Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 14 Months to Miss Lucy!

Yesterday was Miss Lucy's 14 month's all down hill from here!  She will be 2 before I know it!  Lucy is wildly funny, loves to imitate anything-people, cars, the TV, animals, anything!  She is in love with her big sister, Molly, she loves loves loves books!  This I am most excited about.  I have always wanted my kids to love books like my mom does, and like how I am learning to.  Lucy will bring you a book, turn around and back her little rear end into your lap.  Often times you can find her by herself in our play room just thumbing through the books.

Lucy loves to eat, like seriously, she consistently eats more food then Molly at meal times!  We haven't really found anything Lucy does not like to eat...she is a little texture shy, but once she gets used to things like eggs, she goes to town.  Lucy is still pretty attached to me, but she gets over the separation pretty quickly.  Now I think it's just for show, or to make me feel good about myself, like oh she really loves me, ha!

Lucy slept 12 hours straight this week for the first time ever in her entire life!  Now if we could Molly to do the same it would be peace on earth!  Lucy still takes 2 naps a day, and goes to bed between 7-7:30, and wakes up between 5-7:30am...tell me about it.

I can't wait for Spring and Summer to arrive, although we have had mild temps here, it's way too soggy to play outside, but anyways...when it is nice to play I think Lucy will love being outside like Molly does.  Lucy just loves being included in things, she always finds a way to get herself in there, especially when it comes to wrestling with her dad and sister, my word!

14 months have flown by and I am sure the next 14 will, too.  Lucy has quite the personality, she is happy, sweet, hot tempered, sassy, cute, ornery, and just plain old fun.



Kim said...

I can not believe she is 14 months!! feels like yesterday you told me you were preggo!! I also can't believe I haven't met miss lucy in person yet!

HappyascanB said...

These are my most favorite posts ever! Love reading about her personality and what Lucy does. She and MM are very similar in many ways..... But I sure do wish I could get MM to eat more. Any tips?

Here's to the next month being just as lively and fun!!

Kristin said...

Oh I just love her! She is precious!!! Happy 14 months, Miss Lucy! :)

Unknown said...

oh i just love Lucy!! ♥♥

Kelly said...

Lucy is just a sweetie! Can't believe she's 14 months already!

Becca said...

Happy 14 months Miss Lucy!

That is crazy that she eats more than her big sissy. The girl puts down some food =) I wish Aubrey would do the same.

I love that last picture of her. She is such a sweetheart!

Katie said...

She is so cute, and Lauren was the same way. She seemed hungry all the time. It has slowed down but if it is her favorite foods, watch out. I remember her draining a bottle in 5 min or less, crazy