Friday, September 30, 2011

"Where oh where does my little time go, oh where oh where can it be..."

I have had numerous times this week I wanted to share stuff with y'all, but then time past so quickly and we moved on to the next thing.

This week Molly started dance, I signed on as the official Chair Person of the book fair at Molly's elementary school {insert clueless look here!}, Lucy has officially decided sleep is not a necessity, the cat got away {well, someone grabbed him and returned him}, last week I hosted a Mocktail party for Pastor's Wives/Women in Ministry in the Milwaukee area, tonight is homecoming in our tiny, cute village, so we will be going to the parade, Molly goes to the dentist for the first time ever today...and my brain is fried trying to think of what else is going on!

Life has been fun and crazy!  I am ready for a nice, settled down routine.  I am so ready for Lucy to sleep again, so is Eric.  He has been a HUGE help with rotating the night routine with her.

And speaking of Lucy she is up way early from her nap this morning, so I will leave you all with some pics to enjoy!  Have a great Friday!

 Good thing she is cute!
 Uh-oh!  My newest project!

 This is an AWESOME book!
  Read this in a couple of days!  Wonderful, wonderful book on body types!!

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Unknown said...

You def have been busy! I wonder where the time goes too