Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teacher Gifts

A long time ago, maybe a month ago, how sad!  I told you all that we were making a teacher gift for Molly's teacher, what better time to share that craft with you, a month after school started, ha! 

Molly loves mod-podge and sticking things together, so I took some inspiration from some other glue projects we have done and came up with a pencil bouquet. 

Here is what you need...

 Someone got a little excited and started early...I got this little glass vase
from Goodwill for 49 cents
Shredded tissue paper

Slap some glue on the vase...you can never have too much!

 Start sticking some paper on the glue, however much you want on there!
 Put a second coat of glue on the vase, it will all dry clear, so no worries!
Waiting for it to dry!

I used some floral foam I had around the house to stick the pencils in.  I couldn't find foam to fit this particular vase perfectly, so I balled up some leftover tissue paper to help secure the foam.  It worked great, and you can't see it through the glass! 


Then I found a bag of M&M's in my cupboard, and I have no clue why they were there, or why I had not eaten them yet!  So I used another jar I got at the Dollar Tree, remember my favorite store!  I filled the jar with the M&M's, used some ribbon and a scrapbook tag I had leftover from another project to create this...
Our teacher gifts for this year!  What teacher can't use pencils or M&M's! 
Enjoy being creative and giving out cute gifts!


Unknown said...

I need me some mod podge. Can I get that at walmart or do I have to go to a craft store?

Very cute gifts!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Super cute idea. I love them both

Julie said...

What a neat idea! I've never even heard of mod podge! Lol!