Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Prayer and Easter Funness

Hopefully this post makes sense by the time you are finished reading it.  We did not get a lot of sleep here last night...Molly was up sick all night.  Poor kid!  This is only the third time in her life that she has thrown up, and she spent the better part of the wee hours doing it, and I just found out a couple of minutes ago she is not finished, yuck orange juice :)

This part of parenting I do not handle well...I close my eyes, breath through my mouth and pray as hard as I can that I also do not hug the porcelain throne at the same time.  So far so good, but it's tough!  And poor Lucy May is cutting 3 teeth!  You read that right, 3!  The doctor said they could pop up tomorrow or in a month.  For Lucy's sake we would like tomorrow, or today.  She has been a trooper, but is miserable at the same time. **UPDATE* Lucy now has what Molly has, it's been a fun morning!

So if you could say a little prayer for our girls and for us, we are hoping something just didn't agree with Molly, and it's not the flu hitting us.  Eric and I both are big wimps when it comes to getting sick, so I am praying enough Lysol and Clorox will do the trick to kill it off!

I wanted to share with you all some fun things we did leading up to Easter.  A couple weeks ago my friend, Stephanie posted some cool Easter devos/crafts that she was going to do with her daughters, and I was so happy she shared because Molly loved doing them, too!  I didn't take pics of everything we did, mainly because I forgot and I also wanted to be able to participate with the rest of the family doing them.  We did our little devos every night at dinner, and I loved it!  This was something totally different for us.  Sure we read the Bible with Molly, talk about church, and other stuff, but we have never done anything together as a family, and I really want to start doing that after the awesome week we had.
One night we made crowns...we talked about Jesus being the Lord of our Life and our King!

 Molly colored eggs with Eric's parents...we talked about the egg having 3 parts, like the, Eric's mom brought goose eggs to color and they were huge!  Molly loved them!

Do you see where the curly hair comes from?!

We also did the Jelly Bean Prayer with some friends at a play date, and I bought some Resurrection Eggs.  Those were awesome!  I recommend them to anyone!  Even as an adult it was helpful to remember everything and talk about it with your kids.  I am a visual person, so in each egg there was a little figurine you got out that went along with the Easter story.  So cool!  We also colored a palm leaf and read every story out of the Bible we could find to help Molly understand why Jesus loves us so much he would die on the cross.

Hopefully we can continue to do some family devos together from here on out.  I want Molly and Lucy to be able to ask us anything and also to know how much God loves them, and I truly think that all begins at home with Eric and I talking about it.  Have a great day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 7 thoughts...

Let me just start with my "Mother of the Year" award please...I was super pumped about the girls wearing matching Easter dresses this year, and matching hair bows thanks to Sarah!  I also was excited because Eric's parents came to visit, and since Sundays are the most hectic, stressful days for me...trying to get 2 kids around to leave extra early, set all the kids stuff up at church, make sure "my area" is set to go, and also trying to be mom...lets just say I need a shower when I am done, it's not even 8am yet! with extra help on Sunday, Easter Sunday none the less, I was pumped.  Eric and I left early, the in-laws and the girls were coming second service, life was good.  It was all good until we had to stay later at church to tear everything down, which was fine, but by the time we got home Lucy was sleeping and Molly was wearing Lord knows what!  I was so sweaty from one of the most hectic mornings at church that I have ever had, and Eric was already changed to go work in the yard.  Needless to we have zero pictures from our coordinating Easter dress wear!  I am putting the girls back in their dresses this week and taking pictures.  I am so bummed.  Which I know in reality it's not that earth shattering, but I am the type A person that has a plan and when the plan does not happen, it is earth shattering for me.  So that's my moment, more like my rant!

Now onto this week, the beginning of week 7...I will just start off with this part...
{Weigh In}
Starting Weight: 156 lbs
Week 7: 146.5 lbs
I was really hoping to hit that 10 pound mark, but nope, not today.  Which is fine considering everything we ate this weekend with my in-laws!  I actually was pretty good, we all were.  My FIL has probably lost almost 40 pounds since January, so he doesn't want to throw all his hard work away, either.  So we didn't do awful, but there were some cookies and No Pudge Brownies eaten this weekend.  Have you ever heard of No Pudge Brownies?  They are supposed to be healthier for you, they have no oil in them, and you add yogurt.  They were good, everything we ate was good!  I had McDonald's this weekend for the first time since starting this journey.  I was so nervous to eat there.  We were at the mall Saturday and it was lunch time, well really nap time, so we wanted to get Molly something to eat and then go home for her to nap.  So we all decided to just eat at the food court.  Molly wanted Mc D's, and I was hungry but nothing sounded good, so I just went there with her.  I got a grilled chicken sandwich.  It was good, but I felt just awful after eating it.  I wasn't sick with like food poisoning or anything but with guilt.  Like, almost depressing guilt.  Which now I think if I knew I was going to feel that way I would have totally gone all out and gotten a big juicy cheeseburger or something.  Grilled chicken wasn't the worst thing to eat, good grief.  If you haven't read Kelly's post yet today I encourage you to go do so.  She talked about everything I felt this weekend.  Where is the balance when you fall off the wagon?  Where is the grace?  I think I have a harder time with cheating a little since I am not on a super strict diet, I haven't taken out sugar or carbs like Lysa, so I think it's harder for some reason to just try and eat healthier, knowing you can eat it all.  I am a very black/white person, no gray.  But there is a lot of gray here on this journey, and needing a lot of grace.  But I know it's very easy for me to swing back into old habits in my black or white mentality.  So it's mentally been tough for me lately.  

I know I told y'all that we did not renew our gym membership this year due to saving money and now our campaign at church.  But the general manager goes to The Ridge and told Eric he could give a us a good deal, and lets say he really did.  So we now have a 6 month membership at the gym to start out with.  Which in 6 months nothing is really going to change for us financially, unless we start playing the lottery, and happen to win, what do you think the odds are?  Ha!  I wish the membership started in Sept. when it's getting cold out, so we could go in the winter, but I will take what we have.  So today I am attempting to go back to the gym, and can I tell y'all I am petrified!  Like worst than the first day of school nerves you get, like terrified!  I am so not a gym person, I go in, do my thing and get out.  I am so intimidated!  And with the girls I will go in the morning, which I love their child care, so that's a plus, but it's filled with other women who have had 5 kids and look like they have a body of a 14 year old girl.  I am the one in the sweats and big shirt, ha!  Not the sports bra and spandex, I would scare small children wearing that!  So, here's to some more regimented exercise because doing it at home, is not as easy as I tried to convince myself it would be.  I don't have the discipline to do it, I just don't.  Hopefully this helps with balancing out the eating healthier!   


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Tribute to My Little Dancer

About 2 weeks ago Molly had her first dance recital, and it was so much fun!  Molly started dance through our local Parks and Rec. Department last September.  Her class is for 3 and 4 year olds, and it was neat to see them progress through the months.  It's funny how when Molly started dance I was pregnant with Lucy, and at the recital I had my 4 month old watching with me.

Here are some pics and 2 little videos I took on the big night.  Eric video taped one of the dress rehearsals so we didn't have to worry about taping on the actual night.  Enjoy!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 6...just as hard

So I am entering my sixth week in this eating healthy/getting healthy journey...are you tired of this yet?!  I will be honest, I am.  I thought a couple days ago, how many more times am I going to write this, or share this.  I think my answer as of today is until I hit my first weight goal of 140lbs.  So if you are tired of this, pray for a miracle that I can shed these last few pounds and move on, ha! 

I will admit, six weeks into this I find it just as hard as week one.  Some things are "easier" or less tempting, but others are just as tempting, or I find myself saying, "it's okay, I have learned my lesson, I can eat it."  Which is not really true or helpful!  I think it might take me the rest of my life to actually get that this journey is literally a daily effort in saying no, and telling myself I was made for more than this.  Literally, each and every day.  There are days I will fail, there are days I have failed, but the days I tell myself no, and mean it, make it all worth it.  Someone asked me if I was ever going to indulge again...I had passed down a treat at a function that normally I would have eaten, and I got to thinking about that.  Right now I need to pass it down, maybe some day when I know I can eat one and just one, I will treat myself, not indulge myself, but just treat myself.  That time hasn't really come yet.  I certainly eat sweet treats, my latest is Jello Chocolate Pudding for only 60 calories, yum...but in order to have that I make sure I was obedient all day long and didn't give in to any unhealthy cravings. 

This past week and a half or so have been difficult womanly speaking...not to go into too many details since my dad reads this, but a lot of things have been out of my control and all in Mother's Nature's control...which warranted a call to the doctor and I am going in next week.  So with that said, when I got on the scale this morning I was ready for anything...
{Weigh In}
Starting Weight: 156 lbs
Week 6: 147 lbs
A loss of 1.5 lbs from last week

I will take that.  I was starting to get worried about plateauing, like most people do when they have been on a diet for so long.  I truly think it is by the grace of God that I have come this far, because let me tell you, I at one point was totally okay with buying some bigger clothes and hiding those 156lbs...but thank the Lord and the book "Made to Crave", I am no longer okay with that.  And like Kelly said today in her post, it's not that you should be defined by the number on the scale, but by your obedience to God and those unhealthy cravings.  I am not defined by 147, it feels good to see that, but I truly feel best knowing I didn't give in to unhealthy choices last week, and that I was able to seek God on my journey. 

If you want to chat more about "Made to Crave", making healthy choices, or finding support go to this Facebook page and meet others just like you!  Keep on keeping on friends, no matter your what your journey is remember God is with you and like Exodus 14:14 says..."HE will fight for you; you need only to be still."  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy-Advanced Commitment Celebration

On Sunday night the leaders and Ridge group attenders were invited to our Advanced Commitment Celebration for our Crazy Campaign.  This coming Sunday, April 17, is our commitment Sunday at church were everyone will have a chance to hand in their 2 year commitment for our Crazy Campaign.  But we wanted to get together with our leaders and really committed people beforehand to make advanced commitments so on Sunday before people hand theirs in, Mark can say here is how much is committed right now.  Mainly in hopes to motivate and encourage the rest to give sacrificially. 
Our gathering was held at a hotel in a ballroom and it was perfect.  One downside to not having a building is finding places to do gatherings like this, and then trying to make it not feel like a hotel ballroom, with no decorations.  So we rented simple, yet perfect decorations, had a simple buffet of fruit and cookies, and a great band playing.  The rest was up to God.  We wanted an awesome mood and energy to fill the room.  I got in a little bit late because I was helping with the babysitters watching all the kids.  I walked into a time of worship and it was like wow, I was overcome with emotion.  Our people took this so seriously, which not that they normally wouldn't, but I think when you come together with one goal, one mission, and one vision in mind you get that serious feeling.  You get that this is so much bigger than you, and your number written down on your commitment card.  It is so hard to describe with words what that feeling was, what that emotion felt like.
Rusty George, the Lead Pastor from Real Life Church in California came to speak to us.  Our Lead Pastor, Mark worked there before he felt called to plant a church in Milwaukee.  Rusty and the folks at Real Life have been through a campaign, so he came to show us what the other side looks like.  Real Life has been where The Ridge is now, and now Real Life is in a building, and the stories of sacrifice Rusty shared with us were just awesome.  I mean truly awesome.  It was like you were on the edge of your seat wanting to know how Big God came through for these people who sacrificed so much.  It made you want to be one of those stories.  Rusty did an awesome job of not making you feel guilty about the campaign, he also didn't make you give out of fear because you were afraid God wasn't going to bless you if you didn't give a couple more bucks.  He truly motivated you, and made you want to be apart of what is going on.  He said at the end of his talk something to the effect of..."if you give a little, then your foundation is going to be little...if you give big, then your foundation is going to be big...don't you want to be apart of a church with a big foundation?"  Yes, yes I do.  I want our church's foundation to run so deep in Milwaukee that the 86% of people who do not go to church end up in our seats at The Ridge.
Eric and I believe whole heatedly in The Ridge's mission-to help people find and follow God.  If we didn't, we wouldn't be here.
Eric and I went into the Commitment Celebration with a number in mind that we discussed and we felt challenged by.  But by the time we were walking up to place our commitment we had more than tripled it.  And I don't say that to have you all be like "oh wow" or to pat ourselves on the back.  Because it's not about that.  It's about sacrificially giving so someone that is apart of that 86% is able to hear about Jesus, it's about giving so much that we literally feel it, but deep down inside know it's all going to be alright.  God is going to bless us and take care of us.  I have no idea how, and truly, we can't do that number on that card by ourselves.  If things go bad, I can't write a check from our savings account to make it right, or to cover it.  We don't have that number, and but I am excited and scared to death at the same time to see where it is going to come from.  Each day is literally going to have to be a sacrifice because like I said, we can't do that number on our own.  We are going to have to be more diligent and strict on spending than ever before, we are going to "miss out" on things the world tells us we are cheating ourselves of.  We are going to have to tell our girls, "sorry we can't do that because we are committed to the Crazy Campaign at church."  And you know what, I am excited about that.  Plus, when the two years is up, I am sure our giving will be totally shifted and we will be way more generous with less money than we have now.  It's going to be awesome and Crazy!
I heard the number today that was committed on Sunday night and let me tell you Ridge attenders, you will NOT want to miss church on Sunday.  You will be blown away!  I will leave you with this, on Sunday night Rusty also said something to the effect of "God leaning forward on his throne, looking down on us, and saying, wow, they have crazy faith."  I want that to be true so badly, and not just in our campaign, but with the church worldwide.  I want God to lean forward and get excited about what we are doing all in His name, for His kingdom, I want us all to have Crazy faith. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard

So I am entering week 5 of this whole eating healthy/getting healthy and you would think I would have a clue about now...but nope!  Last week was a rough week in every sense of the word.  Emotionally I was up and down, physically I was up and down, and eating wise, wow that was rough.  I think I will use a lyric from Milli Vanilli..."blame it on the rain."  Did they sing that?  Well, I guess not really sing, ha.  The weather here was awful last week!  It was so rainy, cloudy, and gloomy.  I am so over winter!  I never really felt effected by the weather or seasonal depression until this year.  Which I am sure some of that was due to hormones running amuck with having a baby, but the weather has really been effecting me.  And that doesn't help with trying to get motivated with eating healthy, and exercising. 
Speaking of exercising...I told you all I was going to exercise 3 times last week...well I could lie and say I did, but I am not going to, I only did it once.  One time all week.  I could make excuses, tell you we had a really long week, which is all true, but I won't make excuses, I just made zero time for it.  I didn't make it a priority, not at all. 
We started out eating pretty decent last week, and then by Thursday it was all down hill.  We had not gone to the store to get food, we couldn't even eat peanut butter, we had no bread!  Between dance rehearsal and church stuff, we literally had no time to go to the store, so we ate out from Thursday-Sunday.  It was awful!  Trust me, I like eating out occasionally because it means one less night I have to cook.  But that many times in a row, we were sick of it!  Thankfully Eric went to the store this morning and we now have healthy food in the house again!!  We did pretty well with our food choices, we ate subs a lot, and I had a great cheeseburger.  I was really craving a cheeseburger after watching Oprah talk about beef cattle and slaughter houses, and then I was like I need a cheeseburger!  How awful is that?! 
I was feeling pretty guilty about eating out a lot, and not exercising, and then I was like okay, there is nothing I can do about it now, I just need to make better choices this week, carve out time for exercise, and still continue to invite God along with me on this journey.  So although I feel like in 4 weeks I should be able to make better choices and start better habits, there are still falls and stumbles along the way.  It goes to show you and me that this is a daily journey, a constant struggle and a true need for God and not something you can do on your own.   
{Weigh In}
Starting Weight: 156lbs
Week 5: 148.5lbs

It is literally an act of God that I lost 1lb from last week.  I was mentally prepared to have gained 4 or so.  So to see that there is still hope and a little bit of metabolism going makes me feel very happy as I start I new a week.  Don't forget to pop over to Kelly's blog to read more about "Made to Crave" and to discuss your journey!  And one more thing...I felt super convicted last week after I wrote about craving pop, and how I was still going to drink one glass a day...after re-reading all of that I totally realized I sounded like an addict!  So I am still going to drink pop, but my new goal is not everyday, just occasionally, or a couple times a week.  Craving pop is still an unhealthy craving and I need to break the habit!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 4 Months to Lucy!!

So I am a little behind the time...but Lucy turned 4 months on Saturday!  But she was very excited to celebrate with her surrogate Uncle Nick and his new wife, Laura, at their wedding!  And she looked darn cute celebrating!

We went to the doctor yesterday for her check-up, which she did wonderful!  Shots this time around were a million times better than the last time.  Lucy only cried for maybe 5 seconds and we had a great rest of the day, unlike last time, she cried for 6 hours.  We have totally weaned her off her acid reflux medicine, but the doctor wants us to try and give it to her once a day.  But I think we are going to wait and see if it gets better now that she is eating solids.  Speaking of solids, last Sunday we gave her oatmeal and applesauce.  It was like she was born with a spoon in her mouth!  She knew what to do, and seemed to enjoy all the new tastes.  Lucy obviously liked the applesauce best, but the oatmeal wasn't too bad either.   

Lucy here is what you are up to at 4 months...
-You weigh 20 pounds...greater than the 95%
-You are 25 3/4 inches long...90%
-Your head is in the 50%
-You are wearing size 12-18 months clothes
-You are in size 3 diapers...which are getting snug around the middle of your belly
-You are grabbing anything you can get your hands on!  Hair, necklaces, earrings, shirts, anything! 
-I swear you are waving to people, or trying to.  When someone talks to you, you put your hand out like you are saying hello, or trying to shake their hand.  It's so cute!  Mostly people fist bump you :)
-You are sitting up about 75% of the time by yourself
-You are not rolling over yet, which is no surprise to have a lot to roll over :)
-You have a really bad dry skin rash on your forehead and the sides of your face...but we still think you are pretty!
-You have slept through the night maybe 3 times, you mostly get up once, sometimes twice depending on what time you go to bed
-We have yet to nail down a schedule, but we do have a semi-routine, it's just done at different times each day
-You are still laid back, loving, happy, giggly, and sweet!  You LOVE your sister, tolerate your dad, and are a momma's girl!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 4 of Eating Healthy/Getting Healthy

So today starts my fourth week of trying to eat healthy/get healthy.  Last week had its ups and downs.  I would say that I never overate on any given day which is a bonus, but I am trying to work regular foods back in my daily meals.  By regular food I mean like what we typically make for dinner.  I can only eat so many salads before I become sick of them and before my stomach just shuts down!  Does salad do that to anyone else? 

But the thought of eating like "regular" food scares me a little bit, I am scared to gain back the weight I lost, or that I won't be able to control my portions.  So that is some of what I have been struggling with. 

Cravings are still hard to deal with.  I love pop, I do, I crave pop.  And I have not given it up, I am not like Lysa, who gave up carbs and sugar, and I justify it by telling myself, "it's diet, it has no calories in it."  Which is true, I also tell myself, "okay, one more glass, you need this, it was a long night, just half a glass more."  This usually happens in the afternoon, when the girls are napping.  So telling myself and strictly staying with one glass of diet pop a day is it, that's all I get.  So I plan my pop indulgence wisely now.  Like on Saturday night we went to a wedding and I knew I would probably get pop there, so all day I kept telling myself no, no, just wait.  I am glad I did, and now I have proven to myself that me and God are in control of these silly cravings. 

Exercise...I wish I was more devoted to doing this.  I only exercised 2 times last week.  Both times I was glad I did it, you know after it was over.  But I kept lacking motivation, and sometimes I just didn't manage my time very wisely in order to work it into my day.  So this week my goal is to exercise 3 times.  I would love to be like I am going to work out 5 or 6 days, but lets keep it real here.  Three is my goal this week.

{Weigh In}
Week 1-Start of this journey- 156 lbs
Week 2- 152 lbs
Week 3- Maintained at 152 lbs
Week 4- 149.5 lbs
I was trying to not get my hopes up for a "good number" this week.  But I am glad to see another 2.5lbs is gone.  Anticipating getting on the scale today really had me thinking about in the book when she talks about not being defined by the number on the scale.  I knew whether or not I lost weight I had already achieved a little goal.  About 2 months ago I bought some new jeans.  They were my pre-pregnancy size, and they fit in the dressing room, or so I thought.  Then when I got home and tried to wear them out I was in pain, literally in pain.  The waist was so tight on them, I could not sit comfortably, and usually when I wore them I had to unbutton them about an hour or so into the day.  It was embarrassing and yet I am too cheap to go buy a different pair of jeans.  For a while I wouldn't even wear them.  Last week I put those jeans on and voila!  They zipped with ease, and I could wear them the entire day without once feeling uncomfortable or in pain!  That feeling of "yes!!!" helped when I really wanted to bake a pan of brownies and try and convince myself that I would only have one.  Because we all know one really means like 3 or 4, or half the pan.  

If you want to discuss "Made to Crave" more go visit Kelly.  Each Monday she is devoting to discussing the book and sharing her journey.  You will also meet others on this journey!

Each day is literally a struggle and I have to make the constant choice of being smart about what I eat.  And more than what I eat, I have to make the constant choice of asking God to go on this journey with me, and for me to crave him more than food. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week in Review

Filled With Praise

I am linking up again this week with Amy, from Filled With Praise.  

I would say my low this week was stepping on the scale Monday morning to see that I hadn't lost a single pound.  But at least I maintained the weight lost the week before.  I honestly wanted to quit and throw the towel in, but quickly find the motivation to work harder and eat smarter this week.

Two things:  Tomorrow Lucy will be 4 months!!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone, but I am also so excited watching her personality flourish and come alive.  She is so much fun, and cute!
Also tomorrow our very dear friends, Nick and Laura, are getting married!  I am so excited and happy for them!  I had the wonderful privilege of doing their pre-marital counseling, and it just made me that more excited for them.  They are going on a two week honeymoon, one week in Tahiti, and one week New Zealand.  I am a little, okay a lot jealous!  

{Lesson Learned}
One day when I was working out with the Biggest Loser, Bob said something to the effect of "the harder you work, the more fit you get."  At first I was like, yea, no duh!  But I still can't get that out of my head like 4 days later.  So I started thinking about that phrase in every area of my life.  For instance marriage, the harder you work on having a Godly marriage, the more likely you will love being married.  The harder you work at having a better walk with the Lord, the more likely you will be satisfied and fulfilled in life.  So that has had me really thinking the past couple of days. 

Happy Weekend!