Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

 36 1/2 weeks and a new haircut...

I got these wonderful gifts in the mail this week from Veronica!  They were wrapped up so pretty, but like a kid on Christmas, I totally tore that off! 
 Lucy's new hat!
 Hair Blossoms for Molly and Lucy, and maybe me!
 This is a gift from my cousin, Holly!  Thanks!
...a little sneak peak into Lucy's room!

I go tomorrow for my 37 week check-up, hopefully we will see if I have made any progress...I have made progress in eating a ton of candy from Halloween!  I know why it's called the Devils holiday, because I have zero self-control and keep eating all my kids candy!! 


Sarah Robbins said...

It's so fun to get packages in the mail!! Those were so precious, too.

I have zero self-control for candy, either. . . Thankfully, we didn't have much it so it is mostly gone now. Whew!

You look so cute! She's going to be here so soon!

Veronica said...

You look so beautiful. I LOVE your new haircut! Glad you liked everything and yes...totally feel free to wear the blossoms too! They're great for ages! :)

Hope your appt goes well and yay for nursery progress. I see you're using Molly's nursery stuff again! So cool! I always loved those colors in Audrey's room and we even still use the lamp and curtains for the girls' room!

Becca said...

You look so great! I love the new haircut! Veronica's stuff is just too cute and I know little miss Lucy will be adorable in it! Hope you doctor's visit goes well!

Linda said...

Hey Kate...I love your new sassy haircut! You look cute.

It won't be long now until Lucy makes her appearance. I swear there is another baby boom going on...everyone is expecting right now...or has recently had a baby! I love it.

Veronica's stuff is so cute...and the other gift too.

The nursery looks great!

Love, Linda

{:miss v:} said...

Love the new haircut and you look so beautiful Kate!

What pretty things Veronica made for you! Can't wait to see your little one in them (and maybe you! haha!)

Praying for a great check up tomorrow!

Julie said...

You look great! The gifts & the nursery look precious! I love all the pink. :)

HappyascanB said...

What a cute cute cute haircut! LOVE it! You continue to look fantastic!

Ver is the BEST with her packages, isn't she? That hat is precious! And I love the blossoms! I can't wait for Molly to get enough hair to sport those cute blossoms!

We don't get trick or treaters on our street, so we don't buy candy. Which is a good thing. Because I have no self control. At all. And with me nursing? I am a bottomless pit. It would be bad. Very bad.

Love the nursery, too! Little bit will be here soon!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Your haircut is SO cute! Love it
! :) So many adorable gifts... and Lucy's room is so sweet!

Kelly said...

Love your new haircut!! So cute!

Love the gifts too. Girls are soo fun! :)

Kristin said...

Awww..I love Lucy's room! I love all of the pretty things you got too! Love your new hair cut!

Unknown said...

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Verna said...

I love your new hair cut!

Plus that hat looks fantastic.

Jenilee said...

I love your haircut!

Unknown said...

Her room is adorable!! :)