Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long 2011, Hello 2012!

I have been trying to think of something brilliant to type all day...but being gone all week, traveling today for 6 hours in the car with the girls, and trying to get back into our home routine...well, really, I am lucky I have gotten this far in the post! 

Looking back at 2011 some of it is a blur, and some of it stands out very clear to me.  Some days felt like the movie "Groundhog Day" and other days felt like they were "Fast and Furious."  2011 brought us 2 kids, well Lucy was born in Dec. 2010, but really understanding what it is like to raise 2 kids didn't hit us till 2011.  We went through our capital campaign at church which was awesome and we are still seeing the blessings from that, personally and through others at The Ridge.  We celebrated another year in ministry in Milwaukee, 4 years have flown by!  Molly started school, our big 4K student!  Lucy has learned to sit, crawl, stand, and walk in 2011!  I could go on and on, but if you have been with me for any length of time, you know it all!

Maybe because I am getting older, or just wiser, but I am actually excited for a new year.  I am excited at different possibilities, opportunities, relationships, who knows, the sky is the limit!  In 2012 I pray that I truly allow God to lead even when it is so uncomfortable and I do not want to go there, I pray I do, I pray for boldness in proclaiming Christ's name, I mean really, what do I have to lose?!  I pray that I am a better wife, mom, friend, daughter, blogger :)  I pray that I give way more than I take, and that people want to know what's different about me, I pray my light always shines for Jesus no matter where I am, at home, in public, or even at church.

I have some resolutions I am going to make for 2012, I normally don't do that, I usually say "lifestyle changes."  Which I do have some of those, but I need some goals, I need to no longer be content with being content.

So to end out 2011 I want to say a huge thank you to all the readers of this blog, whether you comment or not, whether you stop by weekly or monthly.  You all have encouraged me in more ways then I can count, your words are heartfelt and genuine, and I love every single one of them.  I pray I can be to you what you are to me.

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Gotta Let the Light Shine

I am doing a short study on the book of John with some fabulous ladies I know.  I love studying the Bible, thinking how God inspired every single one of those words on those pages, how he used some very random people to tell his story, just amazing to me.  Tonight as I was finishing up some questions for tomorrow's discussion it's like I was smacked in the face with some truth. 

Not get back on that soapbox about Christmas and Happy Holidays, but one thing that gets me is that Christ can be celebrated more than just one day a year, which I know that, you know that, but it's the others that don't know that {ADD Moment-nope not referring to Lost}.  We should celebrate Jesus every single day, like seriously, every day.  I am just so bothered that people don't do this, you know.  Anyways, this year has really made me look at Christmas totally different.  Last year I felt way more emotionally tied to Mary, just having a baby myself, I am sure most of it was hormones, but truly, I felt like I could totally empathize with her.  This year I have been going through "Truth in the Tinsel" with Molly.  We have been studying every aspect of of the Christmas story, like every detail you usually pass by, or skim over.  It's been awesome, I have gotten so much out of it, and I am the adult :)

So with all of that said, and coming across this verse tonight and really meditating on it..."The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." John 1:5, and then this verse..."So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness.  And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son." John 1:14

Full of unfailing love and, really, wow.  If we are to imitate that, I have a lot of work to do!  So with Christmas coming remember to shine your light in the darkness, be extra nice to that chick at the mall you would like to say some things to in line, give up that last cookie at your family Christmas party, shine Jesus everywhere, and not just on Christmas, every day.

This song might give you some encouragement, it does for me...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Molly can dance and sing!

On Monday Molly had an open house for her dance class and her first Holiday program at school.  Eric went to the open house and took some pictures and video, and then we all tried to enjoy the 4 and 5 year olds happily singing with a one year old who just wanted to run everywhere!  Then of course when I turned my camera on at the program the low battery flashed on my screen, of course!  I think that was God's way of saying "just enjoy the moment!"  Which we did, and then at the end of the program they did a slide show of all the kids and everything they have learned and done so far this year, talk about a tear jerker!  My word, I was doing the ugly cry where no noise comes out yet your shoulders are shaking really hard!  I blame it on the sappy music and seeing my kid growing up before my eyes!

Here are some pics and some videos, some are long and some you might get motion sick from watching, ha!  Someone let us borrow their really nice HD video camera, so I brought it home, plugged it in and thought we were good to go.  Well, we would be if plugging it in in the microphone slot charged the camera!  Eric wasn't exactly thrilled, since our video camera was dead, so our other options were a little flip camera that is another friends and our regular camera that takes not so great videos.  So it wasn't a great video night in the Ferguson house!


 3rd row up
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer...

Okay so update...I had like 3 more videos, but they won't upload, so enjoy these two!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Randomness, it's all randomness...

So today is one of those days that you just have once in awhile, or weekly in my case!  My head is swirling with everything that I need to finish for church, for home, for Christmas, for {insert the blank}.  But I am not feeling overwhelmed, I am feeling excited and happy.

*Tonight is Molly's 1st ever Holiday Program she has ever been a part of .  I am so anxious to see her sing and be merry on stage with a zillion other little 4 and 5 year olds.   
*I am almost finished Christmas shopping, we literally have one more thing to get, I am pretty sure, and maybe one exchange for something else but we are almost finished.
*Not that we don't every year, but this year we really put a lot of thought into most gifts, or at least tried to, so I am really excited for people to open their presents.  Especially since we don't have a million dollars or hundreds to spend, we really tried hard to make what we got meaningful.
*I can not believe I am about to go get supplies for church on January 1st...what?!  I feel like it still is the beginning of December or something.
*We have had one little snow so far this year, and nothing in site for Christmas either here or in Ohio, where we will be.  It doesn't feel like Christmas without snow!
*Speaking of Christmas...not to start a debate or be all PC on you, but it truly, 100% does not bother me that people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas...gasp, what.  Nope, I am not bothered one bit by it, and really, I am tired of hearing about it.  I look at it this way, Christmas and New Years are so close together it's easier to say "Holiday" then Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, kill 2 birds with one stone.  And no, they are not always taking Christ out of Christmas...okay, off my soapbox...but seriously y'all, not trying to offend any of you, just needed to get that off my chest.
*I am loving Pinterest...I tried to not succumb to it, I tried staying away, but I am so glad I didn't!  I am pretty realistic with my crafting/sewing abilities, so I don't get that sucked in with trying to make things, but it is fun to see what others are making!
*Lucy was caught slapping a baby in the Nursery yesterday and she tackled a 3 year old and took her baby doll.  My word!  To her defense, she likes baby dolls and she has never really been around a little baby before.  I told you she was a bully!
*I am working on my goals for 2012.  I always try and say "lifestyle changes" but I think I need some goals now!  One is a big one for me, like a physical thing that I keep telling myself "you are aiming way too high!"  But I can't get it out of my head!
*I hope and pray you all have a great Christmas/Holiday season :) 

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with pictures and maybe video of Molly! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whatcha Going to do With All Those Christmas Cards

I love this time of year for many, many reasons.  One is because of the Christmas cards and letters we get.  As much as I love Facebook and the ability to see your pictures everyday, there is still something special about getting your picture snail mail style.

But come January and you are taking down the tree and decorations, you are always left wondering what to do with those cards.  You feel bad throwing them away, because that's someones face you are pouring day old coffee grounds on.  Yet you are not sure where to stash them, so you either pitch them now or wait til June, feel justified and pitch them then.

I have a solution for you this year!

You know those cute flip photo albums...
 Source: Amazon
Put the cards in there, one per slot.  Then either by yourself or as a family, pray for those people.  You will have a little prayer album all year.  You can choose to flip the pictures once a day, once a week, or once a month.  Now you won't feel guilty for getting rid of or forgetting about those beautiful picture cards and you are also covering someone in prayer.  How cool!

Then next year you can replace their old card with the new one :)

Merry Christmas carding! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 12 Months to Miss Lucy! {2 weeks later, ahem...}

Well, most of you know that our Lucy turned one on Dec. 2!  Her first year check-up was last Thursday and I finally got around to taking her 12 month picture today...all in good time, right?!  Truthfully, I could not find the stickers for the life of me, and I had to turn my house upside down like 10 times to find them.  So frustrating, but worth it, and now I don't care where they go!

Lucy here is what you are up to...
-You weigh 27.5 pounds, at least we think, you wouldn't sit still on the scale to save your life!  You are off the charts, but as the doctor nicely says, "greater than the 95%"
-You are 30 1/2 inches long...95%...which is great, your height and weight are finally starting to match up
-Your head is 44 cm...I am not sure what percentile, they didn't say
-You are still in a size 5 diaper
-You are still wearing all 24 month and 3T clothes...depends on brand mostly as to which one
-You are not a fan of shoes, even once we found some to fit your thick feet, you don't like wearing them for too long
-You are a kissing fool, you will kiss anything, literally anything...the cat, the couch, the window, a person, your highchair, you name it, you'll kiss it!
-You wave "hi" and "bye" to anyone and anything, the moment you walk in a room you start waving even if no one is there!
-You are the master imitate it all, my favorite so far is the cat meowing!  But you try to act like us, well, you really try and act like anything you can
-You love watching movies, when we turn the TV on for a movie you climb up in your "Lucy" chair and sit so still, usually you are holding a baby doll or a stuffed animal, it's so cute!
-You can say no no, yea yea, bye, duck, quack, woof, you try and say Molly and meow, at least you say the same noises when you see Molly and the cat, you also say there, it sounds more like "der" but we get it, and you try and say so much more, it's pretty darn cute
-You are a little bossy and you have mastered the art of the temper's a little scary how well you can throw yourself down and scream and kick and carry on
-You love to wrestle, again a little scared you might be a bully, but you do enjoy a good elbow drop :)
-You are on the go all the time, nothing is safe with you around
-You are attached to me, deep down I love this, but by the end of the day mommy needs a break!
-You go through sleep cycles of sleeping really well for a couple weeks, not sleeping so well for a couple weeks, right now we are in the not so well...yawn!
-You get excited to pick Molly up from school everyday, it's funny to watch your face when she runs out of the door and right to you!
-I am sure there is plenty more I could say about you, Lucy May, but I will stop bragging :) 

We love you more everyday! 

 At this point she realized the sticker peeled off...

Happy 12 months and almost 2 weeks, Lucy May!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Year Full of Lucy

{I have been wanting to sit and reflect on our year of Lucy-ness...I haven't really been able to put into words what this last year has been like or meant to me, but I figured I should at least try before this next year passes and she is two.}

Dear Lucy May,
When I found out you were on your way shocked would not even be able to begin to describe how I felt.  I was afraid to love and get to know you since Daddy and I had just a month before experienced the loss of another baby's life.  I honestly had come to terms that Molly was going to an only...and then God went and blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.  Once I knew you were healthy and staying put I truly began to grow with you.  You restored faith and hope in my life.  You helped me heal and I truly believe you stitched my heart up one stitch at a time.

You sister has been crazy about since day 1.  She would always lift my shirt up and slightly yell "Lucy May, Lucy May, Lucy May!"  I think that's why you giggle still today when she yells that at you in the playroom.  You have loved her, too.  When you would hear her voice you moved to whatever side Molly was on, when you were born you would move your head, now you run to her.  I have truly loved watching your relationship with each other grow and form.  I never had a sister, so watching you two is truly special to me.

Your daddy is truly outnumbered now in our house.  But I don't think he minds one bit.  He has a very soft spot for you, the baby, the youngest, our little healer.  He can make you laugh like no one else, he can soothe your pain with one kiss, and he can try and be stern with you, but it just never seems to really happen.  To say you have him wrapped around your finger is an under statement, he just plain old loves you.

As for me, well, I am just smitten with you.  I know what it is like to love my first and my last baby, and I feel spoiled because of that.  Molly had me as a new mommy, you have me as a new mommy to two.  I am not sure which one is better!  I look at your sister Molly and I think of faith, I look at you and I think hope.  I look at our family and I think blessed and cherished.

My life has not been the same since you arrived.  Your birth was exciting and a little painful, your first 9 months were laid back and relaxed, then after the 9 month honeymoon you have turned into a walking, talking, sassy, bossy, sometimes bully, sweet, wonderful, beautiful, ornery, sneaky, and just plain fabulous little girl.  I am proud to be your mommy and I am so excited to see this next stage of life with you!  I love you, Lucy May!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lucy's {1st} 1st Birthday Party

I am still here, I did so well posting last week and then well...

Last Friday was Lucy's 1st birthday!  We had a ton of fun with some special friends that came to celebrate with us.  We did a really, really small gathering at our house for the actual day, because when we go to Ohio for Christmas we are doing a family one there.  It was a crazy day because that was also the day we set up for the book fair.  I walked in the door like 20 minutes before everyone arrived, not good, a little stressed, but we pulled it off.

Here are some pictures I took, Eric took some with his IPad2 and took video, so I will have to have him send me the video of her eating her cupcake!

 I woke up a 1 year old!
 Thanks Papa and Neesie!
 From Mommy, Daddy, and Molly
 Our spread!  Minus the pizza :)
 Thanks for the moral support on the banner, you know who you are!

 Can you tell our theme was cupcakes?!
 More moral support thank you's!  The favors!

 No one is really in the mood, ha!
 She was and still is fighting a cold, poor baby!
 Someone is loving the camera!
 A little smile!

 I tried changing her socks and she kept yelling "no no no!"  And hit my hand!

 Our little friend, Miss M!

 Oh my word, I love it!
 Presents after a nice bath to get cleaned up!
  Notice Molly is even supporting the cupcake theme, haha!

There was Lucy's first party, I am sure the second one will be fun, too!  This week is Book Fair week and it has been stressful and fun!  When I am there helping the kids and talking to them I love it, trying to get more volunteers, well, not so much fun!  I want to be a cheerleader at the school and just love these kids, how do I get that job?!  It's been heartbreaking seeing some of the kids there, and also scary because those kids are going to be Molly and Lucy some day!  

Tomorrow we go for Lucy's 1 year check up, hopefully they can tell us why we haven't slept through the night in 2 weeks!  Have a great day!