Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Goals and Resolutions for 2012

I have been sensing a need for change in every area of my life from probably August 2011 to now...and I am sensing this need of change in a lot of other people, too.  From Facebook updates, blog posts, Twitter postings, I think people are craving change, craving to do things differently.  I don't feel like 2011 was an exceptionally "bad" year for me, but it was a wake up call in some ways for me.  I realized I am not the super, Type A organized chick I used to be, I want to be, but it was not happening in 2011 for me, which caused a lot of headaches and unwarranted disagreements between Eric and I.  Some may view this as weak or wimpy, but raising more than 1 child is really hard, hats off to every single one of you with kids, whether you have 1 or 15, good grief, how do you do it?!  Raising Molly and Lucy has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life, yet I love every single minute of it.  So having some time to reflect on last year and looking forward to making some changes this year, I find 2012 full of possibilities, full of risks, rewards, and whatever else God has in store.

I am not a huge resolution person, but I have realized without goals, I truly achieve nothing, and that statement has been pretty obvious in my life.  So with no further ado here are my goals, resolutions, and hopes for 2012...

1. Spend time daily with God- This should be a given, but it's not in my life.  I need to cut the excuses and just do it.  I am part of a Bible study that has a lesson everyday and I usually find myself on Friday night cramming to finish before our Saturday meetings.  Not this year, I am doing it one day at a time.

2. Be a better helpmeet for Eric- Both of us working for the church has its ups and downs, not going to lie.  It's busier then we both like, but right now we believe God has us placed where he wants us, so we are relying on him to make it work in every area of our life.  But this does not give me the excuse to be a lazy wife.  Eric and I have been together going on 13 years.  Eric captured my heart when I was 15 and he still has every bit of it to this day.  I need to show him that daily, allow him to feel my love for him.

3. Be a better mom to Molly and Lucy- I get caught up in doing things that I often miss out on the moments with them.  I hate that Molly tells me sometimes "I will be there in a minute, I am checking my email."  Dagger to the heart...not this year.  This year Mom, Molly, and Lucy are going to have some fun!

4. Along with being a better mom, I am going to date my girls- I felt like everyday before Lucy was a date with Molly, but since Lucy, our dates have been few and far between.  I can tell when Molly needs some one on one time, and this year I am resolving to do something about it.

5. *My Biggest One- Run a half marathon, yikes!*  This is my biggest challenge by far!  I have never run more then 3 miles before, so I am truly relying on God to help me get through this!  I have not worked out every single detail yet, and training is going to be hard because we no longer belong to a gym, so running outside in WI, in winter, probably not going to happen!  So details on training, etc are still to come, but I am excited and scared all at the same time! 

6. Read 6 books this year- I am sure most of you are like I read that in a week, ha!  But for me reading is hard, I am not a reader, but with my new Nook, I am going to be!  So look for my book reports :)

7. Create and Stick to our budget!-  Eric and I are skilled in the Dave Ramsey school of money, which I totally believe in and think it works.  But we are not skilled in the sticking with it part.  So this year, we are creating a working budget, and sticking with it!

8. Write more handwritten notes- I used to send Eric cards all the time when we first started dating, and then after we got married, I would pick random people at church and send them cards, then I stopped.  I love getting a little piece of mail, because that takes way more effort then an email.  I love emails, too, but there's something about a hand written card. 

9. Be organized daily- I love that Eric is a pastor...but part of being a pastor is keeping track of everything, I mean everything!  If we buy paper towels, we have to save that receipt for our housing allowance.  It's a nice benefit, but it's a pain to keep and file everything.  I used to be so good at this, I would do it right away, and at the end of the year all I had to do was hit print and send it off to the tax guy.  This year I have a stack as high as a mountain that I need to sort through because I just threw stuff in a pile.  Keeping better track of our pastory stuff will be so helpful and cause a lot less headaches next year!  And also, making a weekly grocery and menu list!  This is something I used to do and be good at, now we have the same discussion everyday, "what's for dinner?"  I am sick of it!  I want this area of my life to be organized!  And also with church stuff...I need better boundaries of work and home, my kids hate being drug to the office with me, so I need to better about separating church, work, and home life.  Gee, this one is a biggie for me!! 

10. Don't put off today what can be done tomorrow- Does that make sense?!  I usually procrastinate about things, like a lot!  But I want to just get it done, the dishes need cleaned, I have the time, just do it, don't wait until tomorrow.  I am trying to make more of a conscious effort to use my time wisely in every area of my life!

11. Love our neighbors- I love our house, I love our street, I love our little village, but I don't know my neighbors names.  I know the ones beside us, and a couple across from us, but I want to be effective in our neighborhood and get to know them all.  So I am thinking a block party is in order, maybe??     

12. Eat healthy- What type of resolution list would this be if this wasn't on there?!  I am sick of eating crap because it's in my house, or because someone made cookies, I don't want to always be tempted with this.  I am part of a healthy eating/healthy living Bible study called First Place, it's awesome, so hopefully this helps, I lost 4 pounds our last session.  I always want to instill good habits in Molly and Lucy.

So there are 12 things I will be working on this year.  At first I had a hard time thinking of 12, and now I am like oh yea and this, and this, and that, ha!  I hate change, I really do.  I hate the thought of doing things differently, but for some reason this year seems different, maybe I am caught in the hype of the New Year thing, but I don't care, if I can feel like I am back on track then it's worth it, I will drink some more kool-aid then!  So any tips on any of these please feel free to share!  Happy 2012!   


Kristin said...

I love these! Live the handwritten notes of my goals is to do small things to show others I care. Love the marathon one too. In my heart, I want to be a runner, but I'm not so sure my body agrees. Ha! I know you will do great with your goals. I will be excited to follow along! :)

Kristin said...

*love* not live....darn small iPhone keyboard. Lol!

KimberlyMDavis said...

Hope you have an incredible 2012!! Love your new resolutions!!

Cali and Steve VanHorn said...

Kate! I feel like I am reading about myself! From being unorganized to a better helper to Steve--I am with ya! Making some goals myself for a less stressful and more productive 2012!

Jennifer said...

You're right...we are bff's! And the best part is, I know I can (and will) come to you anytime I feel myself wanting to take a break from my resolutions! We will have a fabulous 2012!!

Unknown said...

A lot of things on your list are goals I need to have too. Like spending daily time with God and being a better mom and wife!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love your list of goals...and I'm right there with you on a lot of them! I'm with you...not big on resolutions...but longing for change and definitely seeing the need for goals. I've started making lists, too. And, I'm so not a list maker! =)

Happy 2012 to you!