Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Confessions

I have had a hard time lately putting together posts, oh trust me, there is plenty to talk about or that I want to share, it's just when I try to articulate or elaborate, my thoughts become ramblings, or make no sense at all.  So I thought I would do a list, in no particular order, what's been on my mind lately...

-I have a new obsession...the Dollar Tree, I LOVE that place, seriously in love.  The Dollar Tree closest to me is almost as big as a small grocery store, it's insane, yet incredibly addicting.  I am marveled at what all you can get for a dollar, yet it gets me in trouble because I am like it's just a buck...$50 dollars later!  Okay, not that bad, but I can see myself getting there!!

-I am scared and excited all at the same time for Molly to start school.  I know it's going to be good for her, but I just know her sensitive little heart is going to be broken, and I want her to maintain her innocence of not knowing some grown up kid stuff, but I am sure all of that will be busted through on her first day.  I am really not the sheltering type, but right now I want to protect her and her little heart, but I also know it's time to let her go.  Which has brought me to my next point...

-Routines...we are starting some new routines at our house.  At first I was like oh this will be great for Molly, but really, it's selfishly for me.  I am so out of routine, yet have never really been in one.  I struggle daily with being planned or being spontaneous.  It's like I want to go to the gym and work out, yet I want to be able to say to Molly and Lucy, pack up girls we are going to the beach!  I struggle with being too rigid.  So I am really trying to figure out a good routine for our whole family come school time and Fall time.  One thing we are going to start doing is a daily devotion with Molly at breakfast.  I got a Preschool devotional book at half priced books-another store that gets me in trouble!  Molly decided she wants to read the devotions during breakfast each day.  So before school and starting this week, we are going to read them at breakfast.  Hopefully it will give us something to think about and talk about during the day, too.  We are also buckling down and doing a chore/behavior/God time chart each day, too.  Molly does pretty well with picking stuff up and helping out, but we could always be doing better.  Including myself, I need to make a daily chart for myself to keep on track, and also Lucy will get used to seeing how things are done, and some day she can have her own chart. 

-Lucy has a tooth!  On Wednesday I was at the grocery store and Lucy put my finger in her mouth and I felt something sharp and pointy, and sure enough, the corner edge of her tooth is popping through. 

-Lucy is also trying to walk, boo-hoo.  She will hold onto furniture and go and back forth taking steps, she will walk with a walking toy, not perfect, but she can go about 6-8 steps before falling to her knees, then she proceeds to "walk" on her knees! 

-Lucy clicks her tongue every time she sees the cat, it's so cute!  At first I couldn't figure out what she was doing, then I realized it's because I do that when I call him.  So her tongue clicks a lot during the day! 

So really my mind is filled with trying to better myself as a wife, mom, and Christian.  I am trying to strive for more, be more, do more all for His glory.  It's a hard reminder sometimes of why we do the things we do, but when I put it all in perspective, I get it, slowly, but I get it.  This is my last week with Molly being home.  She starts school on Sept. 1.  But we get to meet her teacher on Aug. 30.  We are making her teacher a little gift, because I am not above bringing the teacher a gift on the first day, I used to be a teacher, I know how to play the game :)  I can't wait to share with you all how it turns out!  Have a great Sunday!


Jenilee said...

I know her first day and her first year will go well! The devotions is a great idea and a perfect way to start your day as a family. Sounds like you are going through some healthy growing pains in your walk with God and that is awesome!

Jenny said...

The Dollar Tree is awesome. I am obsessed with it too!
What I feel has been the best advice given to me for daily routines is to keep it simple and be flexible.
I use the steady routine download from I love it because it gives me a visual of how the day/week will look for everyone in my family.

Dawn said...

When my boys started school, I was also worried about the kind of things they would pick up.. and honestly, I do feel that their attitudes did get a bit worse. But, I've learned that sometimes the easiest way for us to help with that is to nip it in the butt early on.. I really dont like being the 'strict parents' but in the same sense, I don't want to have the rude kids either. I am sure Molly will do amazingly well throughout school, afterall, she comes from good roots! =)

ps. I love the Dollar Tree too!! =)

Unknown said...

The Dollar Tree is a pretty awesome place. I always liked to get the bags of candy there.

I hope that when school starts Molly enjoys it and makes lots of new friends. I think I would be a little sheltering too. I worry too about her picking up stuff when the time comes.

Kristin said...

I was just at the Dollar Tree yesterday! LOL! :D I hope Molly has a great time at school this year! That is too cute about Lucy and the cat :)

Julie said...

I meant to ask you what the name of the Preschool devotional book is. I'd love something like that for the boys!