Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween and Trick-or-Treat!

Happy Halloween!  Or as it is fondly known in our house, free candy eating time! 

We endured a cold, rainy trick-or-treat time last night, but it was fun!  Eric's parents were visiting the last 4 days, hence why no blogging :)  So Eric's mom went with me, Molly, and Lucy trick-or-treating, and Eric and his dad stayed back and passed out candy and hot chocolate to the kids and adults that came our way.  It was kind of sad, not a lot of people participated in handing out candy on our street, so we didn't get a lot of trick-or-treaters.  Even if you are not a Halloween fan, it's still a great way to connect with your neighbors.  Hopefully next year!  I am amazed at 2 things about Halloween in our neighborhood...
#1- How many people decorate their house, and then don't hand out candy, really?
#2- How many people still do not understand the whole porch light rule!  On means you give out candy and Off means you do not, it is that simple people!  So many people had theirs on, but no one came to the door, and so many had theirs off, yet kept walking out to give out candy.  On or off people, really!

Molly had a blast and looked cute in her Sleeping Beauty outfit.  My step-mom, Denise aka Neesie, made the girls' costumes this year.  Molly was Sleeping Beauty and Lucy was a little fairy.  We wore them to a Halloween party at Molly's school last week, and everyone commented on how cute they were, I know, thank you :)

It was so cold and with the down pour of rain, we decided to forgo Lucy's costume, she wore flannel pajamas, a winter jacket and hat wrapped in a fleece blanket in the stroller, but Molly wore her costume.  The crown made it about 2 houses, then she took that out.  Molly was so funny, if someone gave her a piece of candy that she didn't like, she would kindly give it back to them and ask for a different piece, ha!  At least she always said thank you!

Whether you trick-or-treated already, don't partake in Halloween, or what have you, I hope you get some candy at some point today, because candy always taste good, especially when it is free!  

 Being goofy!
 Did you notice the haircut :)
 Short and sassy!

     Getting ready to head out Trick-or-Treating!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Circle Girl!

My dad's wife, Denise, fondly refereed to as Neesie here, since when Molly met her a couple years ago she could not say Denise, so what she said sounded like Neesie, and it has stuck ever since.  Anyways...Neesie is pretty handy with a pattern and sewing machine, so I asked her to make some matching dresses for the girls.  So when we were home last I picked out some fabric and handed the project over to her.  And she went a little rogue on the project and made the sweetest little outfit for Lucy.  Unfortunately there was not much fabric left for Molly, whoops, so next time Molly will be the grand prize winner.  But for now, Lucy wins :) 

 The matching shoes were a complete coincidence, I swear!

Waiting for Daddy to come home!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking It To You...

Our church is in the process of buying land to build a building, Lord willing.  We have one more meeting before the city to see if we get the green light.  But in the meantime we have begun to work with engineers and architects, and probably some other people that I am just not aware of.  On Thursday this week I get to sit down with some of the architects and tell them what I would love to have and what we absolutely need.  I have never done this before, so I am a little scared and nervous, because building a building is permanent, so I keep thinking "don't mess this up!"  I have been touring different kids areas in churches the last couple weeks, mainly looking at the area I oversee, check-in and Birth-Age 5.  I have seen some awesome things and some boring rooms. 

So while I am compiling my list I thought I would ask you all...most of you are moms and/or most of you attend church, or have been to a church before.  What are some of the things (either your church or another church you have been to) in a children's area that you think are must haves (like structurally, not so much toys), things you couldn't live without at your church, or this is something you really like about your kids area.  I need help and ideas!  So here you go, I am taking it to you all...sound off!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Infant Loss and Remembrance Day

I never knew what a significant day October 15th was until I lost my own baby.  I never really thought I would be effected by miscarriage, but I was.  I never knew how much one little baby could change your entire life, your entire faith, until it happened to me. 

Growing up I never really knew about miscarriage other than my mom had a couple.  But no one really talked about it, or how it breaks a family's heart.  No one prepares you for the hurt, or the loss, but I am not sure you ever are truly prepared for any situation in life.  I think all books, ideas, and theories go out the window when you lose a child, no matter their age, infant, toddler, or adult.  I saw this first hand after my brother died.  Everyone grieves differently.

When Eric and I found out that we were in the process of losing our baby I understood how people just want to shrivel up in the corner and not come out again.  I was so devastated and honestly mad at God for allowing us to see and hear this little one's heart beat just a week before we found out their heart beat was slowing down and would eventually not be there anymore.  I thought how cruel, how cruel of God.  I am not sure if it would have been better to not have never heard it, or if it was good to have heard it.  I am still torn to this day about it.

Losing our baby rocked my world, seriously it did.  Everything I thought I knew about God changed.  I was just so confused, mad, frustrated, and hurt.  Then the healing began, and my faith completely shifted and changed over time.  And yes, we did get pregnant very soon, which we were not expecting.  And I do feel incredibly blessed, but I still wonder about our lost baby.  Were we having a boy or a girl, would they have blond hair or red hair, curly or straight, tall or short. 

What I do know about our baby was that we were blessed however long to carry a miracle from God, a miracle that allowed its mommy to love God more than ever before and truly own her own faith.  A miracle that drew its mommy and daddy closer together, and made us love our family even more.  A miracle that makes me appreciate life with a true genuine attitude.  A miracle that proved to me how precious life is and how short our heart beats truly are.  A miracle that I thank God for allowing me to carry for those short 9 weeks.  Those 9 weeks were filled with love, hope, sadness, and restoration.

Today I am letting the world know that I had a baby, that is now in Heaven, and one day we will be together again.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

I had great plans of reminiscing about Eric and I's last 4 years here in Wisconsin.  October 12th marked 4 years of living in the cheese state.  But that didn't happen this week because I was busy with life and part of life means family...I got to spend some precious time with some of my precious family.  If you have read my blog for any amount of time you may have realized that I am related to another blogger, Holly from A Pearl Among Diamonds.

Holly has a beautiful sister, Katrina, and they are very close.  Growing up I always wanted to be one of their sisters, too.  Since I never had a sister I always thought of them as my sisters.  We used to swim in their pool, do gymnastics together, and every year we would have a cousins weekend together, where all the cousins and moms would hang out.  I miss those days!  But we all grew up, got married, moved away, and had kids.  So now time to spend together comes few and far between.  But I still secretly wish I could be sisters with Holly and Katrina.  I don't think I will ever outgrow that childhood fantasy!

Holly, her hubby, Anthony, and their two girls, Lainey and Kyndra were passing through Milwaukee to get to Minnesota.  So they were able to stop and spend the night and stay part of this morning hanging out with us.  Molly was so bummed to go to school because she was having so much fun with Kyndra.  Hopefully we will meet up at Christmas so they can play again. 

Holly did way better than me at taking pictures, so you will have to make do with my couple pictures that I have.  Also, let me state for the record, I didn't shower or do any make-up for these pictures, however, Holly looks fabulous as always!

 Molly and Kyndra before Molly went to school
 Lucy and Kyndra playing

 We had too many cameras going on!  Which way to look?!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Did You Know...

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation month?  Well it is!  Although personally I feel you should encourage your pastor monthly, weekly, etc, but what a great reason to do it now since the whole month is dedicated to appreciating you pastor!

Being married to a pastor I feel like I can shed a little light on what a pastor goes through.  Some common myths people may have about pastors...
1. They only work on Sundays, not true...sadly many pastors never take a day off, which leads to a lot of burn out.
2.  They are the only qualified ones to pray at church functions...again not true.  Anyone can pray!  And please do so!
3.  People tell them all the time what a great job they do on Sundays, or any other time during the week.  I can only speak for my husband, again not true.  Yes, he does have people tell him that he did a good job, but it's not the same as someone who rarely talks to him telling him how God's word has impacted their life. 

All joking aside, being a pastor is a pretty lonely job.  Yes it is absolutely filled with wonderful moments, life changing moments, and great memories.  There is no doubt about that, but it also is filled with loneliness, depression, and lots of questioning.  Pastors have one of the most important jobs in the entire world, one day they will answer to God for the lives of the people they ministered to.  That just scares the bajeebies out of me right now. 

So could your pastor use a little bit of encouragement?  The answer probably is yes.  During this month make sure you send your pastor a little note or email them, and tell them what a good job they are doing, or tell them a specific time that something they said during a message really spoke to you. 

Appreciating someone is free and takes a little bit of time, but the impact it has on a person truly is priceless and long lasting. 

"Good words are worth much, and cost little."
George Herbert

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 10 Months to Miss Lucy!

Last Sunday, Lucy turned 10 months old!  The last month or so has been an interesting month for us.  Lucy is often referred to as cranky pants, crankapotamus, cranky mckcranker, you see the pattern.  We thought it was teeth for the last 5 weeks or so, but nothing has broke through.  So I finally broke down and took her to the doctor on Wednesday, since we also have not been sleeping for the last 5 weeks or so.  I was at my wit's end!  Diagnosis: The Youngest!  She is an attention hog!  Which is hilarious because we often feel like Molly gets jipped at times because we pay a lot of attention to Lucy.  The doctor said Lucy may be going through separation anxiety, too.  She goes to bed just fine, but wakes up between 2-3am every night, let me say that again...every night!  We have tried crying it out, but nothing seems to work.  She cried one night for over 3 hours, it was torture, for all of us.  Oh and yesterday she woke up with green snot everywhere and a cough!  Really Murphy's Law?!   

So anyone with suggestions...anyone ever deal with separation anxiety?  Lucy never cries when we leave her somewhere, never cries at church, never cries with a babysitter, but wakes up at night with separation anxiety?  I don't know, Molly never did this, so we are charting new territory. 

So Miss Lucy here is what you are up to...
-At the doctor's they weighed you, you now weigh 27lbs 2 oz, you gained over a pound this month!
-You still love and adore your sister!  Which I love watching you both interact together, and Molly loves you, too.  She calls you her best friend, and loves playing with you, most of the time.
-You love the cat, and it's hilarious to watch him tolerate you.
-You love kids, you are the most social one in the Nursery at church, you play with anyone and everyone, and even try to play with the big kids.
-You have stopped eating any and all baby food.  Since you got your teeth you have done away with baby food.  Which has now brought upon it's own challenges...what to feed you!  Since there are still some things you are not allowed to have, but we manage and you love about everything you eat!
-You still just have your bottom 2 teeth, but I swear any day now you should be getting like 10 more, your top and bottom gums are all white!
-You say dada, mama, baba, no-no, yea-yea, and jabber all the time.  You have really enjoyed yelling the last couple weeks, you usually yell dada real loud and it's hilarious to me, sometimes a little annoying for daddy!
-You never want to sit down in your car seat, it almost takes 2 adults to get you to sit down, and when we get you out, you practically get yourself out.  You don't mind once you are in it, but boy oh boy get you out when the car stops!
-You have taken a couple steps here and there, but you can stand on your own for like 10 minutes.  You know you are supposed to go forward, but you aren't sure how it all works together.
-You love to shake your head yes, and you look like a broken bobble head doll! 
-Whenever you hear anything that sounds remotely like music you dance, you shake your arms, head, and you try to get your while body groovin.  Again, hilarious. 
-You love to pull everything off the bottom of the kitchen island, all my bowls, pitchers, etc.  You think it's funny, I think it's not so funny!
-You really are a sweet baby when you want to be!  You know you are the youngest and should be getting all our undivided attention, and when you are not getting it, you let us know about it.

Although the last 5 weeks or so have been extremely trying and exhausting, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I keep telling myself when you are 16 I am going to long for these days again, maybe!  But really I am trying to take it all in and know this too shall pass, and it will probably pass too quickly!  We love you Lucy May!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Celebrating Our Little Village with Some Family Time

Last Friday our little village had their annual homecoming parade.  We decided we would go so our girls could have some fun, we could interact with some other villagers and just make a family memory.  What the parade lacked we made up for with laughter, smiles, and old fashion fun! 

The parade was pretty short, which was good since it was chilly and really windy out!  Molly loved the cheerleaders and getting candy, Lucy loved the band, and my heart was so overjoyed with having a great time with my little family that I had tears in my eyes in the entire time we were down there. 

It really felt like I was living the dream, sitting in our lawn chairs, watching all these teenagers walk by and seeing how happy Eric, Molly, and Lucy were.  I felt like I was home.  Right where they are, is home for me.  I am sure this sounds like all cheese, especially since we were watching a silly little parade, but it's true for me.  I couldn't tell you the last time I felt that happy, and so overjoyed and over blessed.  Life is good!  God is good!

Then on Saturday our little village had their annual "Hay Days."  Again, nothing big and glamorous, but it made for an awesome family memory.  Our little downtown street was shut down, kids were enjoying food, fun, and silliness.  Molly got to go pumpkin bowling, which she totally cracked the pumpkin down the middle, and ride in a little cart pulled by a miniature pony, we ate great tasting kettle corn and Molly saw some kids from her class at school, so she felt pretty cool.  We ate lunch and came home and relaxed.  We had an awesome fun filled family weekend.  We have been so busy lately with ministry stuff, that it was nice to stop and take a moment for ourselves.  I wouldn't trade being in ministry for anything, well, maybe for some more family time, but I do truly love serving God and the people at The Ridge, and I feel thankful our girls are growing up in the ministry.  But I am also thankful for the moments we have together as our little family of 4.   
 At the parade
 A little cold!

 Does this hat make my face look round?

 At the Village Hay Days!
 Pumpkin bowling!

 Go Brewers!
 Even Lucy had some fun!
 Pony ride!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Molly at the Dentist!

Let me state for the record, yesterday Miss Lucy May turned 10 months old!  Good grief!  So I will give her her very own post tomorrow, hopefully if she cooperates for some pictures tonight, because last night she was not having it!

On Friday we took Molly to the dentist for the 1st time ever.  I know, I know, I am like 2 years late on getting her there.  Part of my reason for waiting was because I truly didn't know how Molly would do, she normally does not freak out about things, but you never know!  And also, I was scared to death she was going to have like 10 cavities.  Even though I know what she eats and she brushes her teeth, that was my silly worry.  I guess it would make for a good story, but I will let someone else tell that story! 

I made an appointment at a dentist office just for kids.  I wanted someone trained to work with kids in this area, so if she did freak out they would be prepared.  The waiting room was incredible, even Lucy didn't want to stop playing to go back in the room.  Molly climbed up in the chair with no problem, the hygienist explained everything that she was going to do and use.  Molly got to pick a new toothbrush that they used on her when cleaning her teeth.  I think she picked bubble gum for the fluoride and toothpaste options.

I am not sure the technical term of this, but the little straw they use to suck your saliva out of your mouth, at this dentist office it was called "Mr. Thirsty."  I thought it was cute, Molly was less than amused.  That was the only thing she did NOT like at all.  The lady kept telling Molly to give it a kiss, so Molly did like twice, then they used gauze or something to wipe her teeth off.  And she did so well they were able to get all her x-rays, something I guess they might wait till the next time, but they were able to do them now.  The dentist said Molly's teeth look good and healthy.  She could tell before asking that we don't do juice.  I am not against juice, Molly is like me and if it's in the house that is all she will drink.  So we just refrain except for special times.

Molly got to pick out a prize in the prize box and let me tell you these prizes were nice, not like bouncy balls or anything, she got a {fake} My Little Pony, but she does not know the difference!  Overall it was a great experience, the dentist and her staff were super nice, and I think Molly had a good time.  She was glad when it was done, but who isn't at the dentist office, really now! 

 Showing off those pearly whites!
 We were in the sports themed room!
 Lucy wanted to check things out!
That daddy is so silly!