Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years to You!

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Years to you and yours!!  I did get my house cleaned before my in-laws came, hooray :) 

I just wanted to say a HUGE heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your constant support, encouragement, love, and humor, among many other fine qualities you all have and share with me.  Blogging would be boring without you!  I love all of the connections that I have made through the blog land and I can't wait to continue with all of them in 2011! 

I pray each and every one of you has a safe New Years, and that you all know how special you are to me, and my family!  Here's wishing you and yours lots of love, happiness, and Jesus in 2011!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shhh...don't tell...

Shhh...don't tell anyone that I decided to catch up on some blogs and blog myself instead of cleaning the house.  My in-laws will be here in a couple of hours and my house is a down right disaster.  Eric and Molly are out running errands and sweet Lucy is sleeping, perfect time to clean, right?  Ha! 

I loved reading about all of your Christmas' and loved seeing pictures of them, too!  We had a nice, relaxing Christmas here.  We stayed home for the first time in 6 years, and I actually have to say it was nice, but also a little lonely.  As much of a hassle as it is to travel for 6 hours on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, it is nice to be around family.  Don't get me wrong, it was so nice to stay here and do nothing, and not go anywhere, but we also missed seeing our family, and missed seeing the grandparents get excited when Molly gets excited about presents and what not.  We have had a month of Christmas it seems like starting off with Lucy's birth and now ending with my in-laws coming back to celebrate New Years with us. 

Here are some pictures from our holiday...literally just some...I forgot to charge the camera battery, so I got like 5 pictures before it died!

 After Christmas Eve service, not a good time for poor Lucy!
 I have a hard time believing she is only 3, she's getting so tall!
 Christmas morning!!  The best present ever!
Our little party animal!

Alright, I better get to cleaning!  Have a great Tuesday!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lucy means light...

*Disclaimer...This is one of those posts that has been on my heart for a couple of days now, and I have no clue where this will go, but I have to get it out*

Monday, December 21, 2009 I found out I was pregnant.  I stopped on my way to work to by a test, and took it right when I got there.  Up until that point I never really trusted my instincts, but for some reason I was convinced that I was pregnant.  I didn't want to believe it, since I had seen that negative sign so many times before, but I took the test believing it would be positive.  I didn't tell anyone at work, which was really hard for me to do.  Later on in the day I went home so Eric could go into the office and work a little bit before I had to go back for some counseling appointments.  On my way back to the office I stopped at the Hallmark store and bought Eric a "Willow Tree" figurine of a dad holding a baby, and I was so excited to give it to him.  Sitting through those counseling sessions was so hard to do, not that I didn't care, but that night I just wanted to get home to share the wonderful news.  We had been trying for a while, so I couldn't wait to tell Eric we were finally successful :) 

Of course when I gave him the gift he totally guessed it before even opening the present.  I am awful at surprises because I get too excited and the other person can totally tell that I "hiding" something.  We went back to Ohio for the holidays and shared our wonderful news with everyone.  We were so happy.

Less than a month later we lost the baby.  You all know what we went through.  It was hard.  I then entered into a winter season of my life.  Everything was dark, cold, distant, and it was tough.  Then we found out we were expecting again.  I was cautiously thrilled.  We didn't tell anyone until 12 weeks, and it wasn't until after our 20 week ultra sound that I truly allowed myself to love this little one.  I was always fearing the worst and preparing for something awful to happen.  Clearly I trusted the world more than I trusted God.

When trying to decide what to name our new baby one day sitting on the couch the name Lucy came to me.  Literally out of nowhere, it just came to me.  Not Lucille, not Lyla-which we once liked so much, just Lucy.  I texted Eric "what about Lucy?"  He texted back "sure."  It was set, she was to be named Lucy.  Then a couple weeks later out of curiosity I looked up the meaning of Lucy online.  It means "light."  At first I was a little disappointed because that meaning seemed boring to me, too simple maybe.  Then after thinking about it, and God hitting me over the head, it occurred to me that Lucy is my light, she is my olive branch, she is my rainbow, she is every sign that God needs to give me that he didn't forget about me, he didn't forget my pain, and he always provides for our needs.  He is the light. 

So one year later at Christmas time having a baby makes me think of Mary and baby Jesus that much more.  I feel overwhelmingly thankful, grateful, blessed, undeserving, and just in plain awe of God's plan.  Lucy has truly brought light into my life.  I am out of my winter season and I think I am moving into spring.  I know God has big plans for our family of 4 and for my little light, Lucy.  


Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Week Check-up and Church

Last Thursday we took Miss Lucy in for her 2 week check-up, and we found out why her diapers seemed to be getting tighter...she now weighs 9lbs 11oz!  In 2 weeks she gained one pound, five ounces...not too shabby!  The doctor wasn't too concerned with the spitting up since she is clearly getting what she needs.  Thats how it was with Molly, too.  Since she was gaining weight and was healthy otherwise, the spitting up was just a nuisance.  But our doctor said if we were really, really concerned we could come back in for a weight check and for her to be looked at again.  The spitting up has not gotten any worse, so we will probably just continue to watch it and what not. 

The nurse went to measure Lucy and said she measured at 21.5 inches, to which we laughed because at birth she was 22.5 inches.  So now no one knows what her exact measurement is/was!  Which isn't awful, but for the charts and percentiles she could be in one percentile with one height and another percentile with the other.  So our doctor is going to go with the 21.5 for now, and worst case on paper she looks short and chubby, like her mom :)

As of now she is in the 90% for both height and weight and I think they said 75% for her head.  Overall, a pretty good visit!

Miss Lucy, you are 2 weeks old and here is what you have been doing...
-You have graduated to size 1 diapers
-You can hold your head up all by yourself, and even turn it to look at someone without looking like a bobble head
-You (for the most part) eat every 2-3 hours during the day and 2-4 at night, usually 3 hour average
-You are smiling now...not really at anyone, but you do crack a smile when your sister talks to you
-You laugh in your sleep and I think it's stinking hilarious!
-You sleep in your bed for most naps and at bedtime, unless Mommy doesn't want to put you down, or you have gas, then you sleep with Daddy in the recliner
-You are a very content, laid back baby, you only cry when you are getting a bath or are hungry

We love you Miss Lucy!

Yesterday was my first day back at church after having Lucy.  I was so excited to go and see everyone.  Lucy just stayed put in her car seat the whole time.  As much as I would love to take her out and show her off, I don't want anyone to get her sick, so people gazed at her from atop her car seat, and under her blanket.  She slept the entire time.  She got a little fussy during service, so I just pushed the stroller up and down the hall outside the auditorium and she was fine. 

Also, I used my udder cover that I won from Veronnica while we ate lunch out.  This is a HUGE step for me.  I never nursed Molly in public, I always went to the bathroom and stood in a stall or went out to the car.  But I put my little cover on yesterday and it worked, and I didn't flash anyone!  I am really clumsy and uncoordinated, but the cover makes everything simple!  And I was able to still sit and enjoy the conversation without feeling awkward. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

She had other plans...

I know I said I was going to post Lucy's birth story yesterday, but yesterday didn't go as planned.  The last almost 2 weeks have gone pretty good, Lucy was eating and sleeping like a champ.  We thought she would not be plagued with reflux like Molly was, and we were getting in a pretty good semi-routine.  Then Wednesday hit. 

A huge blessing in disguise was that we had already set up an all day play date for Molly, and she was out of the house.  At first I felt bad because I was like "man, this whole mothering of two is going pretty well, and I don't want to take advantage of someone by sending Molly with them all day."  Thank you Lord for looking out for me!  From the moment Molly left to when she came home I was either feeding Lucy, cleaning up spit-up, easing gas pains-for Lucy not me, and holding her all day long.  Now, I am not complaining, I am just glad yesterday I was technically a mom to 1, not 2.

Today we go for Lucy's 2 week check-up...2 weeks?!  Wow!  So right now my 2 week old is sleeping, Molly is doing stamps at the kitchen table and I am working on our Christmas card list.  Life is bliss...for this moment!
Here are some out-takes from our quick, impromptu Christmas card shoot the other day...
Poor Lucy!  I was trying to get her to look at me,
Molly was trying to get her to look at her,
and the poor kid went crossed eyed!!
The *classic* photo!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life in Rewind: Picture Style

 I thought before I could talk a lot about Lucy, I should catch you all up on what was happening around here before Lucy came along...since out computer crashed you missed out on almost 2 weeks of our lives.  That sounded really vain, but you know what I mean :)

 Molly on Thanksgiving Day...she told us she did not like Thanksgiving and she hardly ate a thing!  Eric and I are wondering where she came from and how could you not eat on Thanksgiving?!
 The day after Thanksgiving we put our tree up.  This is where compromise in our marriage came into play.  See I like big, fat, fluffy trees, Eric likes tall, skinny trees.  The last 5 years we have had fat and fluffy, this year Eric got his tall, skinny one.  It's growing on me, and at least it looks cute in front of our bay window.
 Molly LOVED helping us put ornaments on the tree, and more
than that she loved putting the star on the top!
 Our tall, skinny tree...fat and fluffy may you rest in peace...
 Our too cute of a town had a welcome party for Santa the day after Thanksgiving.  It was freezing!  But so worth it to see Molly's face.  Santa rode in on a firetruck, and greeted all the kids there. 
 Freezing cold, but excited for Santa!
 Due Date!  And no Lucy! 
Wednesday, December 1, going to the hospital to be induced...
last picture of our family of 3!

So that was what we were doing before Lucy came along!  I will post tomorrow about Lucy's birth, and maybe Thursday, too, depending on how long my post is. 

Right now things are going well for us.  Hopefully I don't jinx us!  Today Eric is working, so it's my first official day home alone with the girls.  Right now Molly is "going to the grocery store" and Lucy is sleeping.  I feel like this is doable.  I know there will be moments and days when I won't feel that way, but not too bad my first time around.  I am trying to make my way around the blog world to get caught up on your may be a slow expedition, but I will make it! 

Are you all getting crazy weather?!  We had a blizzard warning on Sunday, mainly due to the high winds, we only got about 3 inches of snow, but it was blowing around like crazy.  My mom and step-dad were in for a visit and their flights kept getting cancelled, and it was a huge mess.  My mom got home yesterday morning at 5am, and Phil got home last night after having to fly to a different airport and renting a car to drive home.  It was for sure a long day for both of them. 

Okay, the big sister just informed me that her little sister is crying...gotta run!  Have a great day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy One Week to Lucy!

Thank you all for your sweet comments about Lucy!  We are very happy to be a family of 4!  Molly is doing wonderfully with Lucy.  We have our moments for sure, but overall Molly is adjusting well with being a big sister.  She loves really loves her.  When she came to the hospital to see her last week her first words were "Lucy, you are so beautiful, I love Lucy!"  You can't make this stuff up!  I will for sure remind Molly of those kind words when she is 16 and Lucy is 13. 

I can't believe a week has gone by already!  Eric and I were talking about how before Lucy got here a week seemed to drag on, and now a week has flown by?!  Wow!  Lucy is already holding her head up by herself for the most part, and is more awake and alert everyday.  We have no set schedule or routine down yet, but that's okay.  Each night has literally been different than the night before, so everyday is a surprise with her.  She really hates bath time, and getting her diaper changed most times.  She has the sweetest most pitiful cry ever, and I love it. 

Happy One Week Birthday Lucy!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to the world, Lucy May! And a long overdue update!

First off...sorry for leaving you all hanging on out there for nearly 2 weeks!!  Our computer crashed on Thanksgiving Day and we are just now up and running again.  We have been a little busy lately...we had a baby!! 

Lucy May Ferguson came into the world on December 2 at 4:06pm...she weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces, and is 22 inches long!  I will do a whole post on the birthing/hospital experience this time around, because it sure was different the second time! 

Lucy is doing wonderfully!  Both my girls have different blood types than I do, which I guess is not too common, so they run a higher risk of being jaundice.  Molly was fine, and Lucy was a little more jaundice, but we took her in today and she is perfect!  When we left the hospital on Friday, which the nurses had a fit we left only 24 hours after we had her, she resembled a glow worm, but now she looks fabulous!  And she has surpassed her birth weight.  When we left the hospital Friday night she weighed 8lbs 4oz, and today at the doctor's office she weighed 8lbs 9oz.  And that's only one day of having milk! 

Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, gifts-good grief you all are too generous and nice!!  And just support in general!  I promise, promise, promise now that we are back up and running I will update a lot more!!