Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Confessions...and obsession!

Well, this week has had it's ups and downs for this momma. 

On Sunday Molly was trying to fill out Valentine's for all the kids in her class.  We went simple this year, I bought cards last year at Target for cheap cheap thinking we would use them this year.  That's one thing I actually thought off before it was too late!  So while we were trying to write out each kids name {insert head banging on the wall here}, I realized something about Molly.  She may not be able to write out every single kids name perfectly, she may write so big it goes off the paper, but my kid sure loves all of those kids.  She knows so much about her friends, she feels for them if they are sick, hurt, or absent from school.  Molly empathizes so much with every person she meets.  So while I need to relax and be okay with her being 4, and not being able to write all the names, my kid can do something so much greater then that, she can love them.

We started off Monday with a random hearing test from the school nurse saying Molly failed...which Molly has been complaining off and on for months now that she can't hear us, so my heart started pounding a little bit faster when I learned of the news.  I immediately called our pediatrician to set up an appointment.

Tuesday was great, we had little gifts for the girls, little gifts for mommy and daddy, and a nice surprise of flowers for me.  I literally don't think I have gotten flowers in the almost 7 years we have been married.  So it was a very nice surprise.  Then we had our small group Tuesday night, so we made them dinner and dessert.  Molly helped decorate the cupcakes and she loved showing them off to every person.

Wednesday was the day of doctor's appointments for us...Molly went first, and turns out the child has above average, almost perfect hearing for a 4 year old.  I am sure our doctor thought I was terribly crazy or something, but I am not going to lie thoughts of learning sign language and buying hearing aids were swirling through my head all week.  There was not one trace of liquid or any ear wax in her ears that would have caused her trouble hearing.  She passed every level of the hearing test, and was able to identify which ear she heard the noises.  Thank the Lord.  I was pleased, yet puzzled why she failed two days earlier, then remembered she is 4! 

Next up was between Molly's appointment and my doctor's appointment we had an hour and a half to kill.  We ate at McDonald's...Molly's all time favorite place to go.  We lasted as long as we could with no play area to escape to.  The girls both did great, since I was a solo mommy at lunch.  I even bought them both cookies to make the time try and go by slower.  So when we couldn't handle McDonald's any longer we hopped back in the car, okay, half an hour to kill, so we did what any mom would do...go wash the car!  That lasted all of like 4 minutes!  Then we put gas in the car, another 3 minutes down.  So I just caved and drove to the doctor's.  After chasing Lucy all through the waiting room, trying to keep two little ones happy in the small, cramped little box they put you in, telling Lucy for the zillionth time "don't touch that!"  I have another severe sinus infection and double ear infection.  Two times in one month!  No wonder I have been feeling so terrible.  The doctor asked why I waited so long to come in, and I told her "do you see this?!"  I was pointing to my lovely children, one screaming on the floor because it was past nap time and the other dumping the diaper bag out because she was sure there was a snack in there...that's why I waited so long!  Ha!

But in the ups and downs this week I have found a new love...
I have heard so many people rave about this show and how wonderful it is!  I added my name to waiting list at the library back in December.  I just got the call last Saturday it was my turn!  I was so thrilled!  I watched the whole first season this week, it's only 3 discs, but it was so good!  I am now in love with Downton Abbey!!  It's like a British soap opera set in the early 1900's.  I love the time period, the way they lived, I basically LOVE everything about this show!  Season 2 is already half way through, but I am going to watch it online to catch up, I need to see what happens to Cousin Matthew, and does Thomas really go to the war, and Mr. Bates and Anna...oh I love it!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  My mom and step-dad are flying in this weekend for my birthday, well, really to see the girls, and maybe celebrate my birth :)


Kelly said...

I really hope you feel better soon! It is so hard being sick and having little ones. So glad Molly's hearing is ok! I know that's a huge relief!

Becca said...

I am so glad that Molly's hearing is perfect! I hate that you had to go through all of that worrying though!

I have heard so many people talking about that show. And its on Netflix so I think that I will definitely have to check it out sometime!

I hope you feel better soon!

Kristin said...

I should have come to your blog before asking how things had been going in my email to you earlier. Ha! I'm so glad Molly's hearing is okay and I hope you feel better soon too! Being a mom is so hard sometimes! That's why I never go anywhere hardly anymore. LOL! Hope you have a great weekend! Love ya!

Julie Davids said...

So glad that Molly passed the hearing test! Wow...I sure hope you feel better soon! And I completely understand you're reasoning for not going to the doctor! Lol!

I haven't heard of Downtown Abbey. I wonder if it's on Netflix?

HappyascanB said...

What a precious moment to see into Molly's sweet heart and learn how she loves her friends so!

Thankful her hearing test turned out well. Scary for sure!

Hope you feel better soon!

Jenilee said...

I am SO going to have to jump on the bandwagon and watch Downtown Abbey! lol Sorry you are sick. I'm having sinus/ear trouble again too and it is not fun!!! hope you feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Sorry you are sick!
I'm glad that Molly ended up passing the hearing test!

I have heard people saying they like that show. I think I prolly would too. Maybe I should get it!