Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 6...just as hard

So I am entering my sixth week in this eating healthy/getting healthy journey...are you tired of this yet?!  I will be honest, I am.  I thought a couple days ago, how many more times am I going to write this, or share this.  I think my answer as of today is until I hit my first weight goal of 140lbs.  So if you are tired of this, pray for a miracle that I can shed these last few pounds and move on, ha! 

I will admit, six weeks into this I find it just as hard as week one.  Some things are "easier" or less tempting, but others are just as tempting, or I find myself saying, "it's okay, I have learned my lesson, I can eat it."  Which is not really true or helpful!  I think it might take me the rest of my life to actually get that this journey is literally a daily effort in saying no, and telling myself I was made for more than this.  Literally, each and every day.  There are days I will fail, there are days I have failed, but the days I tell myself no, and mean it, make it all worth it.  Someone asked me if I was ever going to indulge again...I had passed down a treat at a function that normally I would have eaten, and I got to thinking about that.  Right now I need to pass it down, maybe some day when I know I can eat one and just one, I will treat myself, not indulge myself, but just treat myself.  That time hasn't really come yet.  I certainly eat sweet treats, my latest is Jello Chocolate Pudding for only 60 calories, yum...but in order to have that I make sure I was obedient all day long and didn't give in to any unhealthy cravings. 

This past week and a half or so have been difficult womanly speaking...not to go into too many details since my dad reads this, but a lot of things have been out of my control and all in Mother's Nature's control...which warranted a call to the doctor and I am going in next week.  So with that said, when I got on the scale this morning I was ready for anything...
{Weigh In}
Starting Weight: 156 lbs
Week 6: 147 lbs
A loss of 1.5 lbs from last week

I will take that.  I was starting to get worried about plateauing, like most people do when they have been on a diet for so long.  I truly think it is by the grace of God that I have come this far, because let me tell you, I at one point was totally okay with buying some bigger clothes and hiding those 156lbs...but thank the Lord and the book "Made to Crave", I am no longer okay with that.  And like Kelly said today in her post, it's not that you should be defined by the number on the scale, but by your obedience to God and those unhealthy cravings.  I am not defined by 147, it feels good to see that, but I truly feel best knowing I didn't give in to unhealthy choices last week, and that I was able to seek God on my journey. 

If you want to chat more about "Made to Crave", making healthy choices, or finding support go to this Facebook page and meet others just like you!  Keep on keeping on friends, no matter your what your journey is remember God is with you and like Exodus 14:14 says..."HE will fight for you; you need only to be still."  


Alison said...

Girl, you are doing awesome!!! I am reading the book right now and loving it. I have past issues with food, and God is using this so much in my life!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Yay for some more weight loss...but even better for a week of obedience. I have had some tough moments this week, too. I'm so glad you are keeping on with this journey. I think it may be a life long lesson for me too. But, the more victory we experience, the easier it will be.

Keep it up, girl!

Love ya!

Kelly said...

Great job girl!! Praying for you! I hope your female issues aren't too serious!

Sue said...

I'm here from Kelly's blog. I enjoy following your weight loss journey logs, so keep 'em coming! I hope the womanly issue are ok and nothing serious. Peace

Mom Putnam said...

Dont have the book, but it is a struggle. Could this be a family thing? You keep on going and I am getting back into it. Sure wish the weather wouold get nice again so I can walk. Need to walk. Walking helps me alot. So, little losses are very welcome.

Kristin said...

Hope everything turns out to be okay at the doctor. Great job on what you've lost so far!! That is awesome!

Unknown said...

I know it has to be hard and I applaud you for sticking w/ it for 6 wks!