Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cutest Story

I have been meaning to get on sooner, but it's just been one of those weeks, plus, we have been pretty boring lately!  But I wanted to share with you all this cute story that happened to Lucy yesterday.  On Wednesday's Molly has speech at our elementary school, and her classroom in in the library.  Well, from the outside it looks like a closet in the library, but behind the door it's her class, and it probably is as big as a closet!  So Lucy and I just sit in the library and hang out during her session.  I usually chat with the librarian, feed Lucy, read email on my phone, anything to pass the time.  Every week there are always groups of kids in the library with a teacher either working on reading, math, language skills, or what have you.  There is always some sort of reading group going on with the same teacher every time we come.  Yesterday their teacher had to step away for a couple of minutes and the librarian was watching them.  They all asked if they could come over to see that baby-Lucy.  So the librarian said they could, so a group of about 5 fourth or fifth graders came over and started talking to Lucy and they were making her laugh, and Lucy totally ate up all the attention.  What a ham!  So when their teacher came back they were all sad to go back to their table. 

A couple minutes later they all came back over and asked if they could read to Lucy.  So I said sure, and they all took turns reading about bones.  It was so cute and they all were so innocent and precious.  Lucy sat so content and listened and they all showed her the pictures out of the book.  In the middle of the book Molly got finished with class, so she came out and sat on my lap and listened to the book, too.  Which was better than I thought was going to happen.  But she did great.  So when they were finished I quizzed them on what they just read, and I think they were a little shocked that I was doing that, but they all knew the answers. 

It was such a sweet moment and a great memory for Molly and Lucy.  I feel old saying this, but I think kids are growing up way too fast today due to TV, culture, parents not caring, and whatever else that is causing this, but in that little moment yesterday these kids seemed so sweet, innocent, were so into Lucy and talking really soft and gently to her, it was so wonderful.  I felt extremely blessed to be in that moment and to know that not all innocence is lost. 


Kim said...

Love it!

Kristin said...

What a precious, precious story!! I think kids feel like they have to grow up so fast these days, but I bet if no one was watching, they wouldn't be so eager to grow up.

Unknown said...

Def sweet moments. :) And I so agree about kids growing up too fast.

Jenilee said...

yes hang on to those moments because everything about our world pushes them to grow up! I love that homeschooling allows my girls a few extra years of fun and play that they might not get at school. thanks for sharing your sweet story!