Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Week Check-up and Church

Last Thursday we took Miss Lucy in for her 2 week check-up, and we found out why her diapers seemed to be getting tighter...she now weighs 9lbs 11oz!  In 2 weeks she gained one pound, five ounces...not too shabby!  The doctor wasn't too concerned with the spitting up since she is clearly getting what she needs.  Thats how it was with Molly, too.  Since she was gaining weight and was healthy otherwise, the spitting up was just a nuisance.  But our doctor said if we were really, really concerned we could come back in for a weight check and for her to be looked at again.  The spitting up has not gotten any worse, so we will probably just continue to watch it and what not. 

The nurse went to measure Lucy and said she measured at 21.5 inches, to which we laughed because at birth she was 22.5 inches.  So now no one knows what her exact measurement is/was!  Which isn't awful, but for the charts and percentiles she could be in one percentile with one height and another percentile with the other.  So our doctor is going to go with the 21.5 for now, and worst case on paper she looks short and chubby, like her mom :)

As of now she is in the 90% for both height and weight and I think they said 75% for her head.  Overall, a pretty good visit!

Miss Lucy, you are 2 weeks old and here is what you have been doing...
-You have graduated to size 1 diapers
-You can hold your head up all by yourself, and even turn it to look at someone without looking like a bobble head
-You (for the most part) eat every 2-3 hours during the day and 2-4 at night, usually 3 hour average
-You are smiling now...not really at anyone, but you do crack a smile when your sister talks to you
-You laugh in your sleep and I think it's stinking hilarious!
-You sleep in your bed for most naps and at bedtime, unless Mommy doesn't want to put you down, or you have gas, then you sleep with Daddy in the recliner
-You are a very content, laid back baby, you only cry when you are getting a bath or are hungry

We love you Miss Lucy!

Yesterday was my first day back at church after having Lucy.  I was so excited to go and see everyone.  Lucy just stayed put in her car seat the whole time.  As much as I would love to take her out and show her off, I don't want anyone to get her sick, so people gazed at her from atop her car seat, and under her blanket.  She slept the entire time.  She got a little fussy during service, so I just pushed the stroller up and down the hall outside the auditorium and she was fine. 

Also, I used my udder cover that I won from Veronnica while we ate lunch out.  This is a HUGE step for me.  I never nursed Molly in public, I always went to the bathroom and stood in a stall or went out to the car.  But I put my little cover on yesterday and it worked, and I didn't flash anyone!  I am really clumsy and uncoordinated, but the cover makes everything simple!  And I was able to still sit and enjoy the conversation without feeling awkward. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and happy Monday!


Sarah Robbins said...

I am so glad things are going well with Miss Lucy! Look at you- already out and at church after just two weeks! I am also really glad things went well with nursing in public. I have one of those covers and I am super nervous about the same things you said, but all you new mamas having such success are taking away my fears. Thanks for sharing. . . Can't wait to see and hear more about little Miss Lucy.

Lauren said...

Great news about the appointment!! :) She sounds like a healthly chubby baby... just how you want them! :):)

HappyascanB said...

A healthy, growing girl! LOVE IT!

Veronica said...

Yay for a healthy, growing girl! Congrats on nursing in public too! I was the exact same way with Alyssa and then got better with Audrey. With Livvie, I nurse whenever, wherever and it's gotten so much easier!

Hope your confidence will continue to grow! You can do it!

Kristin said...

That's so neat that you got to use the cover that you won! I just got your card in the mail today and it was SO precious! I just loved the girls' pictures! My girls were like, "Awwww....who is that?" So, I told them all about my BFF Kate. :D

So glad Lucy is doing so well!

Becca said...

YAY for Miss Lucy growing!!! That is funny about the height! I hope that her spitting up doesn't get any worse!

Glad that church went so well! I was the same way about nursing in public. I never once did it with Autumn but thanks to those lovely covers that I never heard of back then {I guess that's what happened}, I was able to do so with Aubrey!

{:miss v:} said...

Yay! So glad you were able to use it and feel so comfortable! I didn't nurse Evan very long so I never got the chance to see what it was like to nurse in public. Hopefully with the next one I'll hold on a little longer and give it a try!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your precious family!

April said...


Congratulations, 2 weeks late! I have been gone from posting for a few months because I literally can't find the time. Between the 2 kids and getting christmas gifts together (made most of them) and trying to get sleep with two bad sleepers... blogging got put on the back burner.

I had been thinking of you and have been meaning to got on here and check out little Miss Lucy. I am so happy she's doing well (1lb 5oz NOT BAD!) I hope your Christmas is a wonderful one! Happy Holidays.