Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a Regular Old Party Planner

Still here...I have just been wrapped up in planning Molly's birthday party for this year.  This is her first real party with friends, every year we have celebrated with family in Ohio, now we are moving onto friends!  I feel like she is too young to have a party with friends...I guess she is going to be 4!

Let me just state that Eric and I are not into character people like Dora, Princess, Sesame Street.  Sure, we don't mind if Molly watches that stuff, reads books about it, but we just are way too generic to be sporting Dora shirts and Elmo shoes.  It's totally cool if you all do, we have nothing against that, but characters are not for us.  Well, at least we thought with hand me down clothes and toys, we are more a character family than we once wanted to be.  So with that being said the theme for Molly's birthday is...compromise, haha...we are having a "Princess Tea Party."  I wanted a tea party, Molly wanted Princess stuff.  So we combined the two, and haven't looked back since.  Well, until we went to buy the invites, Molly kept asking for all different things at her party, so I had to keep saying "It's okay if you want Strawberry Shortcake, but that means no Princess."  "It's okay if you want Hello Kitty, but that means no Strawberry Shortcake."  So we some how landed back on Princess.

So I have been researching all sorts of things to do with 6 little girls for 2 hours, and I think I have so much planned that we won't get to all of it!  But I would much rather have too much to do, than not enough.  Eric and I are putting this shin dig on all by ourselves.  Eric is leaving next Tuesday for a mission trip, and won't be back until after Molly's birthday, so we are doing it once he gets back and a couple hours before a wedding he is performing, so not a rushed day at all, ha!  

I am excited to see it all come together, and I have actually enjoyed the whole party planning gig way more than I thought I would, now I am having to stop myself from buying more and planning more!  I hope the girls have a good time and all the parents enjoy the kid free 2 hours :)  I know I would!!

I can't wait to share more with you about the party before and after!  Until then, I am off to finish things that I can no longer due now that Lucy is crawling!  I had it easy living in an apartment when Molly crawled, now living in our house, there too much for Lucy to explore!   


jules said...

That will be a busy day for sure. My granddaughter just had a Princess birthday party. There is a lot of cute things you can find with that theme. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

Woohoo!!! Welcome to the dark side! ;) Party planning is just wait! Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Kristin said...

Sounds like it will be a super fun party! Can't wait to hear all about it and to see pics. I bet Molly will have a blast!

Unknown said...

So not into characters either!! I've been thinking about Lainey's party and I can't wait!