Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's that time of the year...

I know you are thinking Thanksgiving, nope, Christmas, nope's that time of the year my computer decides it has had enough!  The last 2 years around Thanksgiving time my computer calls it quits...luckily the last 2 years it has been saved, but not this year.  Last week my screen started flickering, then everyday after that it got a little worse until finally on Monday half of the screen was black and the other half looked like a strobe light.  Awesome :)

It finally went kaputs yesterday, the screen was totally black, awesome again!  We found one we want to get since I don't need anything fancy, however it does not go on sale until the day after Thanksgiving.  So now I am left to using Eric's computer in the mornings before he goes to work and at night when he gets home, and that's if he remembers to bring it home with him, ha! 

I hope you all are enjoying this time of the year, we are.  Despite being busy, we are really enjoying this stage of life we are in...that made me sound really old!  Lucy is about to turn one, yikes!  And Molly is fun exploring the age of 4, who knew there were so many ups and downs to being 4?!  I feel like we ride an emotional roller coaster daily, ha!  I guess she is preparing me for when she is 13!

Anyways...I love this time of the year, whether you have your tree up now, or wait until later, I feel like the world got a little nicer and more joy is in the air.  I just love it :)

Well, until next time, which is hopefully soon, have a great day!   


Unknown said...

Your computer sounds like our tv! It is flickering now and has been for a bit along with making a humming noise. I don't know how much longer it'll last!

Bethany Zumba said...

I think we have the same luck with electronics. If it's not my computer, it's my phone, ipod, or car. Sheesh. I love this part of the year, too!!

Kristin said...

That is such a bummer about your computer :(. I love this time of year too!!