Friday, March 2, 2012

Encouragement {Day 5-Be You}

The little piece of encouragement I want to pass along to you today is this...just be you.  I am sure some of you are like, really, that's it, thanks for the after school message.  But I am serious.  The one thing {well one of the many} God has been teaching me in 2012 is to be me.  He created me, he does not make mistakes, I am who I am, just accept it and move on.  I am messy, emotional, sarcastic {God might not have made that in me :)}, empathetic, hospitable, and other descriptive words.  I sometimes try to be who I am not...extrovert, crafter {although I have fun trying}, multi-tasker {hard one to accept}, professional chef, and many others.  So I finally had to stop trying so dag-um hard.  I need to focus on my strengths, not my weaknesses.  Once I start doing that I feel that much more fulfilled and I am following God's plan for me that much better. 

Sometimes being a mom and a wife seems so trying, and you are left thinking, "really, God..."  At least I do.  I feel like a failure more often then not.  But I have also been learning a lot, like when I feel like a failure because I just yelled for the 100th time that's usually because I am trying to cook some recipe that Rachael Ray couldn't even make, I am trying to check Facebook, I am trying to text my BFF, and act like an attentive mom.  It's just not going to happen.  So once I fall flat on my face, cry because I feel awful, I realize God didn't create me to do all of that.  He created me to love my husband, love my kids, and love my neighbors.  Plain and simple. 

I am not saying don't cook for your family, don't talk to your best friend on the phone, let your kids rule your life.  I am talking about recognizing your gifts, your strengths, your talents and run with them.  Run fast, far and wide. 

The common theme that God has been revealing to me over the last 2 months is that "I made, I created you, I wired you, now go."  As long as I seek him first in ALL things, I know I am using all those gifts and talents to worship and praise him with my life.  I am not perfect, and trust me I had a HUGE epic failure this week.  But I am more open to learning and changing from all these failures.

So again, my encouragement to you is to be you.  Don't fake it till you make it, cause let me tell you, you are never going to make it.  Once your friends and others in your life see the freedom you have by just being you, they will want that freedom, too.  It truly is an awesome feeling just being you.  It's scary, too, but you start to get used to it.

And because today is Dr. Seuss' birthday, I think this quote really hits home the point...

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”      


HappyascanB said...

I really love this, Kate! We go to an amazing church, and we love it so much. admittedly, it is very affluent. I struggle BIG time with feeling like I never dress as cute as the other moms, that my ten year old car isn't as mice as their new suburbans. Blah, blah, blah... But I also remind myself of how God blessed my family WAY more than we deserve. And, he has not equipped me to deal with the heartache some of the moms sporting the newest clothes and driving the nicest subs are dealing with. I am me, and my job is to honor Him in all that I do. Amen!

Kristin said...

I just loved this so much and needed to hear it so much that it's bringing tears to my eyes. It's something I struggle with. I want to be the one who hosts bible study or other helpful things, but that's just not me. And then I feel like I'm useless. But I love how you said god makes us this way for a reason and we just have to go.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love, love, love this post, Kate! Thank you for the encouragement...the perfect words I needed this morning. I am quite guilty of falling on my face as I try to be and do what is not me.

Jenilee said...

It is so nice to just relax and be okay with being ME! great post... and something I'm still learning and growing in!