Thursday, September 8, 2011

9 months and 4 year check ups, and other fun things!

When Molly started school I thought I would have all of this free time and get a ton accomplished during those 2 1/2 hours...haha!  What a silly thought!  Insert a fussy baby, who after I wrote last "oh she's a great sleeper, blah, blah..." is now not sleeping a wink, craziness at church with starting a new 25 week series, yes, 25...and trying to keep up with being a mom, wife, counselor, friend, and human!  But I am enjoying and trying to take in every single minute of it all! 

Yesterday we went for Molly's 4 year check-up and Lucy's 9 month appointment.  It was interesting being in the same exam room for one hour, the 4 of us together.  The girls did great!  Poor Molly got 3 shots and the flu vaccine, and she was not very happy with the shots.  Lucy got 2 shots and the flu vaccine.  Neither one of them really liked the flu vaccine in their nose, but it's better than another shot! 

Here are the stats...
Molly- 46.5 pounds-greater than the 95%, and she is 42 inches tall-90%...she passed both her vision and hearing test, and we are told she is doing everything a 4 year old should be doing. 
Lucy- 26 pounds (maybe a little more, she could not sit still to save her life!)-basically 100%, haha!  But they said greater than the 95% to be polite, and she is 29 1/4 inches tall- 90%.  And her head is still in the 25-50%, which I find hilarious because I can not find a headband to fit her head without leaving a mark!  And they did the 9 month assessment on Lucy, and she passed with flying colors.  The only thing is her right foot, it goes out at a 90 degree angle, but it's actually correcting itself the more she walks around.  So we are supposed to watch that, but the doctor thinks it will be "normal" by the time she is 2.  Don't worry, it doesn't stop her from getting around! 

Praising the Lord for healthy kids!! 

Here are some other fun things...
Molly still loves school, and we have not been late once!  I know we are only on the 5th day of school, but that's good for us :) 

After 2 years of not wearing jeans, the strike is over!  Molly wore jeans, willingly to school on Tuesday!  Hallelujah!  And she wore them again on Wednesday!  I think it helps that she sees the other kids in her class wearing jeans, so she is okay with them, too.

Molly got a Barbie jeep for her birthday and she loves driving it around.  Lucy also enjoys riding in the jeep with Molly, and actually throws a royal fit when it's time to get out.  She loves playing the radio and hitting all the buttons, and probably feeling like a big girl all strapped in and tooling around.  It's been fun to watch them drive around!

Here are some pictures, enjoy!!


Unknown said...

Yay for good checkups! (Minus the shots)

I don't wear jeans on Kyndra much b/c they don't fit her well. They're always too long on her. Thank goodness for stretchy pants! Lol

I bet they have so much fun in the jeep! Lucy sounds like Lainey not wanting to get out lol

HappyascanB said...

They are growing so fast! Love that you mention y'all have not yet been late to school! That's awesome! :)

Precious kiddos!

Kristin said...

My girls have never really liked jeans either. Madison just started wearing them a couple of years ago. I have many pics of my 2 oldest in the barbie jeep too....those are great things!! I'm glad the girls are healthy and doing well. Hope you get to find some rest time for yourself too :) I love all the cute pics of the girls!

Kelly said...

They are so cute! Sounds like they are doing great! I love the greater than 95% to be polite part! Haha, so funny :)

Becca said...

Glad their check-ups went so well! AND YAY for such healthy girls!

And I just adore the pictures of the girls in the jeep. I have a few of my girls riding together at around the same ages. They are some of my favorites!