Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Prayer and Easter Funness

Hopefully this post makes sense by the time you are finished reading it.  We did not get a lot of sleep here last night...Molly was up sick all night.  Poor kid!  This is only the third time in her life that she has thrown up, and she spent the better part of the wee hours doing it, and I just found out a couple of minutes ago she is not finished, yuck orange juice :)

This part of parenting I do not handle well...I close my eyes, breath through my mouth and pray as hard as I can that I also do not hug the porcelain throne at the same time.  So far so good, but it's tough!  And poor Lucy May is cutting 3 teeth!  You read that right, 3!  The doctor said they could pop up tomorrow or in a month.  For Lucy's sake we would like tomorrow, or today.  She has been a trooper, but is miserable at the same time. **UPDATE* Lucy now has what Molly has, it's been a fun morning!

So if you could say a little prayer for our girls and for us, we are hoping something just didn't agree with Molly, and it's not the flu hitting us.  Eric and I both are big wimps when it comes to getting sick, so I am praying enough Lysol and Clorox will do the trick to kill it off!

I wanted to share with you all some fun things we did leading up to Easter.  A couple weeks ago my friend, Stephanie posted some cool Easter devos/crafts that she was going to do with her daughters, and I was so happy she shared because Molly loved doing them, too!  I didn't take pics of everything we did, mainly because I forgot and I also wanted to be able to participate with the rest of the family doing them.  We did our little devos every night at dinner, and I loved it!  This was something totally different for us.  Sure we read the Bible with Molly, talk about church, and other stuff, but we have never done anything together as a family, and I really want to start doing that after the awesome week we had.
One night we made crowns...we talked about Jesus being the Lord of our Life and our King!

 Molly colored eggs with Eric's parents...we talked about the egg having 3 parts, like the, Eric's mom brought goose eggs to color and they were huge!  Molly loved them!

Do you see where the curly hair comes from?!

We also did the Jelly Bean Prayer with some friends at a play date, and I bought some Resurrection Eggs.  Those were awesome!  I recommend them to anyone!  Even as an adult it was helpful to remember everything and talk about it with your kids.  I am a visual person, so in each egg there was a little figurine you got out that went along with the Easter story.  So cool!  We also colored a palm leaf and read every story out of the Bible we could find to help Molly understand why Jesus loves us so much he would die on the cross.

Hopefully we can continue to do some family devos together from here on out.  I want Molly and Lucy to be able to ask us anything and also to know how much God loves them, and I truly think that all begins at home with Eric and I talking about it.  Have a great day!


Tracy: said...

Praying everyone is healthy at your house! Wow, those girls and those curls are adorable!!

Unknown said...

I hope that the girls are feeling better!

I love all that you did for Easter!

Because of Love said...

So happy that you did all the Eastery stuff. We had fun doing them too. It got a little crazy at the end.... You may have actually done more than we did. Ha!

Hope you and the girls are feeling better. I am still not back to feeling great and my girls still have coughs/runny noses. Being sick is no fun!

Oh, and it is awesome about your 2.29! I know that is a big deal. Praying great things for your church.

And I am right with you about trying to get back on this dieting thing after being sick. Tired to work out today and it didn't last very long. This losing baby weight isn't fun. B's 1 year is Sat. I am down about 40lbs but I still have at least 10 that I want to lose. You know how 2 pregnancys right after each other makes it hard!

Good lord this is a long comment! Guess that is what happens when 1- you are so behind on reading blogs.
2 - You can see why I don't leave comments often. They are not comments, they are letters!

Last thing, I need to get Sarah to make me bows too!

ok, done!