Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week in Review

Filled With Praise

I am linking up again this week with Amy, from Filled With Praise.  

I would say my low this week was stepping on the scale Monday morning to see that I hadn't lost a single pound.  But at least I maintained the weight lost the week before.  I honestly wanted to quit and throw the towel in, but quickly find the motivation to work harder and eat smarter this week.

Two things:  Tomorrow Lucy will be 4 months!!  I can't believe how fast the time has gone, but I am also so excited watching her personality flourish and come alive.  She is so much fun, and cute!
Also tomorrow our very dear friends, Nick and Laura, are getting married!  I am so excited and happy for them!  I had the wonderful privilege of doing their pre-marital counseling, and it just made me that more excited for them.  They are going on a two week honeymoon, one week in Tahiti, and one week New Zealand.  I am a little, okay a lot jealous!  

{Lesson Learned}
One day when I was working out with the Biggest Loser, Bob said something to the effect of "the harder you work, the more fit you get."  At first I was like, yea, no duh!  But I still can't get that out of my head like 4 days later.  So I started thinking about that phrase in every area of my life.  For instance marriage, the harder you work on having a Godly marriage, the more likely you will love being married.  The harder you work at having a better walk with the Lord, the more likely you will be satisfied and fulfilled in life.  So that has had me really thinking the past couple of days. 

Happy Weekend!


Amy said...

I LOVE the lesson you learned. That is SO true. Thank you for sharing it.

Love the pictures!!! She is adorable!

Kristin said...

Awwww.....look at Lucy sitting up all by herself! Adorable!!!

I love the lesson's so true! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

How wonderful to be such a special part of your friends marriage preparation! Wow... a two week honeymoon! Lucy is so cute! Beautiful photos! :)

Unknown said...

Sorry there wasn't a loss this week but you did maintain and that's great too! Keep it up!

Veronica said...

Love this new meme that Amy's hosting! Very cool getting to read yours and see what you learned!

Lucy is getting so big and is just adorable!

Becca said...

Yay for Miss Lucy!! She is just soooo adorable! Her rolls are priceless!!