Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jumping On the Bandwagon and Lucy Pics

I am officially taking the plunge and jumping on the bandwagon.  I am not a usual bandwagon jumper, actually the opposite, I rebel against the bandwagon.  But the last couple of weeks Twitter has been lit up by this...

Of course my curiosity was sparked and I know that it is the pick for the Bloom book club.  I have never even heard of Ann Voskamp before this, and I still have never read anything by her, no books, no blog, nada.  I want to, I just run out of time each day.  So needless to say I am super excited to get this book in the mail in the next couple of days.  I have officially jumped on the "One Thousand Gifts" bandwagon and I can't wait for the ride to start.
Today the snow has been falling, it is so pretty.  Poor Eric shoveled the driveway and by the time he left for work you couldn't even tell.  Molly and I have had numerous picnics in the playroom, put together puzzles, danced to music, ate snacks, and watched some TV.  Lucy has enjoyed her day of eating, sleeping, and smiling.  I know I am biased, but she is such a great baby.  Not that Molly wasn't great, but Lucy is just so relaxed.  It's so enjoyable :)

I can't believe this child is going to be 2 months next week!  And Molly is going to be 3 1/2...and my 27th birthday is coming up, too.  We are all growing up :)
And lastly...since our computer crashed I have had a hard time reading some of your blogs, literally our browser won't open them.  So if you have not heard from me in a while...sorry!  I am working on getting the issue fixed, well, I am working on figuring out the issue, then fixing it.  Just wanted to say I am not ignoring anyone, I literally can't open your blog to read your posts. 

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Dance and a Mom Fail, Big Time!

Molly had her cute little mini-dance recital on Monday night at a retirement home.  And over the next 2 months we have like 4 or 5 more of these mini-recitals.  At first Eric and I were like, "oh my word..."  But after Monday night's performance, we now know why they have so many!  The whole dance company was there, little girls from ages 3-12...and all of them had stage fright!  Well, Molly's class just acted like they didn't really know what to do, and then they would throw in some of their own dance moves.  But at least they were cute.  So hopefully by the time the real recital roles around in April, someone has a clue of what they are doing. 

Molly got her costume about a month ago and when Eric came home he said it was too tight.  I thought he was just being that overprotective dad, because he said when he told the dance teacher it was too tight she said it was supposed to fit that way.  Again, how cute, overprotective dad.  So I just ignored it and thought nothing of it.  Well, come Monday night I realized what he meant...the outfit didn't even cover her nipples!  It was so tight on her, and we both were trying to pull it up, but it wouldn't go past her little nips!  Poor kid!  Of course it is like 20 minutes before we have to be there, and we have no back-up plan!  So our daughter gave the seniors at the home a little more than a dance show :) 

So we will be getting a bigger costume.  And I noticed that Molly was not the only one with it all showing at the top...some of the other girls in her class had to the same problem.  Even the tiny, skinny ones, so that made me feel a little better, and not so much like a HUGE failure, just a BIG failure, ha! 

She clearly was thrilled to be photographed with me!  Actually, the dance teacher gave them cupcakes and we were holding it hostage until she got her photo taken with me.  I guess we have learned to not come between a girl and her cupcake.  I also found out that Molly's dance teacher was the same teacher Eric's assistant at church had 30 years ago.  Glad to know our little town is keeping it current! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho It's Off to Work I Go, and the Super Bowl Baby!!

Good Monday to you!  I am in an extra ordinarily great mood today because the Steelers are Super Bowl bound, baby!!  Yesterday the Steelers managed to pull a win over the Jets, and make their way to Dallas on February 6th.  I am not going to lie, I had doubts during parts of the game, but they pulled it off.  And just in case you didn't know...the Packers will be going to the Super Bowl also.  Which is a little exciting since we live in Packer territory.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a Packers fan, but it's cool to see your town get really excited over it.  Then their dreams will be crushed when the Steel curtain falls on them...okay, enough football, but I am pretty pumped!

Also today is my first official day back in the office.  Mondays are really nice for me...I am the only one in, so I turn Pandora Radio on and sing all day, and I actually get a lot accomplished.  I feel bad for Eric because by the time I get home I am so ready to talk to someone that I probably overwhelm him with conversation.  Today is also Eric's first day as Mr. Mom.  He is home alone with both girls!  As of the last phone call everyone was still alive :)  I feel so blessed having him home with Molly and Lucy.  I hope they realize some day that not all dads would take their day off each week and stay home with their kids, willingly I should add.  Tomorrow Molly and Lucy will be going to my friend Carrie's house for half the day.  Right now I feel okay leaving Lucy, but we will see what happens tomorrow morning.  I am not sure if this is rational or not, but with Lucy being on the larger size, I feel like she is a little older, so it's not so hard to leave like it would be with a tiny baby.  Maybe that is my sleep deprived mind talking, who knows!

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement on the whole nursing thing.  I talked to my step-mom who is a pharmacist, nice to have in the family and she said after I take my last dose of meds tomorrow morning I would be good to go with nursing tomorrow afternoon.  So I am going to nurse the most, but still give Lucy formula once or twice a day.  I really think the thickness of the formula helps her stomach.  So that's the plan for now, we will see what happens.  If it doesn't work I am happy that I was able to nurse her for 6 weeks.  She is such a good baby, I am just plain happy to have her :)

Alright, better get back to work...I was performing my "mommy duty" as Eric calls it...aka pumping.  I almost forgot...Molly has a mini-dance recital tonight!  I think I might be more excited about it than she is!  They get to wear their costumes and all!  I am praying hers fits!  We ordered it in October, and her official recital is in April, but over the next month they have a couple mini ones to get them ready.  So hopefully we are able to take pictures, because I can't wait!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bath Time Pics and Some Tough Choices

Thank you all for saying a prayer for Lucy and her poor little tummy.  We took her to the doctor on Thursday to see what else we can do for her.  The culprit seems to be the anti-biotic I am on to treat my kidney infection. It is really effecting my milk, which is effecting Lucy.  The medicine makes me feel great, but it leaves Lucy feeling awful.  So the doctor wrote a prescription for her reflux, and told me not to nurse until I am completely finished with my medicine. 

Since our doctor's appointment I have had a million thoughts going through my mind.  I pumped a ton while my mom was here, but I was also on my medicine, none of that milk is good since it has the anti-biotic running through it.  Argh!  Let me just say for the record I strongly dislike pumping.  I am not a pro like my cousin, Holly.  I only do it because I have to, and I complain the whole time.  I am a big baby, I know.  At least I have a decent pump and I can do both sides pretty quick.  But still, I really don't like pumping.  So to know all that milk has to be thrown away makes me sick.  Literally, I feel sick trashing it all.  So Lucy has been taking formula since Thursday afternoon, and giving her the first bottle was awful.  She has taken a bottle many of times before, all breast milk, and she did great.  But the formula on Thursday was dreadful.  I cried, she cried, it was terrible.  Then she finally realized that was all she was getting and she ate.  Ever since then she takes the bottle of formula like a pro, and is so content. 

But I am still making milk!  So I have to pump, but I have to dump all that milk too!  As my one friend calls it...liquid gold.  So I pump and then dump all my liquid gold down the drain, sickening I tell ya!  I am trying not to pump too much so I don't make too much, but I also need to pump enough so I don't shorten my supply.  But the whole getting up in the middle of the night to feed Lucy a bottle and pump after that, that is for the birds!  I told ya I complain about it! 

Don't get me wrong, I like nursing, I like the fact that it is good for Lucy, but I am not a hard core nurser.  My goal with both my girls was to nurse for 4 months.  Once they start food I am pretty much done.  But that's just me.  Plus, with both my girls being big babies....oh the doctor's office we found out that 7 week old Lucy weighs 14lbs 4.5oz!!  So with both of my girls being bigger, I find it uncomfortable to nurse, and with Molly I could never keep her full enough, so we still had to do formula around 4 months, on top of nursing, on top of her eating food.  Yea, big kids live here :)

So I slowly started weaning Molly around 4 months, and by 6 months she was totally done with it.  Actually a little bit before that.  Like I said, she didn't get enough from me, so she lost interest when she realized she could it from the bottle and get full.  Now, back to Lucy...She is doing so well on the formula...hardly any gas, I can count on one hand how many times she has spit up.  I am sure some of it is due to her meds, and some of it because the formula is geared to help with spitting up.  So in a couple of days when I am finished with my meds I have to decide to go back to nursing, do a combo of nursing and formula, or to just do formula.  I want to do what is 100% best for Lucy and her sensitive tummy.  I am so confused and conflicted at the same time! 

I will say selfishly it has been nice to drink milk, have tomato sauce, eat broccoli, and not worry about hurting Lucy.  I had to cut all that stuff out at the beginning when she started spitting up.  So now even with pumping, I have to dump it all anyways, so it really is nice to eat whatever I want.  I know, that sounds really selfish, but it's true.  And to debunk the myth at least for my, Lucy does not sleep through the night with formula, she still gets up at least 2 times, sometimes 3!  She is like her momma, she likes to eat!

Now onto some cute bath time pics...

Have a great weekend and Go Steelers!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turn Your Radio On...

Yesterday morning I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed on the radio.  One of my friends is a news anchor for the local AM radio station here in Milwaukee.  She emailed me on Tuesday asking if they could interview me on the air...umm, yes!  I was so excited!  They wanted a marriage counselor's advice on the big playoff game coming up on Sunday.  The Packers play the Bears...they are HUGE rivals, and whoever wins goes to the Super Bowl.  Now to be totally honest with you, I could care less about the Packers or the Bears, I want the Steelers to win on Sunday.  But I couldn't say that on "Packer Nation" radio!  I also find it hilarious that they wanted marriage advice on how to stay civil towards one another if one spouse cheers for the Pack and the other spouse cheers for the Bears.  Really, is this a problem?!  Apparently so!

So nonetheless I agreed to be interviewed and give my advice.  I had no clue going into this what it would be like or what they would ask me.  So I got all prepared Tuesday night and I typed everything out that I was going to say, I rehearsed it over and over again.  So when they called yesterday morning I had my notes right in front of me to use, did I?  Nope!  I totally just started rambling on and on and then when it was done I was like oh crap!  I didn't say half the stuff I wanted to!  Oh well!  Hopefully there will be a next time and I will remember to just read what I wrote! 

It was a really fun experience, and I am so glad my friend, Jodi, gave me the opportunity to do it, and hopefully someone can use the info I gave.  I didn't look real hard to find the audio of the interview, but here is a link to an article they wrote after my interview...CLICK HERE  You will have to scroll down a little bit and look for "Marriage Counselor's Advice..."

Also, if you all don't mind praying for baby Lucy...she is still having a ton of tummy troubles.  We are going to the doctor today to see if there is any relief in sight for her.  I feel so bad for her!  Thanks!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Heck of a Week

Oh my's been a crazy week to say the least!  Last week I thought I was doing great on posting 2 days in a row, how sad that 2 days is now a high a for me!  I planned a post for Thursday and Friday, all in my head of course, but then Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I started getting a fever, and it started getting higher and higher, 101-102.  On Thursday morning after having said fever for over 24 hours and not feeling any better I called my doctor to ask if I could still nurse, to which the nurse said "didn't anyone call to tell you that you have a kidney infection?", no one did!  They took a urine sample on Monday at my 6 week check-up but no one ever called to tell me anything was wrong.  Good thing I called them!  So they called in some meds, those didn't work, my fever persisted, and then finally Saturday night the on call doctor called in something for one last attempt before admitting me to the hospital and it worked.  Praise the Lord it worked, and my fever finally broke Sunday night! 

In the mean time like 2 months ago my mom planned a visit and she was supposed to come on Thursday.  I almost called and told her to cancel because on Wednesday before I knew anything was wrong I thought my fever was due to the flu.  And I didn't want my mom to fly here and get it.  Thank the Lord again I did not call and cancel on her!  She has been a lifesaver!  She came in on Thursday and has really taken great care of the girls, my house, my laundry, and me.  She even extended her stay when I was not feeling better on Sunday, sadly she leaves tomorrow morning.  I now know why rich people have nannies! 

I have not had a fever since I was like in 3rd was awful!  I could deal with the kidney pain, but not the fever!  Yesterday I got up to take a shower and I felt like I needed a nap after I was done.  Oh my word!  But now I am on the mend and feeling a ton better!

On Saturday my beloved Steelers won their game and we had a good old time dressing Lucy up for the occasion...a mom is never too sick to take pictures, right :)

I think these pictures are hilarious because that poor outfit was too small for her!  My mom had a really hard time getting the onsie over her head and in the first picture poor Lucy has no neck!!  I think in every picture she looks different.  Last night we broke out the pics of when Molly was Lucy's age and my mom and Eric both think they look like twins, but I don't see it.  Is that a mom thing?  Do you all think your kids look alike or different?  Poor Lucy again, all the medicine I have been on really has been effecting her.  Her tummy has been so upset the last couple days.  Between the gas and spitting up this child is a hot mess.  Hopefully she feels better soon! 

Alright, I better get back to life since it seemed to have moved on without me the last couple days!  Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lucy's Birth Story- it's a long one!

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, Nov. 30 and I was still only 1cm and 50% effaced.  I actually wasn't disappointed, I pretty much knew I was going to be induced since I was already past my due date.  They set my induction up for the next day, Dec. 1, at 5pm.  I had to go in and get cervadil for 12 hours to help "prepare the way."  Even after my water broke with Molly I still had to have cervadil to help.  It doesn't hurt, just annoying to lay there for 12 hours!  So I really was not looking forward to that. 

Thankfully my in-laws were coming that week already, we just thought Lucy would have already been born, but no, she is stubborn!  So my in-laws got in on Wednesday, we went to lunch, came home, packed, and headed for the hospital.  While at lunch I was having contractions, but I figured they were nothing since I had been having contractions for a couple weeks and nothing was progressing.  We checked in at 5pm and started the cervadil around 6:30pm.  When they put the monitors on me they saw my contractions were sometimes 2-3 minutes apart or 3-4 minutes apart.  I hardly felt anything!  They asked me at that point if I wanted an epidural, which I found a little odd.  I declined and we hunkered down for the next 12 hours.  I thought I would at least get a good nights sleep since I had to lay there, but no.  I was too anxious and really uncomfortable with the monitors, cervadil, and feeling like I had to go to the bathroom all the time.  But the nurses were all so nice and very accommodating.  They brought in a hospital bed for Eric to sleep on instead of the gross plastic pull out couch.  So we had matching beds and we joked that in 75 years this is what we would look like.

Around 7:00amon Dec. 2, they started the pitocin, but I was still having contractions on my own, the same minutes apart.  So during the whole induction process the most pitocin I received was 11 drips/hour.  Which I was very thankful for because I am a wimp when it comes to pain and I really didn't want pitocin in the first place. 

So I completely lost track of time, but I do remember what events happened...

Pitocin started at 7am, and things were fine.  Nothing too painful, however every single time the nurse came in she kept asking if I wanted an epidural.  I guess they see a lot people wait to the last minute and then can't get one for whatever reason, so they always ask.  Which is fine, but really at this point I was still 2cm.  Probably around mid-morning I started having back labor.  I had terrible back labor with Molly, so this time around I was so scared it was going to be the same or worse.  I started thinking about getting the epidural, but wanted to wait to see if it got worse.  About this time the doctor came in and I was probably 5 cm, and she wanted to break my water, but she also said if I was going to get an epidural I should get one now because things could go really fast.  I panicked and wasn't sure what to do, so I got one.  Hindsight is 20/20 let me tell you, after the experience I had with it, I would have never got one this time around.  With Molly the epidural was a life saver, but with Lucy it was the worst part of the whole birthing experience.  The guy came and shoved that thing in my back so hard, it was awful!  Then I didn't realize they gave you a narcotic in your IV to speed things along, oh my word, I can not handle anything more than Tylenol, or I get sick.  So I spent the rest of the time throwing up!  I felt awful for Eric, he is not a blood or guts type of guy, but he was a trooper!  Once they realized I couldn't handle the narcotic, they gave me zofran to help, it was too late.  In the in between time of getting sick they broke my water and by 2 or so, maybe a little before I was 10 cm.  The only problem was there were 5 sets of twins being born that day and no doctor was around to deliver Lucy.  So when they said don't push, they really meant it! 

Around this time the nurse also decided to turn down my epidural because I was still getting so sick, and she told me I could start pushing because Lucy was so low, I really couldn't hold on any longer.  So I would push, get sick, lay back, get sick, push, you see the pattern.  It was not good, but the nurse said getting sick helped with moving Lucy lower, well, by all means, whatever I can do to speed that along! 

We thought she would be a quick delivery and we all called like 3pm for her time to be born.  They eventually just turned my epidural off, and then my contractions slowed down to 4-5 minutes apart, so I would literally push, we would then sit and chat, then 5 minutes later push again.  It was really surreal, yet relaxing at the same time, if that's possible.  The pushing part was coming along and around 3:45pm her head was out, but she wasn't officially born until 4:06pm, yes my friends, she crowned that long, OUCH!  She was stuck on scar tissue from when I gave birth to Molly and the doctor wanted everything to happen naturally, so she was not going to help anything along.  Oh my word, it hurt!  But it also felt like such a sense of accomplishment because I was not on any drugs while pushing or delivering.  I felt it all and it truthfully it felt good, okay not physically, but you know what I mean.  With Molly I felt nothing, she was stuck, everything was dramatic, and an emergency with her, they didn't even lay her on my stomach.  With Lucy it was way more relaxed, it was only me, Eric, the nurse, the doctor, and a nurse for Lucy in the room.  I loved it.  We all were calm, relaxed (well, not me!) and Lucy laid on my belly for like 15 minutes before they cleaned her up.  It was wonderful!  And this time Eric cut the cord, with Molly I got it, but he did it this time around!

So besides the epidural and the 15 minutes of crowning, and well the getting sick part, this time around went way better than the first, and it was an overall great experience.  However, when pushing Eric and I decided we are set with 2 biological kids.  I know you aren't supposed to make any emotional decisions during labor/delivery, but trust me, I am really good with 2 :) 

Thanks to all of you for your sweet words, kind thoughts, prayers, and well wishes!  Every single one of them was felt and heard!  We feel truly grateful and I hope someday I can bless you all like you blessed us!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life As Of Late...

I can not believe it is Wednesday already!  I feel like time has literally been flying by me...and the things I want to say or do go right with it!  I figured the easiest way to get caught up would to make a good old fashioned list of what has been going we go!

-I had my 6 week check-up on Monday...I passed with flying colors, so no more excuses for not working out...I am cleared to exercise, boo-hoo, I mean, hooray.
-Speaking of exercising, we did not renew our gym membership this year.  A little sad, more for Eric than me.  He made a lot of friends and connections there, and Molly loved the pool.  But we want to save for a van, and paying for the gym was not going to help us save.  Instead we are going to work out at home, and to help us is our new Wii Fit Plus.  I am very excited to use it!  Even if it told me my Wii Fit age is 41?!  I am not good at the balance thing they test you on, plus I had a screaming baby in the background as my defense for doing so poorly.  Then when it gets nice outside I can't wait to go for walks and runs with all the trails around here. 
-With the whole losing weight thing...I have 13 pounds to go until I am back at my starting weight before Lucy came along.  I would still like to lose 5-10 more after that, but lets not get ahead of ourselves :)  If anyone has used the Wii Fit and has any suggestions, or has any favorites on there, I am all ears! 
-Lucy has started not enjoying the hours of 4-8pm.  Every night seems to be rough during that block of time.  I have no idea what changed, but she is not a happy camper then.  How do you know if it's colic?  She is fine all day, it's just that time lately. 
-We have not really fallen into a routine or anything...part of me wants to, and the other part is trying to go with the flow.  Each day has been different for us, and it's harder to set a rigid schedule with a 3 year old that gets stir crazy very easily, and sometimes we need to just get out of the house!  But that messes with the whole setting a nap time, etc.  Suggestions for those of you who have or are there?
-I am officially back to work next week.  I have been going into the office for meetings the last couple of weeks, and I am of course there every Sunday, but come Monday, Eric is home with the girls, alone!  I am sure he will do great, plus I am convinced kids act better for the parent that is not normally with them all of the time.  So he should have no problems :)
-Speaking of going back to work...that means on Tuesdays Molly and Lucy will be going to a babysitter...I am trying to psych myself up for leaving Lucy, and it's just not happening yet.  I am leaving them with my best friend here, so it's not like I am worried about anything, but it's still hard.  I thought the second time around would be fine, but it might be harder than the first since time seems to be flying by so quickly. 
-My mom is coming to visit tomorrow, hooray for grandmas!
-Come back tomorrow for Lucy's birth story!  I figured it has almost been 6 weeks and I should write it soon before I forget!  Just kidding about the whole forgetting part, yeah right!  I really want to tell you all how much your prayers and thought were with us that day and also to write it out and show her someday. 

I think that's all for now!  Molly has been asking for lunch, so I should probably make her something :)  Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lucy~you are one month old!

Lucy is now one month old, ahem, and a couple days....

Lucy, here is what you are up to...
-You are now wearing size 6 month clothes (some 9 month ones, too!)
-You wear Size 2 diapers
-You are really alert and love to look around at what is going on
-You are still pretty laid back-please keep this quality!
-You smile a lot, but you really smile and grin when your big sister talks to you
-You imitate the noises that your daddy makes at you, you want to talk so bad!
-If we are at home all day you will eat every 1.5-2 hours, at night it's usually 3-3.5 hours
-You love your changing table, if you are crying and we lay you on it you stop right away!  I am not sure why, there is nothing to look at, but it calms you down.
-You typically enjoy getting a bath, unless it's too close to feeding time, then you scream!
-You are a wonderful baby, and we love you so much!