Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 12 Months to Miss Lucy! {2 weeks later, ahem...}

Well, most of you know that our Lucy turned one on Dec. 2!  Her first year check-up was last Thursday and I finally got around to taking her 12 month picture today...all in good time, right?!  Truthfully, I could not find the stickers for the life of me, and I had to turn my house upside down like 10 times to find them.  So frustrating, but worth it, and now I don't care where they go!

Lucy here is what you are up to...
-You weigh 27.5 pounds, at least we think, you wouldn't sit still on the scale to save your life!  You are off the charts, but as the doctor nicely says, "greater than the 95%"
-You are 30 1/2 inches long...95%...which is great, your height and weight are finally starting to match up
-Your head is 44 cm...I am not sure what percentile, they didn't say
-You are still in a size 5 diaper
-You are still wearing all 24 month and 3T clothes...depends on brand mostly as to which one
-You are not a fan of shoes, even once we found some to fit your thick feet, you don't like wearing them for too long
-You are a kissing fool, you will kiss anything, literally anything...the cat, the couch, the window, a person, your highchair, you name it, you'll kiss it!
-You wave "hi" and "bye" to anyone and anything, the moment you walk in a room you start waving even if no one is there!
-You are the master imitate it all, my favorite so far is the cat meowing!  But you try to act like us, well, you really try and act like anything you can
-You love watching movies, when we turn the TV on for a movie you climb up in your "Lucy" chair and sit so still, usually you are holding a baby doll or a stuffed animal, it's so cute!
-You can say no no, yea yea, bye, duck, quack, woof, you try and say Molly and meow, at least you say the same noises when you see Molly and the cat, you also say there, it sounds more like "der" but we get it, and you try and say so much more, it's pretty darn cute
-You are a little bossy and you have mastered the art of the temper's a little scary how well you can throw yourself down and scream and kick and carry on
-You love to wrestle, again a little scared you might be a bully, but you do enjoy a good elbow drop :)
-You are on the go all the time, nothing is safe with you around
-You are attached to me, deep down I love this, but by the end of the day mommy needs a break!
-You go through sleep cycles of sleeping really well for a couple weeks, not sleeping so well for a couple weeks, right now we are in the not so well...yawn!
-You get excited to pick Molly up from school everyday, it's funny to watch your face when she runs out of the door and right to you!
-I am sure there is plenty more I could say about you, Lucy May, but I will stop bragging :) 

We love you more everyday! 

 At this point she realized the sticker peeled off...

Happy 12 months and almost 2 weeks, Lucy May!


Sarah Robbins said...

Ahh, the 2nd from the bottom is my favorite with her pouty little lip! What a sweet girl and my how a year does fly! (And Deb's 10 month pictures were up about 2 weeks late, too. That's life!)

Kari said...

Are you kidding???? I literally think I missed all 12 months of her life. I remember her being born, but I pretty much stopped blogging in January... She is absolutely adorable. Her skin is like porcelain! Happy year birthday to your beauty! Wow!

Kelly said...

Such a precious girl!!! Love the pictures!

Unknown said...

Better late than never! Im usually late on stuff like this ;) Lucy is a smart one!

Kristin said...

Awwww, that one picture of her looking down is so sweet! She is too cute! I loved reading about what all she's doing lately. It is crazy how fast this year went by!

Becca said...

Oh this cracks me up. I think her and Aubrey sound sooo much alike with their temper tantrums and soaking up the fact that they are the babies for all they are worth! BUT she does weigh more than Aubrey though! lol! Such a pretty, chunky little thing!