Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 11 Months to Miss Lucy!

Last week Lucy turned 11 months old...I am coming to grips with the fact that she will be 1 in less then a month.  I am pretty excited for her to turn 1, with Molly I seriously was depressed for about 2 weeks, I cried everyday and just moped around.  But with Lucy, I am excited, probably because Molly has paved the way with knowing what comes next in each stage.

Our last week has been crazy with Eric's brother being hospitalized, Lucy getting a little virus that spread to me and Molly, and poor Lucy has had diarrhea for the last 9 days, I am praying today is the day she is healed of this awful virus!  Despite having the Big D for the last week, Lucy is still smiley and happy.  So cleaning up after Lucy literally means bring in the cleaning crew, the poor kid has taken 4-6 baths a day, changed clothes more times than I can count and now is getting a little diaper rash.  But I think we are on the mends, hopefully!

Lucy you are 11 months is what you are up to...
-You have been walking for almost 3 weeks!  You walk everywhere, and now you are trying to run a little, which is hilarious!
-When someone tells you that they love you, you blow them a kiss, it's so sweet!
-You are saying mom, dada, bye, no no, yea yea, baba, and I think you try to say Molly at times, you usually make the same noise when she comes over to you, but truly you jabber all the time, you like to tell us stories, and shake your finger at us, it's pretty funny!
-You love lift the flaps books, you think it's so cool to see what is underneath there.
-You are still so happy, smiley, laugh a lot, and are very sweet.
-You eat all the time, you love pretty much everything we give you!
-You never want to be left out of anything, I mean anything!  If you feel left out you yell until you feel included.
-You and Molly play really well together, she is very sweet with you, and is constantly "mommy-ing" you, it melts my heart on a daily basis.
-Life has not been the same the last 11 months, you have brought us pure joy and we love seeing you grow, explore, and discover the world around you!

A little update on Eric's brother, Matt...he is out of the coma, off the vent, and now out of ICU, he has pretty much made a complete recovery for the most part.  He has been moved to a different part of the hospital for now, and then after he is released, we are not sure what is next, so if you could pray for next steps for him.  He needs a lot of guidance from God, which I know God will provide him, Matt just needs to listen and follow now.  Thank you all for your continued prayers, again, we are so blessed by you all!


HappyascanB said...

She is so precious! I always love reading all about the personalities of my blog friends' babies! Lucy sounds like she is a total blast! Nothing like these baby girls telling us stories in complete babble!!

Still praying for Eric's brother and the whole family.

Sarah Robbins said...

Praise the Lord for the health of Eric's brother!

Lucy is so cute! I can't believe how big she is getting and how fast a year can go. I love reading about all the fun things she is doing- it helps me not be sad about Deb getting bigger and to look forward to what is coming next. :)

I hope she is feeling better soon. Being sick is no fun at all.

Kristin said...

So happy to hear the news of your BIL. Praying for him!

Could Lucy be any more precious?!! Why do they grow up so fast? I'm already telling Matthew to stop growing up so fast and he's only a week old. Haha! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Becca said...

HAPPY 11 Months Miss Lucy! SOOOO Crazy that she is almost a year old! I really do hope she is back to normal now, poor girl!!!

I will definitely keep Eric's brother in my prayers. And all of his family too!

Unknown said...

They sure do grow up so fast! The first year flies by especially w/ the 2nd one I think!!

That is great news about Matt!