Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessing Ring, and Two Girls-Same Dress

On Saturday I went to a baby shower for a girl from The Ridge.  Her and her husband are expecting their first baby at the end of April, a girl named, Zoe Grace.  I know how the whole first baby thing goes, and especially with it being a girl, she will be spoiled!  Which is totally fine!  But I wanted to do or make something meaningful for them.  So I remembered what my mom and Molly made for me when I had Lucy, a blessing ring.  I had never heard of one before until my mom told and showed me.  And now I think I am hooked!  Plus, blessing rings don't just have to be for new babies, they can be used at Christmas time when you get a ton of cards and never have any idea what to do with them.  Punch a whole in them, put them on the blessing ring and pray for that family.  Or for every year of your child's life, or your marriage, make a blessing ring!  So here is my blessing ring I made.  I was in a crazy rush, so there are only a few pics, and nothing step by step, but you all will get it...

 Inside the card I explained what a blessing ring is...
some people type this out on fancy paper, I wrote it out...
 On each tag I wrote either a Bible verse, quote about kids, or her name...
 I used a metal jewelry necklace from Michael's to hang it all on...
 I added some matching ribbon and voila!  A Blessing Ring!

On Sunday Lucy wore a dress that was Molly's...I dressed them alike, even same tights and shoes...I wanted to get a picture of Lucy to compare to Molly because everyone tells me they look alike and they both look like Eric.  I am not all fancy or anything, so no side by side comparison, but take a look and see what you think...Lucy should be wearing her tights and shoes, but she fell asleep in her car seat after church and was a sweaty mess when she woke up, plus her shoes were cutting circulation off to her kankles, so we went without them!  

 Clearly, the spitting up was a cue to end the photo shoot!


Molly is older in her photos by a couple weeks, and I know she looks heavier, but I think Lucy is bigger.  I tried to get them in the same position, but Lucy is pretty much sitting up on her own, with the help of her Buddha belly, so she kept leaning forward the whole time.  But I don't see it...I think they look nothing alike!  Molly has a bigger head and different hairline.  So there are my girls!

Monday, March 28, 2011

156, and yes, I hear you, Bob!

So I have been on this journey of eating healthy, getting healthy for two weeks now.  In the last two weeks I have eaten more chicken, salads, veggies, fruits, and not as much chocolate than I ever have in my life.  I still reading "Made to Crave," and I am still loving every single word.  It takes a lot, I mean a lot for me to lose sleep at night over something, like before my wedding, I slept like a baby, reading "Made to Crave," I lay awake at night just praying through what Lysa has said and just mulling over everything. 
Now I am about to do something I never, ever in a million years thought I would do...
In the book Lysa shared her weight at the beginning of her journey, and now I am sharing mine, gasp...156 pounds.  I know for some of you this number might be the "oh my word, I would never let myself get that big" and for others it might be your goal weight.  For me it says..."stop the train, you need a change."  Now, I have never been that skinny girl, I probably never will be and I totally accepted that years ago, but I want to be that healthy girl.  I don't want to get out of breath going up the stairs, I want to keep up with my girls in the backyard, and I want to feel good about myself, darn it.  So after having baby #2, and gaining close to 40 pounds I would say with Lucy...and after I stopped nursing...I figured my body would be getting back to what would be my starting weight.  At least this time the number was a little lower than what I started at with Molly.  But still, it's not my ideal weight, or my first goal weight.  So two weeks ago I weighed myself on Monday morning and 156 showed up on our scale.  I prayed it was wrong and weighed myself again, and again, because who doesn't do that?!  So I accepted it and started getting my butt in gear.  
My first goal is 140 pounds.  That was what I weighed when I graduated college and got married, and I pretty much have weighed that since I was in High School, I will go up and down, but I never, even in college got over 140.  High School and college, the good old days of activity...you know Eric and I used to run for fun in college.  Everyday we ran like 6 miles, sickening, right :)  But that was our time together everyday.  Time we laughed, talked, prayed, and were silent.  I miss those times.  And I miss my toned body.  Contrary to public opinion, my college years were the best I have ever felt about myself.  Like truly, 100%, loved that I was active, and ate decently.  At least my exercising leveled the eating!  Anyways, I got married and in our first year I put on 25 pounds...I know, right.  I ate like Eric did, but I stopped working out, stopped activity all together.  Then I got pregnant, gained more weight because I believed the myth of eating for two, I think I ate for 30, ha!  Then ministry got tough, so both Eric and I ate and ate.  Then we moved here, and we both joined the gym and lost weight.  I got back to 140, a little less toned this time, but started feeling good about myself.  Then I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, then got pregnant with Lucy, then gained about 40 pounds.  Now I have a spare tire around the center, and Lord knows what is going on with my thighs, and everything else!  But this time around I am inviting God on my journey.  When I lost 25 pounds after I had Molly and got back to my "ideal weight" I felt good about myself but I got vain.  I am sure it seems silly to get to vain about 140 pounds, but I did.  I am not going to lie, I enjoyed the comments from people at church telling me how good I looked and wow, did you lose more weight, nope, but thank you!  So this time around I put a ton of pressure on myself to lose it all quickly because I wanted to hear those comments again.  I wanted people to be like, wow that chick has it all together, when really I don't!  Who am I fooling?!  But these are the thoughts that ran through my head.  So I think God is allowing this weight to stick around a little longer and in places that I really don't like to show me who really is in control of this journey.  
So this time around, God is my work out partner, God is my friend I call when I really want to eat a pan, I mean, just one brownie.  God is going to be my strength when I have no physical strength left.  This time around is going to be different.  And I am reassured of that because the first week I started getting healthy, being healthy I lost 4 pounds, hello, 4 pounds!!  Last week, I got cocky and left God out and I lost nothing!  Now I don't want to get into a whole conversation about God withholding blessings, does he, does he not, blah, blah...and I know some of it was mother nature factors playing into last week, you know what I mean ladies ;)  So who really knows why I stayed the same, but I do know that I am relying on God through weight lost, gained, or maintained.  
I also started doing the Biggest Loser on the Wii, and I really like it.  I can't wait to get outside and breathe in some fresh air, but for now I like doing it, and I am going to continue to do it.  I LOVE the Biggest Loser TV show, usually I eat while I watch it, isn't that bad?!  So you can pick your trainer on the game, and I am trying to work out in the mornings, like 6am, gag me, but I am trying!  So I picked Bob, because lets be honest I can not handle Jillian yelling at me at 6am.  And I all I have to say is I don't know how those people work out all day in the gym with Bob and Jillian.  The only thing that keeps me from screaming while doing it is the rest of the family is still asleep, but trust me I am screaming and saying some other things on the inside!  Bob always says stuff like, "you hear me?" or "stick with me, don't quit now" or my fave "c'mon overweight lovers!"  So yes, Bob, I hear ya, I am not quitting, and I don't want to be an overweight lover any more!! 
Speaking of food, look who has joined us at the table...
  Happy Monday and continue your journey whatever it might be, and remember you always have a companion, God, He is right there with you every step of the way!  Be blessed!

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Week in Review

Today I am linking up with Amy from Filled With Praise.  Amy hosts this Friday meme, and I thought I would join and share the fun.  Plus, she is having a great giveaway this week.  Go check it out!  And selfishly I want to participate so if I am not posting regularly, at least I have a day to catch you all up on things!

href="http://filledwithpraise.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Filled With Praise" src="http://i606.photobucket.com/albums/tt141/mommy02three/mwir450.jpg"/>

Probably some highs for me this week would be kicking off the "Crazy" campaign at church.  I have been praying and thinking about what we can give up in order to contribute to our campaign, more importantly what God wants us to give up or go without.  On Tuesday nights we host a Ridge group from our church and listening to all the people talk about The Ridge and how much they love it and how they are growing closer to God makes me feel so happy and so proud of our church.  It makes the days in ministry that seem hard fade away into little nothings.  Celebrating Eric's birthday was also a high for us.  Even though we did not purchase a van, we still had fun.  I think my favorite part was playing with the party hats after we ate cake.  I would share pictures, but the birthday boy told me no right away, haha!  The man knows me too well!  He said "these do not show up on Facebook or your blog!"  Okay, okay, since it's your birthday I will comply. 

The last two days Molly has had a fever and complains her head hurts and so does her stomach.  She hardly eats and is sleeping a ton.  If you know my child then you know this is not her normal behavior!  She usually is so high energy it's exhausting, but she is down for the count now.  I hate seeing her not feel well, and not being able to do anything about it.  This is her second fever in her life, so she is fighting something pretty hard.  I am so thankful to be able to stay home with her and give her that TLC she needs, and let her hang out on the couch and watch movies all day.  I think another low would be the whole eating/being healthy.  I felt like I started out pretty well this week, then it went blah.  I think I am still doing okay, but I just feel blah, I guess.  So continuing on with that journey! 

Lesson Learned
I think my lesson learned this week would be to slow down, and take it all in.  We have all been sick with colds, sinus infections, and now Molly's fever.  I think this is the Lord's way of saying slow down, hold on, just go with it.  We have been really busy, right now is just a busy time in ministry for us, and it's harder this year because we are both in ministry.  I feel pulled in every direction and sometimes I feel like I have to make tough choices on who or what comes first in my life.  So although I am not grateful for this sinus infection that I have, I am glad it made me slow down and realize the important stuff (or people!) in my life.  And that God is bigger than sickness! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthdays, Vans, Cute Babies, Oh My!

So yesterday was Eric's birthday...I meant to sit down and write out a sweet blog post all dedicated him, with lovey, dovey, mushy words and make you all think sweet nothings while reading it.  Clearly, that didn't happen!  That thing called life got in the darn way, again!  Needless to say Eric had a good birthday, at least I think he did!  The man got to eat at his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-a!  There is only one in the state of Wisconsin and we ate there last night. 

I had great plans of making a delicious dinner, baking a cake and having an intimate celebration of Eric's 28th birthday, just the four of us.  Well, the plan got off track when Eric found a van that he wanted to look at. 
*Side note* *We have been looking for a van for like 2 months now with no luck.  We are both picky and don't want a car loan, I am not sure you can have both...at least that is what we are finding out.  So the great search continues because we both have decided no car loan.  We have never had one, and we don't want one now.*
So the van was in Racine, about 25 minutes away, so after Eric got home from work we loaded up the car, and drove down there.  The van was in wonderful condition, hardly any miles, 4 years old, and really a great van.  The only problem was...see *side note* out of our budget.  We were trying to talk ourselves into the car loan thing on the way down, the whole if we work really hard, if we don't spend on this we can pay it off sooner, etc.  We got there drove it, and on the way back to the dealership we had this conversation...
Me-You like it?
Me-Yea, me too, but I just can't get over the loan thing, I don't want a loan, I hate owing people money
Eric- Yea, me too, looks like our decision is made
So the hunt continues!  But to make it better and to celebrate Eric's birthday, we hit up the Chick-fil-a over by the dealership!  It was good, but we both are trying to eat healthy and be healthy, so that didn't really help.  Maybe it makes it a little better that I didn't eat the waffle fries, ha!  But I did enjoy the sweet tea!
Then we came home to have a little party!  Lucy was knocked out from the fun we had driving down there and driving home, so she was at the party in spirit and on baby monitor.  We ate cake, opened presents and had fun with the party hats.  I loved every single minute of it.  Then Molly asked to go to bed, that might have been my favorite part of the night!  Just kidding, but it was nice to not have that bedtime fight like usual.
So here are some pictures of our life lately...

 Another mini-recital, getting ready for the BIG one!
 Lucy's new favorite hang out, since she out grew the bouncy seat!

  I let Molly pick out Eric's gifts from the Dollar Spot at Target 
and I love her selection for him!

Have a great day!  I am hoping the snow melts!  Happy Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now that's "Crazy!!"

I feel like I can finally let the cat out of the bag...yesterday our church, The Ridge launched our capital campaign called...
This is an exciting time in the history of The Ridge and in the lives of our people.  We are challenging people to live in a Crazy way!  In all senses of the word, and not to just raise money to help us buy a building.  We want people to see how God will bless them when they throw caution to the wind and live Crazy for Him!  Sadly, I wasn't able to be in either service yesterday when Mark, our Lead Pastor announced our Crazy Campaign, but I heard the energy was awesome and people seemed excited.  This is a whole new journey for all of us!  This is not your grandma's capital campaign either.  I won't get into all the specifics because truthfully I don't know them all, but we are asking people to contribute to one fund, which is differnent than most churches going through a campaign.  We don't have a "building" fund, we have ONE fund that everything will go into.  I am so excited to talk about the campaign in our Ridge group this week.

I still am shifting my mind set that we are going to pursue an existing building/facility to purchase and not do a second site.  When Eric and I got hired here over 3 years ago it was to lead the second site, but now we are changing it up, and are pursuing more of a home base and maybe in the future do a church plant, a second site, who knows, with God the possibilities are endless!  So I am sure over the next 5 weeks you will be hearing more about living Crazy.    Here is our Crazy website, so go check it out and get Crazy with us!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With about 2 1/2 hours left in the day, I am wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Better late than never, right! 

This is sort of a rambling, random post, but I will suffice you with pictures of the little one. 
Before we left for Ohio last week we had to take both girls to the doctor, they both have sinus infections.  I didn't even know a baby could get a sinus infection, it makes sense, but still.  So they both were put on an antibiotic and we were sent on our way.  Molly got better, poor Lucy not so much.  So back to the doctor we went yesterday.  She is now on a stronger antibiotic and I am praying she feels better.  She is so terribly congested and can barely breathe.  It's hard to drink a bottle when you can't breathe!  She has been a trooper though.  She is great for me, but our poor babysitter has had to call me the last 2 times she has watched Lucy because Miss Thing gets so cranky.  I am glad she loves me so much, but I am also nervous she will be clingy when she is older.  Molly has always been like "see ya later, mom!" even as a baby.  Lucy on the other hand is like "where is my mother?!"  Even Eric won't do sometimes, she wants me.  Trust me, deep down I love this, but I worry about a screaming child later on.  Oh well!  So back to baby goose, her are some snapshots from today!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Clearly she is thrilled to celebrate, ha!  She has already learned from Molly, do cute things and smile when the camera is nowhere in sight, then act like you are mad when Mom pulls it out to take your picture!
 Nothing to do with St. Patty's Day, but I got this plate at Goodwill for $1.99 and I LOVE it!  I am not thrilled with the plate stand, but for now it will do.  We used this plate to serve brownies on for our small group, and I got so many compliments. 
I just like this one...it looks like she is puckering up for a kiss!  

Tomorrow we will be cheering for the Buckeyes!  I think they play tomorrow...anyways, we will be cheering when the Number One Seed in the East plays basketball!  Have a great night!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today Starts Something New...

So I just have to say that I think of myself as a little hypocritical when I blogged last week about blogging more and so on...then it's like a week before I even log back on!  Ha!  Last Wednesday morning at about 3:45am we loaded up the car to go back to Ohio to visit family.  As always it was a quick and busy trip.  We didn't even get to see half the people we would have liked to seen, but that's just how it goes.  The girls did great going, we didn't even have to stop once, although I did climb in the back seat and give Lucy a bottle.  Which worked out great!  The way back was fine...Molly was just really bored.  We thought she would sleep more than she did, but oh well.  We made it home.  Now it's back to real life and a busy season of ministry.  We have so much coming up this Spring that I feel a tad bit overwhelmed looking at our calendars, but we also have a lot of exciting things going on, too. 

Like I said last week, one thing I noticed when reading through old posts is that I wrote about things that I wanted Molly to know about me, her daddy, and our family, and now I want Lucy to know the same things.  I want them to see the happy times, the hard times, and the boring times.  I want them to know that I as their momma have struggles and demons of my own and that with God's help, I will overcome them.  Just like 90% of America I struggle with my weight and body image.  I used to be athletic and now I am just flabby.  I am learning that two kids will do that to you, ha!  Really, eating crap and not exercising will do that to you.  A couple months ago I bought "Made to Crave" and I know most of you have read it, or are reading it right now.  I am in the middle of it, and let me just say I LOVE IT!  I feel like I am talking with a girlfriend when I am reading it.  Things in this book have stuck with me and have really changed my perspective on things.  I was telling a friend the other day that when I was at the grocery I went to grab some not so healthy snacks and then thought about the book and some of the verses Lysa uses to encourage you, and I put them back and have not craved them since. 

I have fallen away from exercising regularly, and I keep telling myself when it gets warm out I will run again, when this happens I will do this, or next Monday I will start.  I am sure you all can relate.  Who am I kidding?!  When it gets warm out I will probably say it's too hot to run and I will sit at home.  But enough is enough.  Today starts a new a day, a new leaf to turn over, insert your own catchy phrase here...today I am starting to eat healthy because I want to, and because I want my girls to know what is good for you, and not what is just fast and easy.  Eric and I do eat pretty good at meals, and that's all due to him.  He is a stickler for healthy stuff at meals, it's the after meal stuff like snacks that just kills me!  I am a very snacky person, and I would graze all day if I could.  I guess I do graze all day while I am at home.  And I have noticed Molly is starting this awful habit, too. 

So here is where I am at...I want to lose some weight, who doesn't, but truly I want to be healthy, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  So I need to rid myself of the junk (food, bad attitude, etc) that is taking over my life right now.  I need a cleansing in all senses of the word.  I want my girls to know that it's not just about the number on the scale, but total overall health that matters.  We were made in God's image, and I am sure that image did not include potato chips and gossip. 

So here I am today, eating healthier, having a better attitude and trying to grow closer to God.  Each day I know will be a struggle, but I also know there will be very rewarding times on this never ending journey.   

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to the basics of blogging...

As I mentioned in one of my birthday posts that my mom made my blog from the last 3 years into a book, and it's been really fun and insightful looking back at what I wrote.  I actually- not to sound boastful, admire my writings, more like the topics I wrote about and I miss myself sometimes from these past 3 years.  I know some of you may be scratching your heads right now.  I am not going anywhere, nor am I in the looney bin, well, officially not checked in, some days with the girls I feel like I am! 

Since beginning this blog journey I from time to time feel pressure to write about really cool topics, or something that will really impress you all.  I know I am not the only one who feels this pressure.  I am always trying to think of the next big idea, or next big blog post to write and publish, and you are always wondering about how many comments will this get...even though you are thinking right now; "I don't care about comments..." blah, blah, yes you do.  You want someone to at least acknowledge they read your post, or at least clicked on it.  It's okay, there is nothing wrong with that.  But lately, pretty much since Lucy was born I have struggled with time management, some out of my control, some in my control, and blogging has taken a backseat.  Which I truly hate.

Okay, here it all comes full circle...I started blogging when Molly was a wee baby and I needed the sense of community that a stay-at-home mommy craves.  And I found you all along my way.  Now I am not an official stay-at-home mom anymore, I stay home 5 out of 7 days a week...so whatever that makes me...regardless, I am a mom, and I still crave that community and support.  And I will totally play the pastor's wife card...I need community that doesn't go to my church, that doesn't care about my "influence" at the church.  Because lets be honest, I have no influence, haha! 

Seriously, I am woman and I want to be accepted by other women, plain and simple.  I think most of you can relate.  So here is where the circle will make a circle...I am going back to the basics of blogging for me.  I love feeling like I am a part of your families and lives, and I want you all to feel that with me.  So this may mean some more boring, ho-hum posts with little comments, that's okay, as long as one of you promises to write something nice, Mom this means you!  And I am going to make blogging more of a priority in my life.  I am not planning on neglecting my family or responsibilities but it's a huge outlet for me and I love the way I feel after reading all of your posts.  You guys give me lots to think about, cute ideas, good recipes, and overall a feeling of belonging.  I feel like life happens best in community, this is what God created us for.  So welcome to my community...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 3 Months to Lucy!

Today is Lucy's 3 month birthday!  Wow!  I know I say this every month, but time sure flies by!

Lucy you are 3 months old and here is what you are up to...
 -If I had to guess your weight...I would say about 16lbs 5 oz...we will see next month when we go to the doctor
-You are wearing size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes
-You talk all the time, and it is so cute!
-You love to smile and coo...your gummy grin is to die for!
-You light up every time you see Molly, I love it!
-You are starting to giggle...your dad and I can't make you laugh, but other people can, I guess we aren't funny :)
-You are generally a happy, relaxed baby!!

We have a WINNER!

Okay, so remember when I did that giveaway from the wonderful people at CSN??  Well, we have a winner!!  According to Random.Org the lucky number is 12...which happens to be...

 Congrats!  I will email you all the details!  Thank you all for entering and I hope Spring comes soon so you all can go outside and play! 

(I would have put a snapshot of the number generator on this post, however I couldn't figure out how to do it, and with my sleep deprivation status...it took too many braincells to figure it out!  But please trust me that I wouldn't cheat, and Kristin really is the winner!)

Stay tuned...today is someone's 3 month birthday and when she gets up from he nap we will be documenting this day with some pictures!