Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life in Rewind: Picture Style

 I thought before I could talk a lot about Lucy, I should catch you all up on what was happening around here before Lucy came along...since out computer crashed you missed out on almost 2 weeks of our lives.  That sounded really vain, but you know what I mean :)

 Molly on Thanksgiving Day...she told us she did not like Thanksgiving and she hardly ate a thing!  Eric and I are wondering where she came from and how could you not eat on Thanksgiving?!
 The day after Thanksgiving we put our tree up.  This is where compromise in our marriage came into play.  See I like big, fat, fluffy trees, Eric likes tall, skinny trees.  The last 5 years we have had fat and fluffy, this year Eric got his tall, skinny one.  It's growing on me, and at least it looks cute in front of our bay window.
 Molly LOVED helping us put ornaments on the tree, and more
than that she loved putting the star on the top!
 Our tall, skinny tree...fat and fluffy may you rest in peace...
 Our too cute of a town had a welcome party for Santa the day after Thanksgiving.  It was freezing!  But so worth it to see Molly's face.  Santa rode in on a firetruck, and greeted all the kids there. 
 Freezing cold, but excited for Santa!
 Due Date!  And no Lucy! 
Wednesday, December 1, going to the hospital to be induced...
last picture of our family of 3!

So that was what we were doing before Lucy came along!  I will post tomorrow about Lucy's birth, and maybe Thursday, too, depending on how long my post is. 

Right now things are going well for us.  Hopefully I don't jinx us!  Today Eric is working, so it's my first official day home alone with the girls.  Right now Molly is "going to the grocery store" and Lucy is sleeping.  I feel like this is doable.  I know there will be moments and days when I won't feel that way, but not too bad my first time around.  I am trying to make my way around the blog world to get caught up on your lives...it may be a slow expedition, but I will make it! 

Are you all getting crazy weather?!  We had a blizzard warning on Sunday, mainly due to the high winds, we only got about 3 inches of snow, but it was blowing around like crazy.  My mom and step-dad were in for a visit and their flights kept getting cancelled, and it was a huge mess.  My mom got home yesterday morning at 5am, and Phil got home last night after having to fly to a different airport and renting a car to drive home.  It was for sure a long day for both of them. 

Okay, the big sister just informed me that her little sister is crying...gotta run!  Have a great day!


jules said...

It's totally understandable why you've been missing in blogland.....you've been busy!

We actually got that blizzard this past weekend, with a whopping 20 inches of snow!

Lauren said...

love the update!!! So happy for your little family!!! :):)

We've had lots of snow this year which is crazy for us!! :)

Unknown said...

I like your tree! The tall & skinny works well in front of your window.

I'm glad things are going well with 2 around. Hope the crazy pull out your hair moments are few and far!

Kristin said...

Haha! Fat and fluffy rest in peace....too funny!! Glad everyone is doing so well! Molly looks so cute in those pics!! Can't wait to hear all about Lucy's birth. Glad your Mom and Phil finally made it home safely!

Kelly said...

Loved the pictures! I've been missing you...but I honestly haven't been around too much either :)

It's super crazy weather here too! It was 11 degrees this morning with a wind chill of 4 degrees!

Veronica said...

Yay for an update on the Ferguson's, lol! So glad you're feeling good about being a mom of two. It will get easier as the days go by!

Our weather has been weird too but in a good way. Over the weekend, we had summerlike weather in the 70's. Crazy but so nice!

Alison said...

SO glad to hear that ya'll are doing great!! It sounds like you have a really great big sister at your house!! :) No snow here in Mississippi...although we actaully did have a few snow flurries last week!