Monday, October 3, 2011

Molly at the Dentist!

Let me state for the record, yesterday Miss Lucy May turned 10 months old!  Good grief!  So I will give her her very own post tomorrow, hopefully if she cooperates for some pictures tonight, because last night she was not having it!

On Friday we took Molly to the dentist for the 1st time ever.  I know, I know, I am like 2 years late on getting her there.  Part of my reason for waiting was because I truly didn't know how Molly would do, she normally does not freak out about things, but you never know!  And also, I was scared to death she was going to have like 10 cavities.  Even though I know what she eats and she brushes her teeth, that was my silly worry.  I guess it would make for a good story, but I will let someone else tell that story! 

I made an appointment at a dentist office just for kids.  I wanted someone trained to work with kids in this area, so if she did freak out they would be prepared.  The waiting room was incredible, even Lucy didn't want to stop playing to go back in the room.  Molly climbed up in the chair with no problem, the hygienist explained everything that she was going to do and use.  Molly got to pick a new toothbrush that they used on her when cleaning her teeth.  I think she picked bubble gum for the fluoride and toothpaste options.

I am not sure the technical term of this, but the little straw they use to suck your saliva out of your mouth, at this dentist office it was called "Mr. Thirsty."  I thought it was cute, Molly was less than amused.  That was the only thing she did NOT like at all.  The lady kept telling Molly to give it a kiss, so Molly did like twice, then they used gauze or something to wipe her teeth off.  And she did so well they were able to get all her x-rays, something I guess they might wait till the next time, but they were able to do them now.  The dentist said Molly's teeth look good and healthy.  She could tell before asking that we don't do juice.  I am not against juice, Molly is like me and if it's in the house that is all she will drink.  So we just refrain except for special times.

Molly got to pick out a prize in the prize box and let me tell you these prizes were nice, not like bouncy balls or anything, she got a {fake} My Little Pony, but she does not know the difference!  Overall it was a great experience, the dentist and her staff were super nice, and I think Molly had a good time.  She was glad when it was done, but who isn't at the dentist office, really now! 

 Showing off those pearly whites!
 We were in the sports themed room!
 Lucy wanted to check things out!
That daddy is so silly!


HappyascanB said...

So happy to hear Molly did so well! Ellie just went to the dentist for the first time and Jenn was all kinds of nervous about it. I think that's just a mommy thing!

Lucy looks like a mini Eric to me from the back! So cute!

Unknown said...

Names like Mr. Thirsty can be helpful when your kid is visiting the dentist. The kid-friendly terms makes the whole process more comfortable for them. In turn, the chances of a successful visit are much better. Having them freak out less is an improvement.

-Bradley Bedell

Kristin said...

Glad it went well!! We have Mr Thirsty at our dentist too :D

Unknown said...

Hooray for a good appt!! Glad she did so well.