Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amish Country

Well, the train veered off the tracks there for a couple of days, but we are back on board...

While in the great state of Ohio for our family vacation we went to visit the beautiful Amish people of Holmes County, Ohio, with my in-laws.  My MIL rented a cottage for us to stay in for our night there, and the guys had their tee time set before we even left.  There's a really great and challenging golf course down there called "Black Diamond", I am not a golfer but when I dropped the guys off and saw the first hill, all I could think was "they are going to flip the cart going down that thing!  Man, I wish I could see that!"  I know, that's awful, but trust me, you gotta see this hill.

It was nice to get away from getting away...but this get away went so fast!  But I did enjoy seeing all the beautiful farms and the country view was breath taking.  I really enjoy the simple lifestyle the Amish lead.  I don't know a ton about Amish folk, just that they make great apple butter and sturdy furniture.  And they are probably the hardest working people ever, but something about their lifestyle seems appealing to me.

The cottage we stayed in had a pool and the girls loved the water!  I think Lucy liked it more than Molly.  We also took a train ride through an Amish farm, which left me with more questions than when we me, long story :)  Then it was time to go back to my in-laws for our last day of vacation.

The view from where we ate lunch at
I bet you didn't know Ohio had hills!
The cottage we stayed in
These horses were right across from our cottage
This says it all!
Getting ready to hit the pool!

Tomorrow I will show you everything I got for $20 at some garage sales, I am still pumped about it one week later!!


Jenny said...

I have been trying to get CJ to take me to Amish Country for 7 years! What is the contact info for that cottage?! It's so cute!

Kristin said...

That is beautiful and I love that cottage!

Jenilee said...

ohio is beautiful isn't it? :) that cabin looks like such a great place to stay! it has been hot so the pool was a great idea :)

September said...

Kate,,, we love Amish Country! Your trip sounds so relaxing! You probably weren't very far from Jenilee. :)
Your little girls are just so precious.. especially in that swim suit!

Unknown said...

Sure you had a great time! Getaways always seem to go so fast. It's been a long time since I've been to the Amish country and I'd love to visit some time.