Monday, November 21, 2011

What You Missed-Bullet Points and Pictures

Well, it has officially been 1 week since my computer said the sad goodbye.  The good thing is that it's not totally dead, we can still retrieve pictures and documents off of it, thank you Lord!  But it has truly been hard not having access any time that I want on it.  I have been getting more done around the house, playing more with the girls, and going to bed really early.  So I guess it has its ups to it, too.  The girls have not fully adjusted to the time change, we are literally up by 5 am every single day, yes, every single day.  So by 10am I feel like it should be nap time already.  So in a nutshell here is what has happened over the last week...
-Lucy continues to amaze us with her sneakiness, seriously, she looks cute, but she is sneaky!  We are going to have to watch her at all times!
-Molly has now been to 3 birthday parties in the last 2 weeks, our gift budget is getting blown away!
-My mom and step-dad are flying in this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Lucy's {almost} 1st birthday, we are very excited to see Papa and Grandma!
-I am half way finished with Christmas shopping, hooray!
-A lot of our gifts have meaning behind them this year, we ordered stuff from The Mercy House and our friends adoption fundraiser of selling coffee.  I love reasons behind gifts!
-I am getting very excited to put up our Christmas tree and decorations!
-We are going to see Santa this week in our too cute little downtown.  He will be riding in on his firetruck Friday night and it looks like it shouldn't be too cold this year.
-I started "Pinning."  I have no clue what I am doing!  For those of you wondering if this is some weird habit, no it's an addiction, ha!  Pinterest has been the craze for awhile now, I resisted the urge because as much as I wanted to jump on board and do it, I knew I didn't have the time to commit to it, but after lots of peer pressure, I gave in.  The good thing is I know I am not really creative, so I don't get so caught up in trying to make a lot, I am realistic pinner!
-We have parent/teacher conferences on Wednesday, and I am nervous it's either going to be really good or really bad!  Molly has been an emotional wreck lately, which I am assuming is normal for being 4, but she is either happy or punching someone.  We ride this roller coaster daily, so any advice on 4's, please tell! 
-The Book Fair is 2 weeks away!  Remember I am the one who signed up to be the Chairperson this year!  I think it's going to be successful, hopefully!  We have more than half the spots filled, so that's progress, but we still need some more volunteers or I will be working at the book fair a lot!
-Molly's first concert at school is coming up, I am so excited to see her sing on stage! 

Alright, I think that's all, I left out some boring details, so if you were bored reading that list, then you know how exciting my life is!  I am hoping to get around real soon to see what you all have been up to!
 You think her hair is going to be red?  
We can't tell...

 You are right, that didn't end well!
 Miss Thing!
 See ya, Mom, I am off!

This is what happens when you think you don't need a 
morning nap, especially since we had been up since 5am!


September said...

Kate... I have missed reading your blog... after switching to WP ,, silly me thought that I had "lost" all of my blogs that I read... someone helped re-direct me.. and so,, here we are, PHEW!
Your little "baby" girl is grooowwwinng! And she looks like she keeps you busy!
Your blog is as beautiful as ever.. I LOVE the new header,,,and you look great!
Blessings to you Blogging friend,

Kelly said...

Can't believe how big Lucy is getting! She is so cute toddling around :) Hope you have a great time with your family!

Unknown said...

You do get more done when you cant get online as much! (Which is actually kinda nice!)

I have a pinterest acct and have for a bit but I haven't gotten into it like other people have. I haven't even been on it since I was planning for Lainey's party. It does have a lot of great ideas!

Im not surprised by Lucy's sneakiness! LOL

Kristin said...

Ha! Those pictures are too cute! She does look like she will have red hair!

I've been doing Christmas shopping too and you reminded me that I wanted to head over to Lauren's new shop to see what I can find for gifts :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Mom.

Jennifer said...

I'm with you on needing advice on the 4's! She is such a roller coaster right now...I can't imagine what our teenage years are going to look like! :)