Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lucy is 8 months old, and a couple days {ahem}

On August 2, Miss Lucy turned 8 months old!  I then a couple days later took a picture to document it, and now over a week later, I am blogging about it, ha!  I tell ya what, when your husband leaves the country for a week, your schedule goes right along with him! 

Lucy you are 8 is what you are up to...
-You never stop moving, I mean never, even when you are sleeping there is constant action!  You love to crawl, pull yourself up, and take some steps here and there!  It's craziness!  We child proofed the stone fireplace, but you ripped it all off, and now you sit and climb on it. 
-Despite all the movement you still have plenty of rolls to love on!  Which I am happy about! 
-You always want to make sure someone knows you are around, you are constantly chattering, singing, making random noises, anything to grab some one's attention.
-If you hear anything that remotely sounds like music you bob your head, it's pretty funny.
-You love shaking your head no, you shake it all the time.
-You still pretty much say dada all the time, a couple baba's here and there, but all I hear is about mama some time :)
-You love Molly to pieces, and anything she is doing you think you need to be doing the same. 
-You just had a sinus infection, 2nd one in your little life, and now you have your first ear infection...the sinus infection settled in your ear!  It's been pretty rough the past few days.  So hopefully this new medicine kicks in soon!
-You are so sweet and you love to cuddle, yet you love your freedom and independence.  When we try to get you to sit, you push your legs out and go hard as a board!  I keep thinking you might be laid back, then I remember you are the youngest, and that won't happen!


Unknown said...

she is seriously ADORABLE!!! Love her little rolls! :):)

Kristin said...

She is too precious!! Hope she is feeling better soon! :)

Unknown said...

Lainey is the same way w/ Kyndra. They love their big sisters!! :) hope she feels better soon