Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's Happening Now...

I thought I would take a brief time out on playing catch up and tell you all about what's going on now...

-Lucy is now pulling herself up in her crib and crawling!  She has been working on the crawling for awhile, but on Monday when I came home from work she was actually moving forward and really going.  So we decided to call that the official date of her crawling.  She still loves to roll around everywhere, that is faster for her, but she is getting faster at crawling.  For awhile now Lucy would roll over or semi-crawl over to your leg and pull herself up.  But today Eric went in her room after she woke up and she was standing in her crib.  So now it's time to lower the crib mattress and put the baby gate up in front of the stairs. 

-My friend, Elissa, now has me hooked on My Fitness's a free site that you can log in all your food calories, and any time you exercise.  On the food part they have tons of food already entered in, so if you eat out you can type in "McDonalds Cheeseburger" and it already has the calories counted for you.  And if it doesn't have the food you ate in it's database you can either enter all the nutritional info yourself, or just enter the calories and it will add it to your food diary.  And for exercise you can log in when you do laundry, carry your baby around, etc.  I haven't gone that far yet, I am trying not to get over-obsessed with all of it.  I am really trying to watch my calorie intake based on what I eat.  I think exercise is important, don't get me wrong...but the calories burned doing laundry are just like a little unwritten bonus for me.  It's been great so far and I love that I can do it from my phone as well as the computer and it's syncs right away with the other device you are not using.  Try it!

-Speaking of counting calories and getting healthy...I know most of you followed me on my little getting healthy journey and to just update you all...I never made my goal of 140lbs...I was 2 pounds away, then started a new birth control pill and gained 7 pounds right away.  I have never gained weight while taking the pill, I have actually lost weight before.  So with this sudden weight gain I was pretty down.  I wish I could have enjoyed the gain by eating brownies, cookies, and all sorts of bad things for you.  But I didn't even get to do that.  So these last 9 pounds (2lbs I still had + 7lbs gained from the pill) have been really hard to shed.  Like really hard.  So then I kind of fell off the wagon a little bit and figured oh well, and I enjoyed some ice-cream, and sweet treats, and pop.  I had been doing so good by not drinking pop, then I started drinking Diet Coke everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  So last week on vacation I tried to live it up when eating, knowing when we got back I was going to get serious about losing these 9 pounds and starting to exercise again, something I had not been doing regularly.  No more excuses, no more pity parties, back to the grindstone of getting healthy and staying that way.  I have not had pop in 3 days, and I feel pretty good.  I have stayed under my caloric intake since starting My Fitness Pal.  It's been fun and a challenge all at the same time.   

-Lastly, I have been reading Francis Chan's new book "Erasing Hell" and it is really good!  I like Francis Chan anyways, sometimes he is a little over my head or out there, but overall I enjoy his writing, and his new book is no exception!  It talks about the reality of Hell, despite another well known pastor and his latest book, and it's a lot to take in, but it really puts Hell at the forefront of Christianity.  He uses a ton of scripture to back up his writing and not just in a way to make it say what he wants it to say, he is using it properly and authoritatively.  I got about halfway through and started re-reading the beginning again.  There is so much to take in and think about it.  I think you all should check it out!   
Well, my quick catch up has turned into a longer post than originally planned!  Now off to the gym with the girls!  Have a great day!


Kristin said...

I just finished reading Erasing Hell and I went through it in 2 days. It's definitely one that I would need to re-read to get the full affect and I didn't read all the notes or appendix notes. I struggle with him though because I feel like he borders on preaching a works-based you get that from him? I just felt like he was saying if you don't sell your house and move to Africa, that you're not helping the least of these and you're not really saved. I thought it was prideful for him to suggest what he did was more important than what God has called me to do as a SAHM. Maybe he just rubbed me the wrong way? I don't know! You know I was a huge supporter of his, but the more I read, the more I feel this way. I was just curious if you got that from him?

Yay for Lucy crawling and pulling up....she'll be walking before you know it, I bet!!

Good luck on the weight stuff too. I will be there in a few months, after I have Matthew, because I've got to get back in shape!

Unknown said...

I have been totally slacking on the Tupler Technique and really need to get back on it!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

This weight thing seems to be on ongoing battle, doesn't it?! I am still up and down a bit, too. And a little frustrated and discouraged with myself. Keep on keepin' on sister!

Steph T. said...

I haven't heard about that book! Gotta go get it! And I have not done well on the whole losing weight again, but I am gonna get myself in gear..thanks for the motivation. LOVE the cottage you stayed in! How awesome!! I secretly want to be amish.
Love you!