Monday, August 8, 2011

Molly turns 4!

Dear Molly,
Today you turned 4 years old, and that makes mommy feel old.  I remember when you were born like it was yesterday.  I remember all the sounds, smells, feeling of anxiety mixed in with excitement, and just plain not knowing what it was going to be like to be a mom to this little person I held in my arms.   

Over the last 4 years we have been through a lot Miss Molly.  I am still learning to be a mom every single day, so thank you for constantly extending me grace and mercy when I mess up.  You are the sweetest little girl that I have ever met and I know I am not being biased, okay, maybe just a little.  You have a precious heart and you genuinely love people.  You have never met a stranger and you are not afraid to hug anyone.  Which scares mommy just a little, but I know your hugs can brighten anyone's day up, so I am willing to share that with others.  You are a natural comforter and you extend such empathy at a young age.

Every day is an adventure with you, and I love being able to see you grow, learn, and gain self confidence.  You are starting school this Fall which makes me feel all the things I felt when you were born.  I know your sensitive little heart is going to get broke when someone doesn't want to play with you and that makes me so sad.  But I also know this is part of the growing up process.  I will feel the same when you are 16 and some boy breaks your heart.

For now I will enjoy and tear up at your precious prayers every night, your silly faces and constant questions.  Although some days you wear me out, I would never trade a single moment with you for anything.  Thank you for being so sweet and loving.  I can't wait to see your relationship grow with your sister, and your friends over the years.  I also want to do whatever I possibly can to foster a relationship between you and God.  I want to lead by example and teach you things it has taken me 20 years to figure out.  Your daddy and I are so very proud of you and we love you with all of our hearts.  Until next year, keep it simple and sassy Miss Molly! 
Your very proud mama!


Kristin said...

That was so beautiful, Kate! Molly is so precious and I hope that she had a great 4th birthday today!

Alison said...

Happy 4th Birthday to sweet Molly!!!

Jenilee said...

Happy Birthday little Molly!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Molly! I can't believe you are 4! You are growing so fast!

September said...

hope Miss Molly had a Happy Birthday! Be sure to print your post off and save it for her to read some day!
Love and Blessings to you ministering as a family!