Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Tribute to Elissa

{Instant friends}
{Bonded through ministry, forever and always}

{My heart is better for knowing you}
{Sisters, not friends}
{Your laugh is contagious}
{Your smile genuine}
{You truly have a heart for God and for His people}
{Amazing Wife and Mommy}

{Best friends}
{One person could be overpowered.
      But two people can stand up for themselves.
      And a rope made out of three cords isn't easily broken. 
Ecclesiastes 4:12}
{Elissa, her husband, Michael, and baby boy, Masen are moving and my heart breaks and rejoices all at the same time.  In ministry you have very few and far between safe friends, and Elissa is one of mine.  It's been a rough week to say the least, but I know God has great things in store for her family and for her.  Please be praying for this special family as they have a lot of new transitions going on in their life.  And as Lucy loses her little boyfriend :)  Mase and Lucy are only 3 days apart!}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am still in my foggy state, although it's clearing a bit :)  I thought for today I would leave you some blasts from the past, Molly-style...enjoy!

June 2008-First trip to the zoo!!
June 2009- Trip to Chicago
June 2010-At the Ginger Bread House, yumm!
June 2010-Cousin Picture, Molly and Mandy
 June 2011-Catching a butterfly on her finger
June 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Fog

Today I feel like I am in an absolute fog.  I could literally sit and stare at a wall for hours and be completely content.  It's just been one of those days, weekends, and all last week.  I think everything is catching up with me.  We have been really busy, like way more busy than I like, and something needs cut.  I am trying to determine if this is a busy season for us, or are we just busy because we don't have our priorities set straight.  When I am home, Eric is gone, when Eric is home, I am gone.  Between counseling clients, weddings, parties, work, and ministry stuff it's nuts here!  I can not believe this weekend is 4th of July already!  Wow!  Since I am pretty much worthless right now...I will leave you with some pics :)

 Yumm...a spoon :)
 Molly has been obsessed with Care Bears lately
 This is what we came up with from our photo session last week
 She is trying so very hard to crawl
 My little cheeser
 Big Girl in the tub
   I pulled the girls down to the farmer's market in the wagon, and my wrist is so sore!
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On a Whim...

Well, as you can see I got a little antsy.  I am changing it up around here.  I had my last blog design for a year and a!  That shows how indecisive I can be...and that I hate change.  But I feel like I am ready now...but don't get too comfy with this one quite yet.  I just picked one to pick one.  I have been strongly encouraging my husband for over a month now to help me create a new look for my blog, he has a lot of creativity, talent, knowledge on the computer, and no time.  Therefore, it has not happened yet!  But I went out on a whim and changed it anyways...just like I went out on a whim tonight and had the girls' picture made.  Why did I think that was going to go over well?? 

Murphy's Law tagged along for the photo shoot.  The girls were so happy and politely waited for our appointment, then the camera turns on and they looked scared, grumpy, mad, and were not having it.  Then the session ended and they both were as happy as little clams!  I am glad my expectations were really low for this shoot, and also my coupon I had only allowed me to choose one pose.  Trust me, there weren't that many good ones to choose from!  If Molly was smiling, Lucy wasn't, if Lucy looked happy, Molly looked really mad.  The poor photographer did everything she could to make them happy!  Oh well, we tried! 

Hope you all are having a great week...I am off to bed, I have stayed up way too late!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hillsong United Concert

Last Monday, Eric and myself, and another couple from The Ridge went to see Hillsong United in downtown Milwaukee.  I tell you what friends, we experienced Heaven on earth for a night.  Seriously, if Heaven is anything like what we went to, I will be so happy!  It didn't feel like you were at a concert, well, the atmosphere at first did, with the crowds of people, the tickets, etc.  But once they took the stage it was like one great big night of worship, it awesome.  They sang for over 3 hours and all 3 hours were incredible!

If you ever, I mean ever get a chance to see Hillsong United, please, please do it!  I mean if you like that kind of stuff, even if you don't, you will be a fan by the end!  I was so impressed when they had a time of decision making.  They focused on 3 things...1. Love God with all your heart, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, 2. Get a Bible and read it! 3. Get involved in your local church.  All the people in Hillsong United started out in their youth band and look at what it has grown into!  So they really pumped the local church in an amazing way, and that's something you don't hear at a lot of Christian concerts.       

We had incredible seats, thanks to my fast thinking husband.  We were two rows from the floor and maybe 50 feet from the stage, if that.  I could go on and on about how awesome it was, so y'all just need to go and experience it yourself!

Just a little fun blog is named after a lyric in one of Hillsong United's songs!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

I hope you all had a great weekend and a great Father's Day!  We celebrated a little early...since Sundays are just downright crazy for us, and all of those in ministry, or highly involved in their church, we usually don't plan anything to do on special holidays, or plans get adjusted, and readjusted many times.  So this year I just decided on Saturday afternoon that we were going to celebrate the father in our house on Saturday night! 

I am so glad that we did!  It was a nice, relaxing, and calm evening.  I was prepared, something I haven't been lately, and it was just so nice to sit back and relax.  I made dinner, and we picked up special treats from the cutest coffee/bake shop.  Molly picked out our sweet treats, she chose a chocolate doughnut, a piece of turtle cheesecake, and a cut-out cookie all decorated for Father's Day.  We all sampled each treat.

Our gifts this year were simple and nice.  A new polo shirt, a movie, and a coffee mug.  Which if you know my husband, this mug will be lost by next week.  But he needed a new one, since he lost the last one!  

I also made shirts for the girls to wear at church on Sunday, they said "I love daddy."  Those were a surprise for Eric.  I ran out of time to stitch around the letters, so I still need to do that, but they looked cute, if I do say so myself!

At church we had kegs of root beer we ordered from Sprecher's.  I had never heard of Sprecher Brewery until we moved here, but they are known for their root beer and orange cream soda.  You can tour the brewery and get free samples, something we really want to do.  I think the dads enjoyed the free root beer, and so did everyone else that grabbed a glass, or two!

 Isn't this cookie so cute!  And it was delicious!
 Molly's message to Eric, haha!
 Matchy-Matchy Father's Day shirts

    Hope you all had a great day! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to "The Grand Tour" Part 5

Today is the last day of the tour!  It's been fun, but a lot of work trying to find pictures and explain what has happened over the last year.  But I am really glad I have taken the time to do it!  I hope you all have enjoyed seeing another side of our crazy life!  Today you are going to see the transformation of our yard.  Let me just say we have gone from the ugliest house on the street to pretty much a really good looking one!  I had a hard time finding before pictures from the backyard.  Just imagine an overgrown jungle of grass, weeds, trees, and Lord knows what else, and mix in a falling down rock wall.  For the front yard just keep in mind when looking at the after pictures that Eric ripped out over 30 bush and tree stumps by hand before we could do anything.  It's been a lot of hard work, but it's all been worth it!  Enjoy!

It's been a long year of house and yard work, and we aren't finished just yet, but we love our home!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to "The Grand Tour" Part 4

Today you will be visiting our bathrooms and our basement!  Happy visiting!

What you all did not see in some of these pictures...
-Linen closet in bathroom, linen closet in hallway, another closet in the hallway beside the half bath
-Wash sink in the half bath/laundry room
-New tub/shower in the full bathroom that we put in
-Huge storage area in basement-normally organized, right now a mess!
-Another full bath in the basement, which is on the list to get re-done this winter, but for now it's gross!
-Another bedroom in the basement-on the list to be re-finished this winter, along with the entire basement, hopefully!
Tomorrow is the last day of the will see the before/after of the outside of our house!