peeved that Trick-or-Treat lasted 3 hours!  Really, what kid needs to collect candy that long?!  I got over it and we bought over 1000 pieces of candy to hopefully keep the savages at bay while walking our neighborhood.  I was so nervous that we were going to run out, and I had my back up plans playing in my head. 

Yea, we had maybe 30 kids...what?!  I was so disappointed!  I really thought living in our neighborhood, and especially living on the same street as the elementary school all those grubby kids I watch riding the bus to and from school and who walk in my yard, not on the sidewalk each day would totally be ringing my doorbell.  Maybe we looked too eager, since we did sit outside in 30 degree weather with our huge candy bowl.  So needless to say we have a TON of candy leftover, I mean a ton! 

Eric took Molly out for a little bit and let her walk around.  She loved it!  I think she just loved the concept of running from house to house, but nonetheless, she loved it! 

We also carried on our 3 year tradition with our friends and their kids.  We went over to their neighborhood later on and Trick-or-Treated.  Their neighbors really know how to do it up right.  We had a blast and I am so thankful for living in a house this year and for the chance to get to know more people right around us, and for our friends and their constant friendship!

Sorry the ones inside are so blurry...our camera sometimes gets a little tempermental and takes blurry pictures, but oh well!! 


Sarah Robbins said...

I did the exact same thing last year when we moved into our new house. I was so excited and bought like 3 huge bags of candy. We didn't even get 30 trick or treaters- we got like 7. My class was excited for the candy to go in the prize box, though!

Our new house here in Raleigh has mostly little bitty kids and college kids, so we only had 1 trick or treater last night. Thankfully- I bought less candy this time though!

Maybe you will get more next year?

Molly looks ADORABLE in her costume! Isn't it so fun that next year it will be her AND Lucy?!

Becca said...

How cute! I am glad Molly had a ton of fun running to all the different houses!

My parents live in a pretty big neighborhood with a ton of kids but they live on a dead end with about 4 other houses and none of them give out candy so they never know if the kids will be willing to walk down to them or not. They always end up with a ton of it leftover.

Glad y'all were able to spend some time with friends as well!

Alison said...

So precious!! Looks like ya'll had fun! And we had the opposite problem in our neighborhood! I left a bowl of candy out for trick or treaters (since we were out trick-or-treating ourselves!) and it was GONE! :)

jules said...

We live out in the country and usually get just a handful of trick or treaters........this year.........NONE!

You sure had a big group of little ones dressed up yourselves.

Anonymous said...

it's ok. you're past your gestational diabetes test, so eat all that candy, girl! ;)

Kristin said...

Molly is so cute!!! Looks like she had lots of fun :)

Steph T. said...

Look at that pretty girl! How cute!! I know about the candy thing...we don't get any T Or T out were we makes me sad...but we always have fun in other neighborhoods