Sunday, July 24, 2011

All of this for $20!

I love to go to garage sales, or as this part of the country calls them, rummage sales, or in the south, yard sales, if it's a sale, I am there!  I don't go too often because dragging two kids around who could really care less about the bargains and steals you are acquiring is no fun.  So when I get the chance to kid free shop, whether garage sale or not, I am all over it.

During vacation my MIL and I put claim on Friday morning that we were going garage sale-ing.  The year before we went and we found some great deals like Coach purses for $5.00 and trust me they are Coach not Goach :)  So this year we were determined to find some great deals again!  Here is what I got for $20!

 Here is all the loot...
~Rod iron plate holder
~Over 6 feet of white/ball/flowery decoration with lights already strung on it
~Fall wreath
~Christmas decoration "Ho Ho Ho"
~4 thick plastic plates, plus matching serving bowl
~"Boundaries for Kids"-hardcover, "Boundaries for Kids"-workbook
~4 pairs of sweat pants/leggings for Molly
~1 pair of jeans for Molly
~Pink sparkly Converse shoes for Molly
~Huge rod iron Christmas decoration with greenery
~Lime green vase
~Bird picture canvas
~Care Bears bag for Molly
~How to be a Fairy book for Molly
~Crock Pot cookbook
~Oven cookery crock
**Missing from Picture- 2 kids books, bag of misc. Hello Kitty items for Molly**

  I had a ton of fun!  This one lady's sale was awesome, she knew how to price everything not so ridiculous, but sadly she was the 2nd on we hit, so we were like "OK, pace ourselves..."  I wish I would have gotten more from her since the last ones we went to were real duds!  I am hoping to hit a couple more before the summer ends!  How about you, do you like sale-ing?


Kim said...

I love a GOOD Deal!! I made eric pull over on friday when I spotted a toaster oven @ a yardsale!! they were asking $10 but I got it for $7!! WOOT! I love that cute bird canvas!

Kristin said...

That is amazing! You got some really awesome things :) I don't usually go to garage sales, only because I never know where they are, but I love a good bargain and love resale shops and things like that!

Kelly said...

Awesome! I love yard sale-ing, but haven't done it this year for the same reason - lugging two kids in and out of the car!

Unknown said...

I like to see what people pick up from such sales since I hardly ever go!

KimberlyMDavis said...

What great finds!! Our family is having a HUGE "Yard Sale" this coming weekend, and this year we have added Friday to our Sale Days. Hoping we have lots of people. Have a great week.

Veronica said...

I'm totally lol about Coach not Goach! You're too funny! I LOVE getting good deals and it looks like you totally made out! You go girl!

Veronica said...

P.S. The term rummage saling def has to be a term only people in your neck of the woods use! I never hear anyone calling it that here. Just plain ole yard saling! :)