Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to "The Grand Tour" Part 4

Today you will be visiting our bathrooms and our basement!  Happy visiting!

What you all did not see in some of these pictures...
-Linen closet in bathroom, linen closet in hallway, another closet in the hallway beside the half bath
-Wash sink in the half bath/laundry room
-New tub/shower in the full bathroom that we put in
-Huge storage area in basement-normally organized, right now a mess!
-Another full bath in the basement, which is on the list to get re-done this winter, but for now it's gross!
-Another bedroom in the basement-on the list to be re-finished this winter, along with the entire basement, hopefully!
Tomorrow is the last day of the will see the before/after of the outside of our house!


Kristin said...

Y'all have been super busy! You did such a great job updating and re-doing everything. It looks great!! I know that is such hard work and I bet you're so happy that it's almost done :)

Unknown said...

You guys have sure done a lot of work and it looks great!