Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 10 Months to Miss Lucy!

Last Sunday, Lucy turned 10 months old!  The last month or so has been an interesting month for us.  Lucy is often referred to as cranky pants, crankapotamus, cranky mckcranker, you see the pattern.  We thought it was teeth for the last 5 weeks or so, but nothing has broke through.  So I finally broke down and took her to the doctor on Wednesday, since we also have not been sleeping for the last 5 weeks or so.  I was at my wit's end!  Diagnosis: The Youngest!  She is an attention hog!  Which is hilarious because we often feel like Molly gets jipped at times because we pay a lot of attention to Lucy.  The doctor said Lucy may be going through separation anxiety, too.  She goes to bed just fine, but wakes up between 2-3am every night, let me say that again...every night!  We have tried crying it out, but nothing seems to work.  She cried one night for over 3 hours, it was torture, for all of us.  Oh and yesterday she woke up with green snot everywhere and a cough!  Really Murphy's Law?!   

So anyone with suggestions...anyone ever deal with separation anxiety?  Lucy never cries when we leave her somewhere, never cries at church, never cries with a babysitter, but wakes up at night with separation anxiety?  I don't know, Molly never did this, so we are charting new territory. 

So Miss Lucy here is what you are up to...
-At the doctor's they weighed you, you now weigh 27lbs 2 oz, you gained over a pound this month!
-You still love and adore your sister!  Which I love watching you both interact together, and Molly loves you, too.  She calls you her best friend, and loves playing with you, most of the time.
-You love the cat, and it's hilarious to watch him tolerate you.
-You love kids, you are the most social one in the Nursery at church, you play with anyone and everyone, and even try to play with the big kids.
-You have stopped eating any and all baby food.  Since you got your teeth you have done away with baby food.  Which has now brought upon it's own challenges...what to feed you!  Since there are still some things you are not allowed to have, but we manage and you love about everything you eat!
-You still just have your bottom 2 teeth, but I swear any day now you should be getting like 10 more, your top and bottom gums are all white!
-You say dada, mama, baba, no-no, yea-yea, and jabber all the time.  You have really enjoyed yelling the last couple weeks, you usually yell dada real loud and it's hilarious to me, sometimes a little annoying for daddy!
-You never want to sit down in your car seat, it almost takes 2 adults to get you to sit down, and when we get you out, you practically get yourself out.  You don't mind once you are in it, but boy oh boy get you out when the car stops!
-You have taken a couple steps here and there, but you can stand on your own for like 10 minutes.  You know you are supposed to go forward, but you aren't sure how it all works together.
-You love to shake your head yes, and you look like a broken bobble head doll! 
-Whenever you hear anything that sounds remotely like music you dance, you shake your arms, head, and you try to get your while body groovin.  Again, hilarious. 
-You love to pull everything off the bottom of the kitchen island, all my bowls, pitchers, etc.  You think it's funny, I think it's not so funny!
-You really are a sweet baby when you want to be!  You know you are the youngest and should be getting all our undivided attention, and when you are not getting it, you let us know about it.

Although the last 5 weeks or so have been extremely trying and exhausting, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I keep telling myself when you are 16 I am going to long for these days again, maybe!  But really I am trying to take it all in and know this too shall pass, and it will probably pass too quickly!  We love you Lucy May!


Sarah Robbins said...

Oh friend- I feel for you! It is hard enough being a mama when you get a few hours of sleep, but when babies are not sleeping it is rough! Have you thought about putting a pack and play in your room for awhile? I also read somewhere that you can tape record yourself singing lullabies and have it play in their room to comfort them when they wake up. Also, I read about letting them sleep with your t-shirt that you wore that day, or a t-shirt that you try to wear for an hour or so before bed so it smells like you?

I will be praying for you!! Remember, light and momentary afflictions produce eternal glory beyond comparison... (2 Cor. 4:17) I memorized that one during Deb's vacation from sleep! It helps to chant it to yourself from about 2am-4am. :)

Alison said...

She is precious!!! Happy 10 Months, Lucy!!!

Kristin said...

I love reading these posts about what she's up to :) I'm sorry she's decided to take a break from sleeping all night. I know that is SO hard!! I'm in for a huge change with Matthew coming....not used to those sleepless nights anymore! Lucy is so adorable!

Jenilee said...

yes! happy 10 months!! :) she is so so cute

Unknown said...

It def can be rough when they don't sleep thru the nite. Lainey still wakes up at night. We're trying to work on her sleeping better and it's going ok. Good days and bad days. Last night was not a good one! She was fitful all night. The things is she sleeps really good and then wakes up and wants to be w/ us but then many times she doesn't sleep as well w/ us. I'd love for her to be able to sleep on her own and move to her own room. Baby steps I guess.