Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy has a new ride...

Last Wednesday Eric told me that he had found a new vehicle for us.  We have been searching for a van for what seems like forever, with no luck, or not the price we are willing to pay.  So a month or so ago Eric found a different style of vehicle that he liked.  It was a Ford Freestyle.  I had never heard of it before so he showed it to me online, I would describe it as a cross between a Ford Explorer and a station wagon.  It looked nice online and it had the 3rd row seating we were looking for, and when we are not using those seats, the trunk space is expanded to HUGE!

It felt like we were getting no where with the whole car search thing, so I just left it all to Eric.  So last Wednesday morning he was all excited about finding something that he really liked, and he couldn't wait until the dealership opened to call and see if they still had this particular car.  Oh yea, did I mention, up until this point we had never test drove a Freestyle, and the dealership he found was 2 hours away in Illinois.

When my husband is determined he gets the job done!  He called, they had the car, he drove there, test drove the car, liked it, then called to tell me we bought a car.  I will admit, I was a little nervous, mainly because we have never driven anything like it before, especially me, the one who will do 90% of the driving in this car.  But he came through!  I LOVE our "new" used car that we paid cash for, that's right...we held strong with no car payments.  We are now a whole lot more broke than we once were, but we are a happy broke.  And it has a sunroof, which I can use all of 2 months out of the year here in Wisconsin, but I still love it!

The only sad part about buying a car was we traded in my car, my very first car I ever had.  It was such a good car, and we hardly ever had to fix it.  Well, up until the end she was good, by the time we traded her in the A/C was out and hot air was blowing all the time, the brakes needed changed, and I am sure there were a whole host of other problems.  We knew we were either going to sell it or trade it in, so we didn't want to pour a lot of money into it.  And they didn't give us a whole lot of money for her, either.

 Bye-Bye Saturn, you were a great car!
 Hello new ride!  We love you!
      I feel like I need a canoe on top of this car :)


Unknown said...

that's so exciting!! yay for more room! :):) I like the blue color too!

Kristin said...

How fun! You will love having the bigger car with the girls! I hope it will be a great car for you!! Love it!

Beautiful Blessings said...

We got a used freeatyle as our new family car a coupke of years ago and have loved it! Its always fun to get a "new" car!

Veronica said...

This is so exciting! I am right behind you in my need for a bigger car. Praying for an open door because we need a new car so badly!

So, so happy for you!

HappyascanB said...

What a great new ride! I also had a Saturn once. . . mine was a lemon, though.

I cracked up at you saying you feel like you need a canoe on top!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

How exciting and fun to have a new ride! Love the color!! :)

Unknown said...

Does it get good mileage?

Yay for a new (for you) car! I'm sure you'll love all the room you have now. And glad you were able to pay cash and not have a car payment. That's so nice!

Bethany said...

FUN! That's what we have too!! And I traded in my first car to get it! Sad. :(

But now that we have THREE babies in car seats, we're feeling cramped. I'm sure you will enjoy it though, we do! Congrats, and good job paying cash!! :)