Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 8 and Lucy is 5 months!

Today officially starts Week 8 on the Eating Healthy/Getting Healthy in Every Sense of the Word journey.  Say that 5 times fast, I dare you.

I will tell you that I am pleased with the number on the scale.  And I know I am not defined by the number, but I truly believe that number represents your obedience to God, especially when it comes to making the right food choices.  I will say I had a little bit of help with this number.  Yes, I survived my first trip back to the gym in about a year.  I was only able to go one time last week, not by choice, though.  I planned to go on Wednesday, but another kidney infection got in the way, then we were going to go on Thursday, but both girls had some random bug that had me cleaning up vomit most of the morning, yuck.  Then Friday I had a doctor's appointment, which I am now on a different birth control to help with the growth of my endometriosis and hormones going all over the board, well, I start it in a couple weeks, but the doctor thinks this will do the trick.  So I was going to go later, and then I got hit with the bug the girls had the day before.  So my first official meal was yesterday's lunch.  So I am thinking my number was skewed a little, but I am hoping and praying with making healthy choices this week and working out more than once, I can at least maintain it, or lose more...who knows :)
{Weigh In}
Starting Weight: 156 lbs
Week 8: 143 lbs
Down 3.5 pounds from last week, and I have surpassed the 10 lb mark, 
only 3 more to go until I reach my first weight goal! 

As much as the saltine/gatorade diet helped me in the weight department, I am pretty certain I can not live off that!  I LOVE food way too much!  Which seems to be the reason I am having these issues, huh :)

Also, today my baby is 5 months old!!  Wow!  I will post pictures tomorrow of her and give some Lucy updates.  But I can tell you that she is still as sweet as ever! 

Another little update to know how our church, The Ridge, just ended our first ever capital campaign...we announced our grand total yesterday at a Celebration Service that included thunder sticks and all.  Not I did not just go "Holy Roller" on you...thunder sticks are what you see at a sporting event, the blow up sticks you bang together and they make a ton of noise, yea, we had those in church...our grand total for 2 years is...$2.29 million!!  Our goal was $2.2, but our people stepped up and sacrificially gave BIG time!  We are praying  that with this money we can reach the 86% of the people here in Milwaukee who don't know Jesus.  I am beyond excited that our people get it.  A lot of the people who are giving to the campaign have never given before, or are not regular givers, that is AWESOME that they chose this to be their first time to give!  We feel so honored and proud to serve alongside these awesome people who love following Jesus as much as we do! 

Have a great Monday!


Jenilee said...

congrats on the weightloss! you are doing amazing!! hope this week goes well!! :)

Amy said...

That is amazing about your church! Can't wait to hear about all that God reaches through your church.

Steph T. said...

Sorry you had a bug! Yuck!! But woo hoo on the weight loss. You are doing way better than me. Need help.

Love ya!

Kelly said...

Hey girl! Congrats on the weight loss, but boo about the bug! :( I didn't know you had Endometriosis. I've been struggling with it again too - had it really bad before getting preggo. What I've found that helps me is if I follow the Endometriosis diet. Have you heard of it? Here's a link: I don't stick to it completely, but I've found that cutting out most sugar, starches, and caffeine has helped me tremendously!

Kristin said...

You're doing a great job on your weight loss journey! Sorry you all got sick last week though :( That is amazing about your church! I can't believe Lucy is 5 months already!!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Great job Kate! Sorry you were sick... hope you are feeling better now! And your church surpassing their goal... amazing! :)

Fred::Erin::Eliana said...

I know this is unrealistic, but I'm totally hoping my endometriosis just magically disappears. I had surgery in December of 2009 to fix it and a cyst, and I haven't had problems since. With the choliostasis (itchy skin) I had during pregnancy, I could experience itchiness due to hormones, which I have experienced a little bit of. So, I'm not going to take the pill anymore. Because I'm nursing, it hasn't been a problem. We'll see what happens after that. Ugh! Not fun! I hope the new pill helps.

Unknown said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well! Hopefully you can maintain the weight that you lost even though you were sick.

Happy 5 months Lucy!!

And what an amazing number!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Yay on the weight loss! Proud of you, girl. You are sticking with it. I think that's the key. We might fall down...but if we keep getting back up again and cling to Him...He will lead us to victory.

Finally got my post up! =)