Monday, January 30, 2012

A Must Read- Jesus Calling

One of my goals for this year was to spend time with the Lord.  Which I usually do by praying for his strength to get me through breakfast, or nap time, or that wonderful time between waking up from naps, trying to cook dinner and daddy walking through the door!  But I really wanted to spend some intentional time with God, and not just send out some SOS signals through out the day. 

One thing I have struggled with for many, many years is quiet time.  I shudder typing that.  It's a HUGE struggle for me.  But one I know needs to happen.  Right now in my season of life, I can not commit the same time, the same spot, everyday.  I just can't because when it doesn't happen I beat myself up over it, get discouraged, and then usually quit all together.  So with trying to help my resolution of being more intentional, I found an awesome book that is helping me succeed.  Plus this book is just plain awesome! 
                                                                         *Source: Amazon*

This book was written by Sarah Young, a missionary.  She writes it like Jesus is talking to her during her quiet time, and she tells the words that he has spoken to her.  It is amazing how you feel like Jesus is literally calling to you while you are reading it.  Each day is short and concise, yet packed full of great and inspiring thoughts, challenging thoughts, and just lots of hope, encouragement, and peace.  I seriously can not say enough about this book and how impactful it has been on me.  I love being able to read it while stirring the mac'n'cheese, or when Lucy is still sleeping in the morning when Molly is at school.  

I know this book is not new, or just released, but it's still awesome in my opinion, it's a classic, it's timeless, and it will live on with me forever.  Go get yourself one!!


Brooke said...

I'm doing this one too! And we have the kids version that we are reading with Jace & Jaelyn as well. It's typically the same message/verses, but more on their level. :)

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I have it... but have not started it yet. In my pile-o-books to be read! :)

Unknown said...

It sounds interesting! I struggle w/ quiet time too and spending time w/ God. I fail at it a lot!

Randi S said...

Sounds great!

Wanted to let you know you've been tagged:)