Friday, July 29, 2011

Princess Dance Class

This summer we signed Molly up for a "Princess Dance Class."  There was really nothing Princess-y about it, nor was there a lot of dancing.  At least at this age she doesn't really care about either one of those!  I mean she would have loved to dress up like a Princess at each class like the course description described, regardless, she still had fun.

Last night was the last class and parents were allowed to come in the room and watch them.  Here are some pictures from her class...


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Regular Old Party Planner

Still here...I have just been wrapped up in planning Molly's birthday party for this year.  This is her first real party with friends, every year we have celebrated with family in Ohio, now we are moving onto friends!  I feel like she is too young to have a party with friends...I guess she is going to be 4!

Let me just state that Eric and I are not into character people like Dora, Princess, Sesame Street.  Sure, we don't mind if Molly watches that stuff, reads books about it, but we just are way too generic to be sporting Dora shirts and Elmo shoes.  It's totally cool if you all do, we have nothing against that, but characters are not for us.  Well, at least we thought with hand me down clothes and toys, we are more a character family than we once wanted to be.  So with that being said the theme for Molly's birthday is...compromise, haha...we are having a "Princess Tea Party."  I wanted a tea party, Molly wanted Princess stuff.  So we combined the two, and haven't looked back since.  Well, until we went to buy the invites, Molly kept asking for all different things at her party, so I had to keep saying "It's okay if you want Strawberry Shortcake, but that means no Princess."  "It's okay if you want Hello Kitty, but that means no Strawberry Shortcake."  So we some how landed back on Princess.

So I have been researching all sorts of things to do with 6 little girls for 2 hours, and I think I have so much planned that we won't get to all of it!  But I would much rather have too much to do, than not enough.  Eric and I are putting this shin dig on all by ourselves.  Eric is leaving next Tuesday for a mission trip, and won't be back until after Molly's birthday, so we are doing it once he gets back and a couple hours before a wedding he is performing, so not a rushed day at all, ha!  

I am excited to see it all come together, and I have actually enjoyed the whole party planning gig way more than I thought I would, now I am having to stop myself from buying more and planning more!  I hope the girls have a good time and all the parents enjoy the kid free 2 hours :)  I know I would!!

I can't wait to share more with you about the party before and after!  Until then, I am off to finish things that I can no longer due now that Lucy is crawling!  I had it easy living in an apartment when Molly crawled, now living in our house, there too much for Lucy to explore!   

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All of this for $20!

I love to go to garage sales, or as this part of the country calls them, rummage sales, or in the south, yard sales, if it's a sale, I am there!  I don't go too often because dragging two kids around who could really care less about the bargains and steals you are acquiring is no fun.  So when I get the chance to kid free shop, whether garage sale or not, I am all over it.

During vacation my MIL and I put claim on Friday morning that we were going garage sale-ing.  The year before we went and we found some great deals like Coach purses for $5.00 and trust me they are Coach not Goach :)  So this year we were determined to find some great deals again!  Here is what I got for $20!

 Here is all the loot...
~Rod iron plate holder
~Over 6 feet of white/ball/flowery decoration with lights already strung on it
~Fall wreath
~Christmas decoration "Ho Ho Ho"
~4 thick plastic plates, plus matching serving bowl
~"Boundaries for Kids"-hardcover, "Boundaries for Kids"-workbook
~4 pairs of sweat pants/leggings for Molly
~1 pair of jeans for Molly
~Pink sparkly Converse shoes for Molly
~Huge rod iron Christmas decoration with greenery
~Lime green vase
~Bird picture canvas
~Care Bears bag for Molly
~How to be a Fairy book for Molly
~Crock Pot cookbook
~Oven cookery crock
**Missing from Picture- 2 kids books, bag of misc. Hello Kitty items for Molly**

  I had a ton of fun!  This one lady's sale was awesome, she knew how to price everything not so ridiculous, but sadly she was the 2nd on we hit, so we were like "OK, pace ourselves..."  I wish I would have gotten more from her since the last ones we went to were real duds!  I am hoping to hit a couple more before the summer ends!  How about you, do you like sale-ing?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amish Country

Well, the train veered off the tracks there for a couple of days, but we are back on board...

While in the great state of Ohio for our family vacation we went to visit the beautiful Amish people of Holmes County, Ohio, with my in-laws.  My MIL rented a cottage for us to stay in for our night there, and the guys had their tee time set before we even left.  There's a really great and challenging golf course down there called "Black Diamond", I am not a golfer but when I dropped the guys off and saw the first hill, all I could think was "they are going to flip the cart going down that thing!  Man, I wish I could see that!"  I know, that's awful, but trust me, you gotta see this hill.

It was nice to get away from getting away...but this get away went so fast!  But I did enjoy seeing all the beautiful farms and the country view was breath taking.  I really enjoy the simple lifestyle the Amish lead.  I don't know a ton about Amish folk, just that they make great apple butter and sturdy furniture.  And they are probably the hardest working people ever, but something about their lifestyle seems appealing to me.

The cottage we stayed in had a pool and the girls loved the water!  I think Lucy liked it more than Molly.  We also took a train ride through an Amish farm, which left me with more questions than when we me, long story :)  Then it was time to go back to my in-laws for our last day of vacation.

The view from where we ate lunch at
I bet you didn't know Ohio had hills!
The cottage we stayed in
These horses were right across from our cottage
This says it all!
Getting ready to hit the pool!

Tomorrow I will show you everything I got for $20 at some garage sales, I am still pumped about it one week later!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Happening Now...

I thought I would take a brief time out on playing catch up and tell you all about what's going on now...

-Lucy is now pulling herself up in her crib and crawling!  She has been working on the crawling for awhile, but on Monday when I came home from work she was actually moving forward and really going.  So we decided to call that the official date of her crawling.  She still loves to roll around everywhere, that is faster for her, but she is getting faster at crawling.  For awhile now Lucy would roll over or semi-crawl over to your leg and pull herself up.  But today Eric went in her room after she woke up and she was standing in her crib.  So now it's time to lower the crib mattress and put the baby gate up in front of the stairs. 

-My friend, Elissa, now has me hooked on My Fitness's a free site that you can log in all your food calories, and any time you exercise.  On the food part they have tons of food already entered in, so if you eat out you can type in "McDonalds Cheeseburger" and it already has the calories counted for you.  And if it doesn't have the food you ate in it's database you can either enter all the nutritional info yourself, or just enter the calories and it will add it to your food diary.  And for exercise you can log in when you do laundry, carry your baby around, etc.  I haven't gone that far yet, I am trying not to get over-obsessed with all of it.  I am really trying to watch my calorie intake based on what I eat.  I think exercise is important, don't get me wrong...but the calories burned doing laundry are just like a little unwritten bonus for me.  It's been great so far and I love that I can do it from my phone as well as the computer and it's syncs right away with the other device you are not using.  Try it!

-Speaking of counting calories and getting healthy...I know most of you followed me on my little getting healthy journey and to just update you all...I never made my goal of 140lbs...I was 2 pounds away, then started a new birth control pill and gained 7 pounds right away.  I have never gained weight while taking the pill, I have actually lost weight before.  So with this sudden weight gain I was pretty down.  I wish I could have enjoyed the gain by eating brownies, cookies, and all sorts of bad things for you.  But I didn't even get to do that.  So these last 9 pounds (2lbs I still had + 7lbs gained from the pill) have been really hard to shed.  Like really hard.  So then I kind of fell off the wagon a little bit and figured oh well, and I enjoyed some ice-cream, and sweet treats, and pop.  I had been doing so good by not drinking pop, then I started drinking Diet Coke everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  So last week on vacation I tried to live it up when eating, knowing when we got back I was going to get serious about losing these 9 pounds and starting to exercise again, something I had not been doing regularly.  No more excuses, no more pity parties, back to the grindstone of getting healthy and staying that way.  I have not had pop in 3 days, and I feel pretty good.  I have stayed under my caloric intake since starting My Fitness Pal.  It's been fun and a challenge all at the same time.   

-Lastly, I have been reading Francis Chan's new book "Erasing Hell" and it is really good!  I like Francis Chan anyways, sometimes he is a little over my head or out there, but overall I enjoy his writing, and his new book is no exception!  It talks about the reality of Hell, despite another well known pastor and his latest book, and it's a lot to take in, but it really puts Hell at the forefront of Christianity.  He uses a ton of scripture to back up his writing and not just in a way to make it say what he wants it to say, he is using it properly and authoritatively.  I got about halfway through and started re-reading the beginning again.  There is so much to take in and think about it.  I think you all should check it out!   
Well, my quick catch up has turned into a longer post than originally planned!  Now off to the gym with the girls!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma Comes to Visit

Once we came down from our wonderful high from the 4th of July parade we had a staff retreat in Chicago on Wednesday and Thursday.  My mom was so gracious to fly in and watch the girls for us.  Since we are both on staff, we both had to be there.  Thankfully my mom didn't mind coming to hang out Molly and Lucy.

So I really only had Friday to hang out with my mom and the girls.  Since we were leaving Saturday for vacation.  On Friday we took the girls to the Children's Museum.  We haven't been there in a while, but Molly ran right in like we go on a daily basis.

It was a lot of fun!  I thought because it was a nice day most people would be outside, which I am sure most were, plus Summerfest was going on here...*sidenote-Milwaukee is home to the world's largest musical festival, 10 days of bands and fun...*  But I forgot about all the day cares and summer camps that take field trips.  Now, I am not a huge crowd person, let alone when there are a ton of kids around.  But we managed and still had fun!

My mom took some great pictures, but I don't have them downloaded yet, so you will have to settle for mine :)


Monday, July 18, 2011

4th of July~ 2011

I know I say it every year, but parades up here are HUGE, I mean HUGE!  People set their lawn chairs out like 2 nights before the parade begins.  To me that's crazy, to all these cheese heads, it's normal!  Each year our church, The Ridge, has walked in the New Berlin parade, last year we did 2 parades, which went well, but taxed a lot of our people, including our band that we pull on a flat bed trailer while they play.  So we decided to do the New Berlin parade again this year and to make it awesome, I think we did!  We had around 200 or so people there to represent The Ridge.  All you could see was a huge sea of red shirts.  We were in the back again this year, which is a little discouraging because by the time we get going people are leaving, but hey, we have won every award there is, they have to make them up for us now.  So the judges might be a little sick of us, ha!

Our band did a great job, our people did awesome handing out can koozies, beach balls, candy and little Ridge card invites.  It's such a neat thing to be a part of, I can't help but swell with pride thinking about our people and their love for their church, well really their love for God.  I pushed Lucy and my friend, Andrea, pushed Molly in the strollers, they both slept the whole time, it was wonderful!  Despite the fact that parade started at 1pm on the 4th of July and it was like 100 degrees I think everyone had a great time, and despite putting sunscreen on 3 times, I still got burnt, but it's all good now!  After the parade we had about 35 people over for a cook-out and firework watching.  Lucy loved the fireworks, she was not scared at all, and kept banging on the tray of her stroller for me.  Which I am glad, normally she gets startled easily, but she really liked them!  I hope you all had a great 4th, too!  Once I get back on track, I am sure I will read many of your posts about your 4th!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long blog!

I am still alive, I promise you that!  I had no intention of letting this whole thing go for about two weeks!  I feel like once the 4th of July hit it has all gone down hill from there in lightening speed.  We just rolled in from vacation and now it's time to unpack, start laundry, get things around for church tomorrow, and eat some pizza, because my fridge is bare! 
So stay tuned...this whole next week I am going to play catch up with lots of pictures and stories!  Until then, have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011