Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 7 Months to Miss Lucy!

Yesterday Lucy turned 7 months old!  We are now closer to age 1!  Wow!  I am actually excited for her to turn one, trust me, I love this age now and I am not wishing it to go any faster than it already is, but I can't wait to see more of her personality and what she will be like! 

Lucy~here is what you are up to these days...
-You were weighed on Friday at the dermatologists office...they weighed you sitting up?  I have never seen that before, so if it was accurate, you weigh 24 pounds 9oz. 
-The dermatologist said you have eczema, and gave us a prescription to try, we go back in 6 weeks.  Long story short, that doctor needs to learn some bedside manners, mommy and daddy and were not impressed with our visit, or the diagnosis.
-You are wearing all 24 months clothes, however there was a pants mix up one day and you wore some 4t shorts just fine.  Haha!  Hopefully those were sized wrong!
-You are still in size 5 diapers
-You are trying to crawl so badly, I mean so badly!  You get up on your hands and knees, rock back and forth and then usually fall. That's a lot of weight to support!  You have been rolling over both ways for about 2 months now, but you just now figured out you can do that in your bed, too.  So we have been up numerous times a night helping you get unstuck in your crib! 
-You have no teeth yet, but I am convinced one is trying to come through...but your gums are ALL white, so it looks like you have teeth from away, but none yet!
-You are waving now, except you wave your whole arm, not your hand.  You are a very enthusiastic waver, too.  You love to wave to your daddy when he walks in the room.  One night at 1am you were hungry, so I was feeding you and you kept waving to your daddy, I was a little worried you weren't going to go back to bed!
-You typically go to bed around 7pm and wake up anywhere between 5-6am. 
-You typically take 2 naps a day, each lasting about 2 hours, and sometimes a little snooze before of after dinner.
-You still LOVE all things Molly! 
-You are usually a content little girl and love to smile and laugh.  You play shy, but I don't think you are.  You love graham crackers and puffs.  And you are obsessed with the cat. 
-We love you Lucy and can't wait to see what the next month brings us!


Kristin said...

She is the cutest ever!! Happy 7 months, Lucy! It sounds like she's sleeping good....I hope Matthew will do that too! Ha! Hope the medicine helps with the eczema too.....Kaylee had that really bad when she was little too.

avolkers said...

oh Kate, I love it! that one picture looks like she is doing push ups!! go Lucy, maybe it's all muscle? ;)

Unknown said...

Happy 7 months Lucy!!!! :) Give her a squeeze for me! ♥

Unknown said...

Ahhhh!!! She is SO cute!! :)

Becca said...

AH! Her rolls!! I think I say that at just about every picture I see of her! Happy 7 months cutie pie!