Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just So I Don't Forget...

This week Monday was crazy, we had a mixed up schedule with work and kids, Tuesday is always crazy with us both working, picking kids up from the sitter's house, doing the mad dash to get the house clean before a bunch of people come over for our small group and making dinner for said people.  So now it's Wednesday, life is a little calmer...well, I don't have a bunch of people coming over tonight, so that makes me calmer :)

So here's what's been happening...mainly so I don't forget...
-Lucy fell out of her crib yesterday, like looked over the side and toppled out...we woke up to a THUD!
-We moved her mattress all the way down, which it was two away from being all the way down, now it's totally down, and she can barely see over the side...I do not feel like she should be this big yet!
-I watched 39 people get baptized on Sunday during both services at church...I couldn't even sing along with the band because the lump in my throat was so big. 
-Lucy can now climb up in our bay window that has a big window seat.  I kept finding her up there and scolding Molly for putting her up there, and repeatedly ignored Molly when she would protest "I didn't put her up there!"  Only to walk in the living room to find Lucy lifting her chubby little legs up one at a time, to completely get up there all by herself.  Nice...
-I am more convinced now then ever that we will be at the hospital with Lucy getting stitches or a cast very soon
-Lucy also likes to climb on chairs, tables, couches, anything!  See point above...seriously...

-Today Molly turns 4 1/2...with every day closer to 5, the more sentimental I am getting.  They sent home paperwork for kindergarten...I do not feel old enough to have a kindergartner!  Although I must remember I am turning 28 in a couple weeks, so my irrational thought that I am still like 19 will come crashing down very soon!
-I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 1/2 keeping it off, ha!
-I am very blessed that *most* of the time Molly and Lucy play really well together.  It makes my heart grow 5 sizes bigger when I see them playing nicely together, or just playing nicely by themselves!
-Lucy is talking up a storm, like not just babbles which she is really good at, but people actually understand what she is saying, and it's like Lucy knows how to carry a conversation on with people.  She nods yes and no 100% appropriately. 
-My kids crack me up, like seriously, I could just sit and laugh at them.  They are so funny together.
-Both girls are sleeping a little bit longer in the mornings {knock on wood}, it is nice to get up later, but then it makes the rush for school a little stressful, but seriously, 6am is way better then 5am!
-I was going to write a big old post about this, and I still may, but we gave Elwood back to the rescue center we adopted him from...with Lucy's eczema issues, our dermatologist that we have been seeing every 3 months finally told us to rid ourselves of the cat, and as sad as I was about it, trust me I cried for days and days...Lucy has not had one single red dot on her face since.  A little bittersweet, since I love cats, admittedly, so I hope she out grows this, or else I am going to need some friends with cats.
-Lucy is obsessed with a red cape that Eric's mom made Molly for Christmas a couple years ago.  Lucy loves the red cape, it's her go to thing!

I think that's it for now!


Jenny said...

Sorry about your cat :(. That is sad. I was going to ask if you were putting Molly in kindergarten next year or holding off. Now I know!

Linda said...

Lucy is a busy little girl!... Climbing... and figuring out things! I think kids do things quicker when they are always mimicking their older siblings.
Glad she didn't get hurt when she fell out of her crib. (:>) Yikes!

39 baptisms? That is so wonderful!!
I LOVE to see people surrendering in obedience to the Lord.

Yup, before you know it you are going to have a big 5 year old girl....and you are going to be ok Mommy! Each stage is to be treasured. I loved seeing my girls grow up! I know you will enjoy each stage too.

Kelly said...

Love the updates! Yay on your 5lbs lost!! That's awesome! Can't believe how fast the girls are growing up.

Unknown said...

I remember when Kyndra fell out of her crib! Scared momma and I yelled at Anthony to finally lower the crib (he had been ignoring my request).

I love it when my girls play nicely together. They sure know how to fight though too! I bet you see it too